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Enticement Of The Kitchen Counter

Tempting husband had yet to succeed, Xia Ying needs to work harder.

The process of tempting Han Lei was tragic, however there was still some results, which was that he could basically accept my small extent of small-scale touches, the specific actions were holding hands, embracing shoulders.

When I secretly hid from Han Lei and returned back to the Han residence to tell the “good news” to mother-in-law, she laughed, very delighted, very happy.

Mother-in-law emotionally held my hand, her eyes sparkling, evoking a sinister smile and said, “Good daughter-in-law, just persist a bit more, wait until mother-in-law obtains the kind of medicine that will let that brat involuntarily take of his clothes, hehehehe…”

I looked at mother-in-law’s face that sunk into the depths of delusion, couldn’t help but twitched my mouth.

The medicine that will make him involuntarily undress…could it be the legendary aphrodisiac?

Saw what kind of person our mother-in-law was?

“At that time, wait until he eats the medicine, he can’t help shouting that it’s hot, then you suggest to help him take of his clothes, furthermore undressing needs to be skillful, such as XXXX, afterwards XXXX, then XXXX, finally XXOO! Hahahaha! Successfully accomplished! Perfect ending!”

Mother-in-law affectionately imparted me “knowledge”, I didn’t dare to sloppily take notes in the notebook.

I have to say, our mother-in-law’s experience was unexpectedly rich.

Father-in-law, it seems that you are sexually satisfied!

It was already evening after returning home, found that there was no one in the living room, no one in the kitchen, no one in the study, even Han Lei’s room was closed, thus determined that I was the only one at home, hence I opened my room to change into pajamas.

I have a habit, which was that the first thing to do when I got home was to change into pajamas.

When I took off all my clothes except my underwear, I suddenly heard Han Lei’s voice at the doorway of my room, turned around and saw…

A living picture of a beautiful half-naked man with water dripping down appeared in front of me, intensely attacking my vision and senses.

Han Lei stood at the doorway wearing only a casual-at-home trouser, an unconstrained naked chest, jet-black hair was still dripping water, especially the forehead bangs, water dripping down from the fringes, sliding from the cheeks down to the neck to the chest…

Oh! It was really too alluring!

I secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, generously turned around and faced him with only a small panty on.

I only saw Han Lei gazing fixedly at my face, unhurriedly said, “I just want to ask, you cook today or I cook?”

By the way, we both adopted a system to alternately cook…

“I will, right after I change into my pajamas.” I pretended to answer calmly, however my eyes were uncontrollably glancing at his unacquainted chest, thinking about that day, I also touched it.

After Han Lei left, I agily put on a two plus wide collar T-shirt, the hem of the shirt could only cover half of the thigh, contemplated for a moment, I ultimately decided to put on my shorts, because there hadn’t been any blows from him tonight and didn’t ignore my charms.

I crossed over the living room into the kitchen and found Han Lei sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV, he had already put on a shirt, thus took out tonight’s dinner’s ingredients from the refrigerator.

I really like Han Lei’s kitchen, spacious, clean, especially that kitchen counter, however you looked at it, it was lovely.

The kitchen counter was very long, very smooth, neatly organized, I was cutting vegetables here yet there was still a lot of space left.

I wonder how it would feel to sit on top of it?

I couldn’t resist fantasizing a little while cutting the vegetables, my eyes couldn’t help but looked sideways.

At this time, I suddenly felt a sharp burst of bleeding, quickly looked back, turned out that the kitchen knife accidentally cut my index finger, seemed like the wound was not deep, but the blood kept flowing out.

Seeing this scene, on conditioned reflex I let out a cry of surprise, suddenly heard an array of anxious footsteps from behind, just when I was still puzzled, a force turned my entire body around, the bleeding finger was sucked by a warm mouth.

I looked up into Han Lei’s eyes, discovered that his eyes seemed to contain blame.

Han Lei grasped my hand, putting my bleeding finger into his mouth to stop the bleeding, he frowned slightly, the rimless glasses had a little trace of blood, it seemed that when I turned around, some drops of blood left my finger and splashed onto his glasses.

A minute later, he took my finger out from his mouth, looked at it, en, it had stopped bleeding. He was still not reassured, thus he got a band-aid and helped me bandage it, until you can’t even see the wound, then he revealed a smile.

That smile made my heart beat faster, even the injured finger also felt abnormally feverish.

I looked at his bloody glasses, proposed to help him wash it, thus I took the initiative to take off his glasses, went to the sink and washed it.

I opened the faucet, and carefully avoided the injured finger.

As I was cleaning, I suddenly felt a pressure from behind, on both sides of my waist was a pair of hands against the sink, in other words, Han Lei was encircling me between him and the sink at this moment.

Han Lei stood very closely to me, I seemed to feel him puffing his warm breath on top of my head.

After cleaning the glasses, I turned off the faucet and turned around.

