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Tempting Husband Is A Challenging Thing

Mother told me, if want to discipline a man, must entice and seduce him.

Because Han Lei and I were in the same company, plus him having a car, hence I had no qualms about leaving my bus card in the drawer of my room, thickening skin to ride in his convenient car.

Look, my Design Department could simply not compete with someone’s Human Resources Department, their salary was that good, that high, making people enviable, having a car at such a young age, whereas I, have no alternative but earnestly catch the bus.

Arriving at the company’s parking lot, because it was still early, therefore the huge parking lot really did not have many people.

After Han Lei parked the car, the two of us side by side walked towards the elevator.

I looked down at both of our hands, wondering whether to take the initiative to hold his hand, after making up my mind, I carefully observed his expression, while slowly reaching my hand towards his hand.

As I was just about to succeed, a youthful, lively, high-spirited male voice came from behind us, and this foreign voice just like this made my hand that was a only a few centimeters away from Han Lei rigid and stiff, trembling a little.

Because of the external interference, I thus returned my hand back to my side.

We did not stop our steps, waiting for that person to catch up with us.

Only saw a young man dressed in a casual suit briskly walking to Han Lei’s side, furthermore respectfully greeted, “President, good morning!”

As the voice faded, I was about to stride forward with my leg yet my subconsciousness pulled it back, with a look of unbelievableness staring at Han Lei who was two steps in front of me.  

Han Lei turned around and smilingly looked at me, leaving that young man in place and walked towards me.

I trembly pointed at him with my index finger, uncertainly said, “You…”

“Hehe, I am the President.”


“En, my secretary.”


“Because I don’t like a beautiful female secretary team!”

“Could it be…”

“Darling, I can definitely tell you, I am not GAY!”

Finishing, Han Lei smiled and entered the elevator first with his secretary, leaving me to digest the news.

So, he was the president, which also explained the reason why the young him was able to afford a car.

I absentmindedly looked at them leaving, unexpectedly receiving that secretary’s jealous, unwilling, malicious glance when he turned around and looked at me.

Hey! So the real GAY was him! No wonder a face full of shou*.

No! Having such a dangerous person around Han Lei was not reassuring, although he admitted that he was not GAY, however with his slow sexuality problems, by chance he got kidnapped, seduced, brainwashed, then at that time, who do I run to, to cry!

Thus I tightly clenched my fist, decided from the bottom of my heart, tempting the husband will start from tonight!

After bathing at night, I was pleased to find Han Lei sitting in the living room watching TV, hence I hurriedly returned to my room, preparing the outfit to seduce him.

I took out a sexy black nightgown from a bag, silently snickered a bit, this nightgown was bought together with my friend in the same company, a hardcore fujoshi*, Leng Yan, utilizing our lunch break to buy this product to seduce Han Lei.

This sexy black nightgown was very thin, wearing it on the body was very elegant, undulating, rapturing, the two thin shoulder straps could be freely tied on the shoulder, the material of the clothing was transparent, I deliberately paired it with a fiery red underwear, red and black, looked mysterious and passionate, the dress was quite short, just barely concealing my butt, only a slight accident, a slightly larger move, immediately guaranteed a spring’s night, of course, this was my ultimate reason to buy this.

Standing in front of the mirror with my nightgown on, letting my wavy long hair loose behind my back, smearing a bright, alluring red lipstick, yielding the “opium*” perfume to the neck, chest and wrist and spraying a few drops, the fragrance immediately encircled the body.

Once again looking at myself in the mirror, I showed a satisfactory smile, very good, now I seemed to be needing of being loved and cherished, very captivating.

I took a deep breath, opened the door, walking towards the living room.

I intentionally squeezed onto the sofa together with Han Lei, waiting until his eyes turned towards me, I seemed to be fiddling with the curly hair, very flirtatious, the bright, alluring red lips subconsciously opened, crossing the slender, beautiful legs together, generously displaying it next to Han Lei’s legs.

Look at me! Drool! Throw yourself over me! Push me down!

Unexpectedly, facing the attractive and tasty me, Han Lei actually kept a straight face and smilingly said, “Are you interested in basketball? If you don’t mind, accompany me to watch the previously recorded NBA games!”

I momentarily could not accept, just lifelessly nodded my head, thus I saw Han Lei with a face full of satisfaction returned his gaze back to the TV.

