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Fortunately, nothing happened that forced an incident where a beauty rescues another beauty. Soon, the sounds subsided, and even the slit of the door turned from bright to dark. It seems like they are going to sleep.

I was glad, but also disappointed that the situation ended like this. Han Lei dragged me back into our bedroom with a brilliant smile on his face, excitedly waiting for his reward.

I looked at Han Lei’s growing smile, turned around, and walked out into the living room. I locked the front door, turned off all the lights, walked back to the bedroom, and ordered him, “Take off your clothes and lie on the bed.”

Han Lei obediently took off his shirt and lied down on the bed, looking at me expectantly.

I also sat on the bed, pushed his arm, and said with an enchanting smile, “Lie down.”

Han Lei turned over and excitedly said, “So you like to start from the back.”

Han Lei’s back was very attractive, but I chose to turn a blind eye toward it. I sat on his waist and used both of my hands to knead his shoulders.

Oh! Lighter…” Han Lei let out a burst of pain mixed with pleasurable moans.

Yep, my so-called reward was giving him a massage.

His shoulder muscles were kind of stiff, and I could clearly tell that he was quite tired recently. The most important thing was that Qin Hao, that good comrade, even specifically held a secret meeting with me. He said that because the company was about to hit the market, all their top executives especially Han Lei were super busy. He hoped that I could maintain his strength and let him rest.

Hey, does Qin Hao see me as a femme fatale on Daji’s level? What did he mean by maintaining his strength, did I extract his strength? This guy who doesn’t know the inside story, who is extracting whose strength? [Daji – a mythical fox spirit and concubine of the last Shang Dynasty Emperor Zhou Xin]

Although Han Lei was busy and exhausted everyday after work, he is still tender and considerate towards me. Because he made me smile, I’ll kindly reward him and let him enjoy my professional level massage.

Soon, Han Lei fell asleep listening to my misleading mutterings. I couldn’t help but secretly kiss him on on the cheek after seeing his unguarded expression.

Darling, have a good rest.

The next day, Han Lei was full of energy after experiencing my specialty massage He put his arm around my shoulder and we intimately walked to the elevator.

Coincidentally, we encountered the new neighbor girl who was taking out the garbage again.

The weather was quite hot, yet she was wearing long-sleeves and long trousers, bundling herself up tightly.

She smiled at us amicably with a somewhat bashful expression. We also smiled back at her.

When she passed by me, I accidentally bumped into her arm when I was trying to help. She immediately uttered a painful cry.

I opened my eyes widely. My eyes were filled with uncertainty and heartache.

She smiled faintly at me with eyes filled with gratitude, quickly threw away the garbage, and rushed back into the house.

Violence! That old woman was definitely a violent woman!

The entire day, my mood was very gloomy. I felt heartache for that girl who was being abused by that angry old woman.

After work, Han Lei seriously said to me, “Every family has their own problems, since she didn’t ask for help, we can only watch.”

Although I was upset, Han Lei was still damn right.

In order to lift my spirits, Han Lei teased me into going to the supermarket and buying Haagen Daz. He intended to use my favorite ice cream to shift my attention. Although I didn’t want to admit it, he succeeded.

After going to the supermarket, I recovered my liveliness and cheerfully walked back home with Han Lei.

While passing through a dark alley, I saw something out of the corner of my eye and couldn’t help but stop. I slowly walked backwards and quietly leaned against the wall while looking into the alleyway.

There were two entwining figures, a man and a woman.

The girl’s long sleeve clothes were the ones that I saw this morning when I took the elevator, and that man’s shirt belonged to that new handsome youngster.

In other words, the girl was the one being abused and the other was the new handsome youngster, He Yi!

Could it be that is the trend for a young married woman who lives with her husband’s family to pair up with a handsome youngster?

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