“Then…” Mother-In-Law suddenly hesitatingly said, “Maybe I should use that medicine that was used on that brat?”

As soon as I heard her mention that legendary mysterious pill, I immediately shook my head and said, “Don’t! As the one who used it before — I have the most right to suggest that you don’t use that again.”

The power of that drug ah, I am afraid that our Father-In-Law can’t endure it.

“Then what should I do?” Mother-In-Law looked at me expectantly.

“How about…seducing him!”

“Continue!” Mother-In-Law urged me to say more with zeal.

I wiped the cold sweat on my forehead and said in a slightly inquiring tone, “For example, when he’s taking a bath you can also go join him and make it a Mandarin Duck bath?” (t/n: a lover’s bath)

“This move won’t work,” Mother-In-Law waved her hands and said defeatedly. “When that old man takes a bath, he locks the door even tighter than the vault!”  

I forced a laugh. Looks like our Father-In-Law foresaw this or has experienced being attacked by Mother-In-Law before.

“Then…drink some alcohol?”

“The old man’s liquor capacity is really high…”

“Then…sexy lingerie and an erotic dance?”

“The old man has farsightedness…”

This won’t work, that won’t work… it seems like there’s no other choice…

“Then let’s use the last resort!”

Under Mother-In-Law’s expectant gaze, I firmly and seriously said, “The last resort is to tie him to the bed and tease his entire body to force him to take the lead.”

Mother-In-Law’s eyes sparkled. She pondered for a while and then excitedly nodded. Looks like she agrees to this move’s feasibility.

“So, what should I choose to tie him up with? Necktie? Headscarf? Towel? Or a rope…”

The corners of my mouth twitched. “…Any, as long as you are happy…”

Ultimately, I didn’t know what material Mother-In-law chose, but looking at her excited threatening silhouette, I couldn’t help but pray for our Father-In-Law. I hope his old heart can withstand the wonderful pleasure from being tied up.

From this, it could be seen our Mother-In-Law was the gong Queen and our Father-In-Law was… the shou Emperor. (t/n: gong – dominant, shou – passive)

Although I felt sorry for Father-In-Law who was about to be attacked, I still hoped that Mother-In-Law would succeed. Pardon my contradictory heart, amen!

Father-In-Law, wait for the attack!

After parting with Mother-In-Law at the front entrance of the tea bar, I decided to walk home as it was not very far.

Tonight’s night sky wasn’t very lovely. Dark black clouds evilly covered the moon. This made the street lights dimmer than usual.

The hooligans on the streets were always the villain characters and harmful factors. They like to roam at night in twos, threes, or in a large group, squatting in nooks and corners while smoking and chitchatting. They like to take advantage of the benevolent and the wealthy, people who are usually scared of evil.

I walked on an uninhabited road by borrowing the dim streetlights. I picked up the pace. It wasn’t that I was scared, but rather that I had no interest in wandering in this kind of environment.

Suddenly, I heard a weak cry for help as I turned into a corner that was darker than the last.

“Help me…”