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Domestic Violence Appears Next-Door

An evil mother-in-law and a good daughter-in-law is equivalent to a witch bullying a blue wizard. (t/n: we believe this is an analogy)

After work, I received a message to wait in the parking, no doubt a command from an ineffable naive man who was angry at me for the entire day.

When I sat in Han Lei’s car with a smirk on my face, Han Lei angrily turned to the side and refused to look at my brilliant smile. Ultimately, I had to persuade, beseech, and even offer sex to this young master until he reluctantly let out “hmph hmph” sounds and looked at me again.

He looked at me with resentment and while pouting grumbled, “You don’t care about me!”

“When did I!” I protested this false accusation without even the slightest hesitation.

“You watched that damn anime all night and didn’t even glance at me!”

“I didn’t? I specifically took my laptop and watched it while lying down next to you. Furthermore, I also looked at you tenderly from time to time!”

“Oh? Then why didn’t you mention that the only times you looked at me were during the opening and ending songs! Furthermore, it was to actually check whether or not I was awakened by your frightening laughter!”

“…” Okay, I admit that I ignored you all night long.


Aiyaya, a certain someone’s mouth is pouting so high that it could hang a soy sauce bottle.

“Now, now! Don’t be angry! Let’s kiss kiss! Be good! Here, a kiss! Don’t be angry anymore!” I kissed him on the cheeks as if I was coaxing a child.

Hmph! Insincere!” This young master unsatisfyingly said.

Truly a guy who would take a mile when given an inch.

Thus, under his hint from his eyes, I kissed him on the lips. He then took the lead. He turned around while pressing me down and gave me an impure and fiery kiss.

As the kiss gradually transformed and got out of control, I couldn’t help but pat his arm to warn him. This guy was truly a monster who could be in heat at anytime and anywhere.

Finally, after he had eaten his fill, he licked the corners of his lips and leaned against the chair while panting. He then said in a deep and hoarse voice, “Hmph! I will take care of you when we get back!”

I unknowingly shrugged and decided to ignore his declaration.

Upon seeing my complacent attitude, he chuckled and snatched a kiss from my lips. He started the car and searched for a place for tonight’s dinner.

When we arrived home after dinner and Han Lei was searching for his keys, I boringly glanced around and was surprised to find that the door of the house across from us was unexpectedly different from this morning. The light from the slit of the door made people feel feelings of warmth.

This discovery made me very happy and I smiled.

What does this imply? This implies that we have a neighbor!

Some people might think that it was just a neighbor, is it necessary to be this happy? What I want to say is that only a neighbor can make me this happy.

I’m going to explain a little bit about this situation. Han Lei’s apartment is in a small neighborhood and is on the fifteenth floor out of twenty five. Each floor has 4 suites and after I moved in, I discovered that we were the only ones living on this floor. Whenever I went out to throw away the trash in the dead of night, the surrounding quietness and emptiness always made my scalp numb. I was afraid of ghosts appearing to the extent that I firmly believed that the other suites were ghost houses.

Having a companion next door gave me a good feeling.

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