After returning home, it was fortunate that Han Lei wasn’t at home. Thus I pulled Han Hui into the guest room and poured the boxes out onto the bed, carefully examining them.

Damn, there were about a dozen or more boxes and the amount of brands were more than ones of chocolates.

Just by brand, there were Durex, Jissbon (James Bond), Sixth Sense, Icy Degrees, Dulux, Okamoto, Bei Li Le, Kobron, G Spot, Double Butterfly, Living Fragrance, Real Macho, Ming Liu, Le Ban, Jia Yuan, Man, Romantic, Superior, Lasting. There were different types as well: provocative, alluring, spirals, super thin, colorful fruit flavors, refreshing, protrusions and a combination of them. As for flavors, there were strawberry, herb, chocolate and banana.

I also discovered ones that were luminous.

We were vexed looking at this dazzling lineup in front of us. Which brand should we choose?

Honestly speaking, I liked the names Living Fragrance, Romantic, Ming Liu and Durex but just liking their names won’t do.

When I saw the plea in Han Hui’s eyes, I decided to choose brands that were commonly heard of. Hence I picked up Durex, Jissbon and Sixth Sense and handed it to her.

“Are three boxes enough for one night?” I asked.

En…” Han Hui pondered, “I’ll take one more box.”

I once again picked up a box of “Ming Liu” and handed it to her, just solely by its name.

Just at this moment, I suddenly heard the sound of the front door opening. I and Han Hui looked at each other with startled expressions and hurriedly packed the condoms into the bag. I groped for half a day and unexpectedly couldn’t find that environmental friendly bag. Hence in a moment of desperation, we just pushed all those boxes into my purse.

But why do we have to have a guilty conscience?

After taking a bath, I sat in front of the vanity and put on my skincare. I wholeheartedly hoped that Han Hui would have a beautiful, happy and perfect first night.

Han Lei who had also just taken a bath suddenly asked, “Honey, where’s your phone? Lend it to me to play.”

Hehe, couldn’t imagine it, right? My phone has a game that Han Lei wanted to play but was too lazy to download. As this was not the first time, I habitually said, “It’s inside my purse, go and get it yourself.”

After saying this, I immediately felt that something was wrong but I couldn’t pinpoint where.

When I heard Han Lei’s ambiguous shout, I fiercely slapped my thigh. Why did I forget that there was a pile of condoms inside my purse?!

I only heard Han Lei’s pleasant surprise and grumble as he said, “Honey, I never thought that you were this initiative but there isn’t the brand that I usually use!”

My scalp turned numbed and I rigidly turned around to face him, my heart in tears. I itched to dash to him and sincerely tell him: Don’t misunderstand, seriously don’t misunderstand. These were not prepared for you.  

But Han Hui said that this matter must be kept a secret hence I could only suffer in silence.

Suddenly, Han Lei smilingly looked at me and said, “Honey, there’s one that’s luminous!”


I looked at Han Lei who was walking to me and in his hands was the box with “Luminous” written on top of it. I was “forced” to compromise…

The second before I lost consciousness, I only want to say that in the dark, it was really illuminating.

The second day, Han Hui excitedly arranged to meet me again. She openly shared her first night experience with me, saying that it was due to my help that she was able to successfully and relievedly enjoy her first night.

She smiled ambiguously as she looked at my tired face and asked, “You guys also used it last night?”

I honestly nodded as I knew that she was talking about those boxes.

Hehe! Which brand?”

“I didn’t take note of it, I only knew that it was luminous.”

“Luminous ah…”


“Is it good? How does it feel like?”