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Just at that moment, the door across from us seemed to read my mind and slowly opened. The first thing that I saw was a delicate girl who was more or less around my age who was sweet, pleasant, cute, and helpless-looking. However, she also possessed a chest that could make others green with envy, and standing beside her was an eccentric person. Uh, more like an old woman who was desperately trying to be young.

Han Lei and I were shocked by their ridiculous combination, while they were surprised by Han Lei’s handsomeness. Eight eyes locked with each other and time stood still, as if there was nothing else but our quiet frightened sounds and their quiet gasps of surprise.

The most frightening, scary, and thrilling thing was that that old woman’s face blushed even under that thick layer of white foundation! And her eyes were like a hungry and thirsty widow that haven’t seen a man for ages.

Oh! I can’t let her blasphemous eyes look at our family’s Han Lei!

I quickly moved my body to block the old woman’s line of sight. Although she wants to look at him, I can’t help it that my legs are longer than hers.

Ultimately, Han Lei was the first to recover, continuing to expressionlessly search for his keys.

The old woman quickly snapped out of it. She cleared her throat and said in a fake feminine voice to the girl, “Why are you still dazed? After throwing away the garbage, we still need to tidy up the house!”

The girl was jolted out of her stupor. She quickly lowered her head and said in a soft voice, “Yes, mother-in-law.”

Oh! I opened my mouth wide in surprise. That old woman was actually that girl’s mother-in-law!

While I was lamenting, Han Lei couldn’t withstand the old woman’s fiery gaze and quickly pulled me into the house, using the tightly closed door to escape her uncomfortable staring.

After bathing, I changed into a comfortable wide T-shirt pajama and sat at the dining table, eating ice cream straight from the tub.

Against my expectations, that old woman was that girl’s mother-in-law and not her stepmother. From her malicious eyes it was obvious that she was an evil mother-in-law. Oh, poor girl, she was simply the blue wizard running away from the evil witch!

Suddenly, an arm appeared in front of me and took my spoon out of my mouth without the slightest hesitation.

As expected, Han Lei, that lazy guy, snatched away my ice cream without the slightest guilt.

“I don’t mind using the same spoon with you,” he said while smiling with the spoon in his mouth.

Okay, I am a generous person, I can lend him my spoon.

I stood up and lazily walked to get another spoon to share the delicious Haagen-Dazs with him.

Not long after, sounds could be heard from the house across from us.

Ai… Nowadays, the soundproofing of suites isn’t really that great!” I lamented while swallowing a mouthful of ice cream.

Hehe…” Han Lei evilly said, “Don’t worry, I promise that your passion, emotions, and screams of pleasure on the bed won’t be heard by others because if I don’t want it to happen, then it won’t happen!”

The corners of my mouth twitched, as I decided that I wouldn’t cater to his evil thoughts.

Once again another burst of sound.

“They’re just moving into a new home. Do they really need to step on balloons to celebrate?” I said helplessly.

“Probably their hobby,” Han Lei also helplessly responded.

Seems like both of us don’t like noises.

Both of our head lowered while eating, then we suddenly both raised our heads tacitly. From our eyes we could make out the same message: idiot, that sound isn’t balloons popping, it must be the sound of dishes thrown on the floor!

I grabbed Han Lei’s hand reflexively and quietly opened the front door. We sneakily squatted out in front of the door focused on listening to the movements. I nervously looked through the gap of the keyhole, trying to catch a glimpse inside. The result was obvious, wishful thinking is just wishful thinking..

Hey! Domestic violence! This is domestic violence!

I was very nervous, every fiber in my body was screaming at me to rush in and save her.

The sounds of scolding, sobbing, and dishes breaking were unceasing. Although the voices were loud, they were very indistinct, making it difficult to clearly hear the contents of the scolding.

Han Lei remained silent towards my tasteless and vulgar actions. He lightly poked my arm and expressed to me that he had no interest in eavesdropping and left.

I quickly pulled on his clothes. If he’s not here, how will I be able to deal with that old woman?

“If you stay with me a little while longer, I will give you a reward later!” I seductively said.

As expected, Han Lei couldn’t endure the temptation. His eyes sparkled and like a well-behaved boy, squatted back in place. He was even more serious than me at eavesdropping on the movements inside.

My mouth twitched from his shamelessness. This guy…

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