Beauty Saving Beauty

It is only natural for a beauty to save another beauty.

I might have thought it over for two seconds if it was a man’s voice before turning around; if it was a woman’s voice I would have immediately turned around, hence I turned around and faced the corner.

Under the dim moonlight, I found myself the center of attention. There were 5 pairs of eyes on me, 4 of them vicious and one filled with joyful anticipation.

From the number of people and their genders, only the blind couldn’t see that there were four hooligan youngsters bullying a girl who accidentally wandered into the wrong area.

When I saw the girl struggling to move her head, I could only say that fate is truly too amusing. That girl was clearly the married next door neighbor who had an indescribable relationship with He Yi!

Why was she always involved with these “oppressive”, “violent”, and “stifling”people. She is really too XXOO talented. Not only was she oppressed by the evil Mother-In-Law, she was also “lucky” enough to be stopped by some hooligans.

Right now it seems like they hadn’t started yet. I suppose I was just in time for the opening of the play “Rob Beauty and Money”. I was lucky that I was able to make it in time.

My marital senior sister from university once said, “If you see injustice on the road, draw your sword and help. You can ignore the vulgar and uglies, but you must rescue the cute girls and handsome guys.”

Not only is she a beautiful girl, but she is also my neighbor and someone who is involved with He Yi. Therefore based on feelings and reason, I decided to help her.

The woman’s eyes were very emotional, more passionate and fervent than seeing her family and the police.

When I was calmly walking, a light breeze blew, swirling the dead leaves around my legs and fluttering beside me. It made me feel almighty and impressive, truly according to the times. I was like a female hero protecting the woman while she cooperated with me by hiding behind me.

Although my appearance was quite aesthetic, I was also quite satisfied. However, these bad youngsters were unhappy. One of them used a displeased tone and said, “What do you mean by this!”

I smiled and cooly said, “Don’t you see?”

After I spoke, we tacitly went silent and sized each other up.

There were a total of four people around eighteen years old that emitted an evil old fox’s smell. Among them was a person with a tall build full of fat. He was holding snacks while chewing incessantly. Another was a person who was as skinny as a spare rib. He wore a T-shirt that exposed the tattoos on his arms. His left had Li Quan and his right had Wan Li (t/n: both are alcohol brands), very smart. The third one was petite while also muscular while the last one was of medium height and had lustrous hair that went past his shoulders. He was quite feminine, and it could be seen that he was a shou. Their group really had people of all sizes, from fat to skinny.

Compared to them, my outfit was that of an innocent lady’s, someone who had no strength at all. I was in an office suit wearing trousers, a pair of medium heeled leather shoes, and had a big and simple purse.

When they saw my appearance, they started laughing. They laughed at me for meddling in other people’s business, overestimating my capabilities, and for walking right into their trap.

The long-haired guy started, “Big sister, we just wantIfed to play with that young lady behind you. Why are you striving for favor?” After he finished talking, everyone laughed.

Hey! How come she is the little sister and I am the big sister?

While smiling I said, “Actually, I have no problems if you play with other people. In fact, even she is fine. Unfortunately, I saw what you were doing, and I’m not going to her you off easy because that girl is the person I am protecting.

They stopped laughing once they heard what I had said and seriously sized me up. The long-haired guy fiercely said, “What, you want to fight?”

I shrugged and put on a smug-ass face. I meant to say, “If you dare, I’ll respond in kind.”

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