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Mother-in-law’s Deadly Aphrodisiac

Mother-in-law said, good daughter-in-law, wait until the aphrodisiac is in mother-in-law’s hand, our revolution can be counted as half successful.

Following that day where the gun almost caught on fire, then stifled by that phone call, and finally concluded the end of the kitchen counter romance with Han Lei going out, after returning home, Han Lei seemed as if he had amnesia, as if nothing had happened, living a pure, harmonious companionship with Han Lei  as before.

Although I thought it was odd, but I also respect his decision, after all, as a woman I couldn’t go up to him with a look of hungriness and thirstiness to remind him: Hey, hubby, last time we almost succeeded on the kitchen counter, why don’t we try one more time!

Yes, I couldn’t do it, absolutely couldn’t, therefore let nature take its own course, that is the way to go.

Although the expectations of the kitchen counter temptation ultimately ended pitifully, however there were still some results, which was that when Han Lei returned home everyday, he will try to to come in contact with me, touch me, and sometimes even surprisingly “reward” me a kiss, even if that kiss was pure, kisses without any passion and desire.

This change of his made me feel somewhat flattered, however, nevertheless happy.

Mother-in-law! We can see a glimmer of hope!

Today, I was invited to the president’s office again in the company, don’t think that it was because I slacked off during work and was called to be admonished, moreover, even if I really did slacked off, he shouldn’t know, besides that place wasn’t a teacher’s office. The reason why I was a frequent visitor at the president’s office, invited to the president’s office so often, not for anything else, but because I was the hardcore designer of the whole Design Department.

It was said before that the group leader will send the design plan and finalized draft up, or else I wouldn’t have not known that my boss was Han Lei, but ever since we got married, he changed the normal sequence and requested to let the designer personally send the work, the reason was to conveniently exchange ideas and suggestions.

Hehe, although the reason was very dignified, but in my opinion, how come there was a feeling that he deliberately made this move to see me?

Han Lei’s personal male secretary, Qin Hao, really disliked me, specifically to speak, he dislike anyone entering the president’s office that were women, it seems that his shou* mind was very professional and dedicated.

When I came to the doorway of the president’s office, not surprised to see Qin Hao at the door, but accidentally saw anxiousness in his eyes, and when he discovered my silhouette, the entire body unexpectedly emitted a relieved message, “You’re finally here”.

There wasn’t the usual indifference, unexpectedly Qin Hao actually took the initiative and eagerly helped me knock on the door and even opened it for me.

I felt very flattered, quite unaccustomed to it, seems like I have the potential of being a mas*chist, simultaneously couldn’t help but pondered and sweat at the bottom of my heart: Did this guy eat the wrong medicine? Otherwise how would I enjoy such a high degree of treatment?

However when I clearly saw what happened in the office, I totally understood Qin Hao’s strange behavior and “waited”  for my intention.

So compared to the woman inside, he thought that I was the safest factor and the most harmless.

Yes, the reason was that there was a woman in Han Lei’s office , one with revealing clothes, uh, ultra low-cut, sexy miniskirt.

This woman had an impressive, enormous chest that most women couldn’t attain, the vividly portrayed in the buttoned low-cut suit, the mellow and rounded buttocks were wrapped in a tight and short, narrow skirt, revealing the slender, well shaped legs, very captivating, simply a seldom seen temptress, even more so, her body,  unexpectedly could continuously emit strong female hormones that no one could resist, that rapturing! As a woman, I couldn’t help but drool fiercely, let alone the average men? As it happens, the two men in here weren’t ordinary men, furthermore they won’t enjoy it.

Qin Hao explained with a gnashing teeth tone, this temptress was the representative of the company that we collaborated with this time.

Simply saw that this woman ignored everyone else, nonchalantly standing beside the table and leaning toward Han Lei, furthermore stretching out that exquisite, manicured, tender hands, trying to touch our Han Lei’s handsome face.

Qin Hao was anxiously looking, that frantically, and secretly nudged my waist with his hand, telling me with his eyes, “Hurry and stop that crazy woman!“

I rubbed my bullied waist that he abused, twitched my mouth and looked at him, “Boss, don’t you think you have thought too highly of me?”

Here, Qin Hao and I were having an intense eye conversation, there, that temptress’s hand continued to attack Han Lei’s handsome face.

Just when that hand was about to touch that face, Qin Hao couldn’t endure the blow and prepared to cover his eyes with his hands, intended that what remained unseen deemed to be clean, and opened his lips, intending to lament according to the  occasion when the touch occurs.

My reaction wasn’t as fast as him, therefore could only stand foolishly in place, intending to witness the “tragedy” occur.

Just as that hand was only three centimeters away from the face, in the entire, quiet office where even if a needle was dropped onto the floor it would cause a loud sound, apart from our sobbing sounds, there was also an abrupt sound of a hand slapping another with a flying PIA sound.


A clear, sweet, crisp sound, without the slightest hesitation.

The temptress had a look of disbelief and put the slapped hand in front of her impressive chest, her indignant face stared at Han Lei with her adhered exaggerated length eyelashes, and Qin Hao and I unconsciously put our hands in front of our chest.

“Hehe, very sorry about that!” Han Lei smirked an innocent smile and said to the temptress, “I don’t like being touched by a woman.”

At that moment, Han Lei was obviously laughing, yet that laugh completely lacked warmth, eyes were also anomaly cold.

When Han Lei’s words were said, Qin Hao laughed, I was stunned, the temptress dejectedly left.

shou – refer to previous chapter

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