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Kichiku Megane*

Han Lei sexily licked his lips, evoking an evil smile: You understand? En?

The main light in the room wasn’t on, only turned on a dim desk lamp near the bedside, making the whole room to be dim with some unrealness. Don’t ask me why, our mother-in-law said that it was because the plot needed (?)* that it should be dim and dark in this situation, said that there was sentiment, there was imagery, had a good atmosphere, will help with sex…

At this moment, Han Lei had struggled to get up and leaned on the headboard, hair was messy, shirt in disorder, his entire face continued turning red, panting, exhaling burning hot breaths.

He still clutched my hand, placing it on his face, an intoxicated, sexy expression, a pair of eyes with obvious intentions stared at me unwaveringly, just like a general excited animal staring at its prey.

The ambiguous atmosphere in the room made me somewhat unable to breathe, and Han Lei’s passionate eyes were making me feel a sense of suffocation.

“Can you help me take off my clothes? I’m hot!” Han Lei asked with a languid tone with a hint of a spoiled child throwing a tantrum.

I swallowed some saliva and nodded under his gaze, then he gently loosen my hand.

Okay, I admit that my hand was trembling as I helped him undress, it couldn’t be helped, this man’s hormones were really formidable under mother-in-law’s powerful aphrodisiac, making people unable to ignore.

I very carefully helped him undid the buttons of his shirt, during which I counted how many times I touched his bare skin, tsk, tsk, that temperature, it really was abnormally high, and the feel of the burning temperature through my fingertips made me couldn’t help but heat up.

Because he seemed to not have any strength, thus I let his whole body lean against me in order to be able to successfully take off his shirt.

Han Lei buried his whole head into my hair, the fervent breath just like this continued to puff on my neck, causing me to slightly tremble for a second, then, he lowly chuckled.

Before I comprehended his smile,  he suddenly turned over, and instantly, I was pressed down under his body.

Han Lei opened both of his legs and kneeled beside my body, overlooking me, his eyes had visible desire.

Looking at the Han Lei on top of me, I felt that this scene was very familiar, well, compared to last time’s muddleheaded brain which couldn’t remember anythingbut now, I was very conscious and clear.

Han Lei’s fingers gently glided on my face, from neck all the way to the chest.

At the same time as his fingers glided, I clearly heard the sound of my heart rate throbbing rapidly, oh my poor heart.

Looking at Han lei’s face full of evilness and deadly sexiness, I suddenly felt that my mouth was dry, hence subconsciously stuck out my tongue to moisten my lips.

“Oh!” Han Lei suddenly closed his eyes and groaned bitterly.

Suddenly, he pressed his body toward me, immediately capturing my lips.

Han Lei’s kisses sometimes were quick and crazy, sometimes lingering slowly, sometimes engulfing my tongue, sometimes gently sucking my lips…

I almost forgot to breathe under his superb kisses, however I was not willing to end the kiss.

When we were kissing, his hands didn’t stop either, one hand nimbly undid the button in front of  my chest, the other hand touching my thigh.

Han Lei’s hands were like magic, every touch made me feel very pleasurable and limp, and with only just a kiss and a touch of his would actually let me feel the highest pleasure.

God, was mother-in-law truly certain that this guy did not touch any woman before?

Han Lei grabbed my bra and threw it down the bed, his head left my lips and attacked towards my chest, his slender fingers were unceasingly caressing my neck and collarbone.

My whole body went limp under his teases, both of my hands powerlessly clutched the bed sheet, mouth spitting jumbled moans.

Han Lei took off my skirt and panty, shamelessly touching the inside of my thigh, and his kiss also moved down from the navel, I felt my thighs were gently spread open, I also felt that his kiss arrived at the inner thigh, I felt…

I slightly propped up my body, looked at Han Lei who was buried between my legs with a flushed face, oh, his position and movements made people embarrassed.

Under his teasing, my lower body was pleasured and moist, and finally, he evilly smiled and left my body, licked his lips, both hands undid his belt, then zipper…

When he pressed against my body again, I clearly felt that my legs were greatly parted by him, then, he straightened ecstatically, my inner body that was hollow, in the next moment was filled with no gaps in between.

I slightly frowned and adapted to his presence, couldn’t be helped, it was only the second time for somebody.

Han Lei like the first time considerately waited for my adjustment, and from time to time kissed me, the enduring sweat continuously flowed down from his face.

Suddenly, he stooped near my ear and softly said, “Sorry, I can’t bear it anymore.”

Having said that, he moved rhythmically.

After all, he was drugged, so everyone can imagine what kind of crazy strength it was.

I was frightened by his frenzy and madness, the only thing I could do was to keep up with his speed, trust him, letting him take me to the most wonderful heaven of pleasure.


Kichiku Megane – literally “Brutal Glasses”, search on Google for detailed description

(?)* – part of original text


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