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Mother-in-law’s aphrodisiac appears!!! Dun…dun…dun…

Tell us if there are any grammar issues, or if the text doesn’t flow well~ Even though we are fluent in English and Chinese, however translating is quite tough, as we want to keep the originality of the Chinese text, such as the tone and voice of the characters~~~~

The Han family’s once per week weekend family dinner arrived again, Han Lei and I hand in hand punctually appeared at the Han residence.

Everyone seemed to be able to calmly and quietly accept our “intimacy”, but those gratified, curious, relieved, admire, worship, inspired, satisfied and enjoyed sights maintained the same.

Before the meal, mother-in-law mysteriously brought me into a room, after locking the door, she proudly looked and sinisterly smiled, “Good daughter-in-law, look, what is this?”

Having said that, she opened her palm, there was a small bright red pill.

Looking at mother-in-law’s complacent smile with a trace of a conspiracy about to succeed, looking at that small pill of unknown origins, I enlightened, pointing at mother-in-law’s palm, hesitatingly asked, “Could it be…this is…” the legendary aphrodisiac that will let Han Lei voluntarily undress?

Mother-in-law looked at me with praise, intimately hugging my shoulder, holding the hand in front of our eyes, the two of us singlemindedly gazed at that small pill that allures people to commit crimes.

Mother-in-law gleamed and looked at the pill, “Don’t look at how small it is, the drug is very strong, furthermore it’s colorless and tasteless, soon take the advantage of them drinking, I will grind it and put it into that brat’s wine, hehehe, then wait until you guys get home, right after two hours, it will flare up, hehehe…”

My mouth twitched while looking at the drug, kao, how come the drugs these days were so magical, there was also an effect period.

Mother-in-law sent me out, she stayed in the room grinding the pill while making “hehe” sounds.

The Han family’s family dinner was very lively, everyone’s feelings were very good, according to Han Lei’s explanation: shouting and screaming, feelings were better. Although I couldn’t interject, however I could still feel their happiness and relaxation, and I had never experienced this feeling at my home, it was a luxurious hope.

Just when we were talking right at the HIGH point, father-in-law spiritedly proposed to drink to liven things up, obtaining everyone’s support and approval.

Mother-in-law took the initiative to go to the kitchen alone, then came out with a tray of a few glasses of red wine and a few glasses of sangria.

“You guys are all going to drive, so only one drink per person, the girls will taste my new handmade sangria!” Mother-in-law said while putting the wine in front of each of us.

When mother-in-law put the glass in front of Han Lei, she secretly blinked at me mischievously, from her hint, I understood that Han Lei’s glass was her processed wine.


Didn’t know who shouted it, everyone one by one raised their wine glasses.

The men straightforwardly downed the cup in one gulp while the ladies slowly tasted the sangria.

I looked at Han Lei who downed the wine, somewhat worried, firstly, was worried about his alcohol tolerance, after all downing a whole glass was easy to go to one’s head, secondly was worried about the might of the medicine…

Originally, everyone wanted to leave earlier, but mother-in-law no matter what wanted us all to “exchange feelings” more due to the drug’s effect period.

Mother-in-law frequently looked at the clock, finally, under her command, everyone disbanded.

With the wink and encouragement from mother-in-law’s eyes, I got into Han Lei’s car.

On the road, Han Lei’s consciousness was sober, eyes were also very clear, completely unable to tell if he was drugged.

However after he parked the car in the basement, his handsome face suddenly flushed, mind starting to be muddled, and continuously shout that it was hot, simply the symptoms of being drugged.

Mother-in-law, are you a god or did you install an alarm clock, otherwise how could it be such a coincidence, flaring up right after getting out of the car.

I struggled to help Han Lei into the elevator, and wailed in my heart: Mother-in-law, you are doing it on purpose, couldn’t you have let him enter the house then flare up? It wasn’t as if you don’t know your son’s body size and weight, exhausted me to death!

Han Lei who was standing in the elevator could be said to have entrusted his whole body to me, the whole head resting on my shoulder, the warm breath puffing on my neck, making me limp and numb, so ecstatic.

Han Lei yelled that it was hot while beginning to voluntarily unbutton his shirt, making me once again busy stopping him, after all this elevator has a surveillance camera, I couldn’t let Han Lei perform a strip show in the elevator, right?

Finally managed to safely transport him to the bed, I sat on the side of the bed panting hard, really tiring.

I took Han Lei’s glasses off, helped him take off his shoes and socks, then continued to help him take off his suit jacket.

Perhaps it was, uh, must be the power of the drug, Han Lei’s handsome face was gradually turning red and heating up, occasionally in a cold sweat, the shirt was drenched in sweat, the entire person appeared to be very hot.

I helped him wipe his face with my hand, when I withdrew my hand slightly, he suddenly pulled my hand and kept my hand on his face.

“I don’t like being touched by women.”

My mind suddenly flashed his firm words from that day, but the current situation was…

I once again tried to withdraw my hand away from his face, he immediately stopped me again, furthermore covering my hand with his, then closed his eyes and mumbled, “Don’t leave, your hand is very cooling, very comfortable.”

I looked at him and laughed, in fact, this guy’s body temperature has always been lower than mine, but this time, because of mother-in-law’s plot, his body temperature was certainly higher than mine.

Just at this moment, he used his other hand and hurriedly pulled at his clothes, frowned and asked, “So hot! I can’t open my clothes, you help me take it off!”

Hearing this, I faced his handsome face, unexpectedly met a pair of deep, full of astonishing desires, flickering eyes.


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