Why was it like this! I suppressed the impulse to grasp my hair, it seemed like I was not sexy enough, or that Han Lei’s “illness” was quite severe. Of course, I could only accept the latter as the reason why.

I adjusted my mood and emotions, once again putting on an enchanting smile, leaning my whole body towards him.

My goal was to grab the TV remote control on his other side, hence I extended my soft white arm, inclining my upper body across him, furthermore deliberately revealed the well-developed cleavage, hands also purposely inadvertently touched his arm before grabbing the remote control.

I slowly withdrew once I got the remote control, intentionally causing gravity instability, the whole body pressing down on Han Lei’s body, chest on chest.

I struggled to get up, during that moment I slightly rubbed my bosom on his hard chest, heng heng, I don’t believe that you have no feelings!

I “struggled” for a long time and still couldn’t get up, Han Lei finally couldn’t help but used both of his hands to support my waist, helping me sit down again, his palm’s temperature was very high, the waist that was supported by him gradually warmed up, I enchantingly smiled and waited for his next move.

Merely saw his thin lips opened slightly, “That, although it’s currently summer, however the air conditioner is open in the room, in order to not catch a cold, you should go and change to a more covered pajama.” Having said that, he withdrew his hands from my waist.

Why was it like this? My smile just froze on my face, this was humiliating!

Sighed, I decided to pause tonight’s plan to tempt the husband, otherwise I would surely choke on my internal injuries

Once again returning to my room, I very regrettably took off the sexy nightgown, putting on the usual large T-shirt and shorts to sleep. Dejectedly folded the nightgown and putted it in the wardrobe, went into the bathroom and washed my face, very dispiritedly left the room.

This time my attire was very “conservative” and once again sat beside Han Lei, however I still didn’t give up on exposing my beautiful legs, not for anything else, but to comfort myself.

Han Lei was very satisfied with this “pajama”, not only gently smiled, even talked more, and chatted about NBA with me.

Fortunately, I was also an NBA fan, thus we chatted the whole night about the match.

Ultimately, I changed from a seductive person to chatting with that person, who was going to be seduced, for the whole night about that damn NBA match!

Because giving up halfway was not my style, therefore I will strive harder to entice him, as long as there was time, no matter when and where.

At the dining table, I deliberately cast amorous glances at him with all my might . In the end, he doubtedly said…

“Are your eyes alright? Cramps?”


In the car, I intentionally whipped out a paper tissue, letting it accidentally drifting onto his thigh, hence I extended my delicate hand and attacked the tissue, and purposely, intentionally or unintentionally, touched his thigh, very rapturing. In the end, he thoughtfully suggested…

“There is still a lot of paper tissue, I don’t mind that you give up on this one and taking a few more.”


In the elevator, I purposely said that my bosom got bitten by a mosquito, asked him to check it, hence taking the initiative to pull down the collar, revealing cleavage. In the end, he seriously said…

“En…truly a lustful mosquito, you should wear higher collars in the future.”


In the parking lot, I purposely said that there was something on the hair near his ear, thus I blew ambiguously near his ear. In the end, he hesitatingly said…

“You blew for a long time, did that thing go away?”


Before going out, I deliberately wore a light-colored thin shirt with a dark-colored bra, taking the initiative and walked in front of him to ask about the look. In the end, he professionally said…

“En…these colors are not well-matched, I still think that black clothes suit you better.”


At home, I purposely lied down on the sofa in a sultry pose to watch TV. In the end, he kindly said…

“Lying down on the sofa while watching TV is not good for the eyes, easy to get myopia.”


In his office, I deliberately fell on his lap. In the end, he didn’t say anything…

In the end, I got a new pair of shoes.

I frustratedly locked myself in my room, doing the most profound reflection and self-criticism.

I unceasingly hypnotized myself: the problem was not me! My sex appeal was not the problem! It’s not, it’s not!

I resentfully stared at the innocent wall separating me and Han Lei, it seemed that this way would allow me to penetrate the wall and directly gaze at Han Lei.

From Han Lei’s reactions from this time period, it was simply a blow for me, rejecting my charms, ignoring my seducing play!

Han Lei ah Han Lei, I will not give up, I will definitely abduct you to bed!

Combust! My little cosmos!

shou – in a boy-love relationship, shou usually refers to the one on the “bottom”

fujoshi – women who likes homosexual love

opium – intoxicating


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