The Han Lei without glasses made his body exude a deceptive evilness, it was a look of a bit of wickedness and sexiness, his eyes contained the deepness and desire that I was familiar with.

His changes caught me unprepared, so during my blank state, I handed the glasses back to him, he took the glasses and looked, ultimately decided to leave it beside the sink.

Han Lei fixedly looked at me, slowly stretched out his hand to caress my cheek, his hand lovingly caressed from my cheek and downwards, passing the neck, straight to the chest.

I couldn’t help but licked my lips, my chest that was caressed by him was beating endlessly.

Looking at his smile, I firmed my heart, pulled his head down and kissed his lips, facing his startled eyes, I complacently smiled.

I pried open his lips and teeth, stuck my tongue in, found his and played with it, one hand clutching his clothes, the other exploring under his shirt, touching his chest, his body was very hot, just like mine.

At first, he was passive by my kiss, until I caressed his skin, he sexily groaned, then regained his dominance, he forced my tongue back to my mouth, and took the advantage of pressing down on me, giving me an intense fiery and lingering french kiss.

He encircled my waist with one hand, letting me to closely stick to him, the other hand lovingly fondled my soft chest separated by my T-shirt.

Very soon, Han Lei seemed to no longer be satisfied with just a kiss, his lips slowly left mine, kissed my neck, seemingly biting and nipping, and wherever his lips went made me feel limp and numb.

I nibbled my lips, pleasurably moaned.

Just when I was in a muddleheaded state, suddenly felt that my body was raised, thus I subconsciously hugged Han Lei tightly.

Han Lei lifted my legs and placed them beside his waist, letting me to clamped his waist, then he moved a few steps to the side, carrying me to the bright and reflective kitchen counter.

Sitting on the platform with my legs spread, Han Lei forced into the space between my legs and stood in front of me, our altitude was very rapturing at this moment, my chest just happens to be in front of his head.

Han Lei buried his head in my chest, kissing through my shirt, one hand on the counter, the other lifting the hem of my T-shirt, extending his hand inside, stroking my back, continuously groping until reaching the fastener of my bra, he strove to “communicate” with the fastener of the bra, and soon, he successfully undid the fastener.

His hand slid from my back to my chest, pushed away my bra, directly caressing my soft chest, he used his fingers to play with my chest’s cherries, sometimes a slight pinch, sometimes rubbing it.

I moaned overwhelmingly, he pushed my head with his hand that was against the kitchen counter to meet his face, two lips kissing together again, along with my moans.

I was not willing to be just be toyed by him, thus my hand struggled to pull his T-shirt, until it revealed his upper body. I struggled to leave his lips, frowned while taking off his shirt, he smiled and helped, I succeeded in separating him from his clothes, threw his clothes backwards, my hands were once again back to his chest, imitating his teasing methods on his chest’s little cherries.

He didn’t take it lying down, lifting my T-shirt all the way up to my chest, his burning lips immediately kissed it, sucked it, teased it, played with it.

I was driven dizzy by this strange yet familiar pleasure, my entire body powerless, could only hold onto his shoulder, in order to support my own body.

His fervent kisses and breath moved from the chest to the waist, furthermore evilly stopped at the navel.

My body suddenly became even more hot, a warmth in my lower abdomen, then a surge of heat gushed out.

I lightly patted his shoulder, making him raise his head and meeting my eyes full of desires and longings.

He looked up with a sexy, handsome face at me, evoked a wicked smile, I gazed at him with my flushed face, both of his hands slowly came to my shorts…

Exactly at this moment, especially at this critical moment, the phone in the living room suddenly rang.

The sharp sound of the phone made our two bodies rigid, Han Lei once again held both sides of my body with his hands, buried his head between my neck and hair.

Only heard his growl like curse, then his whole body left me, went over to the sink and put the glasses on, then quickly walked to the living room to answer the phone.

I slightly opened my lips, a face full of unbelievableness and unacceptableness to this unforeseen event, how could this be, clearly was about to succeed soon.

I maintained the original disheveled appearance and was lost in thoughts, until Han Lei was once again in front of me.

The passion a moment ago was gone after he wore his glasses, his eyes emerged rationality, his slightly flushed handsome face helped me fastened the bra, pulled the shirt down, carried me down from the kitchen counter.

Looking at my dazed state, he gently coughed on top of my head, with a refreshing voice and said, “Uh, that, my friend suddenly invited me to go out, then you, uh, I mean, I won’t be eating at home, go out for a bit, that, en, you’ll have to settle your own dinner. “

I lowered my head and nodded, didn’t look at him.

Seeing me nod, Han Lei seemed relieved, and then leisurely turned around and left.

Looking at his calm back and thought about his rationality a moment ago, I couldn’t help but hugged myself, the passionate touches lingered on my body, however the present him gave me a sense that the passion and touches were my own misconception.

How did this happen…

Who can tell me why! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah…


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