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After the department head left, many beautiful ladies extended their “evil hands” to He Yi. Outwardly, their masks showed a sweet temperament, but hidden underneath the masks were their vulgar intentions.They encircled him with “care”, eliciting sighs of jealously from the other handsome guys due to the unfair treatment.

He Yi kept a smile on his face throughout, his expression gentle. In less than half a day, his talents were admired and recognized by everyone.

He really was a genius who had skipped grades, I immediately felt some pressure regarding my position.

At noon, everyone found an excuse to go out for a meal to celebrate the arrival of the new colleague.

During lunch, the female colleagues rushed to sit next to He Yi. They even went out of their way to take care of him in every possibly way by pouring soup, getting food, etc.

The power of women’s gossip is unshakable, indestructible even. After eating, the senior sisters used the excuse of concern to ask He Yi some personal questions, but in reality it was all gossip. Topics especially focused on things like whether he has a girlfriend and his sexuality.

It seemed that He Yi didn’t mind facing these extremely personal questions. He only smiled gently and acted if he didn’t understand, maintaining his mysteriousness.

All of the senior sisters were flustered by his smile. After regaining their demeanor, they wiped off their saliva and hammered their hearts on why they weren’t more forceful with their questioning. They had unexpectedly allowed themselves to be caught in his smile and allowed him to avoid their questions, truly a blunder.

Compared to the other females, Leng Yan, An Ru Xue, and I were the calmest. This was because Leng Yan only likes to study BL, An Ru Xue was an odd girl who constantly fantasizes about clothing from the Qing dynasty, and I am married.

Zhu Jun Xi looked at us emotionally and wiped away his tears and movingly said, “You girls are really the good “sisters”, firmly resisting the foreign temptation!”

The handsome senior brothers would not accept He Yi’s popularity, thus they planned to search for his true colors.

Among them, a senior brother took the initiative and took out a packet of cigarettes. He had a classic big bad wolf artificial smile and handed one over to He Yi. He Yi didn’t hesitate and expressionlessly declined, leaving that senior brother to embarrassingly withdraw the cigarette. He persisted and invited him to have a drink. Unfortunately, the beautiful senior sisters spoke, “Drinking at noon? You’re not going to work in the afternoon?”

Ultimately, while that senior brother was criticized, He Yi was protected and once again became the focus of the senior sisters’ attention.

While looking at He Yi’s handsome face, I noticed that his smile had a trace of fakeness and his gentle eyes had a discernable emptiness, mysterious yet contradictory.

Perhaps I had been with Han Lei for too long, I guess this is what it means when the one who stays near the ink gets stained black (t/n: people are influenced by their environment). I now assume that everyone has a mask on, Han Lei ah Han Lei, give me back my naivete!

After lunch I snuck away from the other people and went to the rooftop, planning to enjoy the breeze while taking a break.

Ever since Qin Hao called me up to the rooftop for the “showdown”, I discovered that this was a very good place to goof off, uh, rest. It is large and quiet, but the best thing about it is that not a lot of people are aware of this treasure.

Qin Hao comrade, you truly are a good comrade. How come you always find such good places?

I lightly pushed open the rooftop door halfway when my sixth sense immediately alerted me that there was someone already there.

Unexpectedly, a familiar silhouette was leaning against the railing. From his shirt I was able to recognize that this person was the youngster who had left faster than me – He Yi.

Didn’t he say that he didn’t smoke? Then what was that vapor blowing right in front of him?

As expected, this youngster was not simple.

He Yi’s sixth sense didn’t seem at all inferior to mine. He coldly stared at the half opened door. At almost the same time, I reflexively hid behind the door and didn’t even dare breathe.

See, I knew that his gentle smile was a facade!

I secretly looked at his back again. It seemed somewhat frail and lonely, giving off a mysterious yet dangerous misconception.

Sure enough, he was a mysterious youngster.


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