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I rubbed my tired eyes from the deadlock and it was a good thing that I used two eyedrops before I left the house.

When I entered the company’s design department, Leng Yan excitedly used the “Nine Shade White Claw” to clutch me and said, “There will be a new colleague coming to our department today.” Her expression then changed to a mysterious and lewd one and said “I heard that it’s a youngster!”

An Ru Xue appeared at my side, pushed up her glasses, and excitedly said, “Yep! It’s a youngster!”

Upon hearing the word “youngster”, the corners of my mouth twitched subconsciously. I couldn’t help but recall that baldy and afro.

If I hadn’t run into those two bad teenagers this morning, I might have been excited and had lewd expressions. Because of this, I didn’t have any desire to meet that youngster who I will be working with in the future.

But I was wrong! While this person was in fact a youngster, he was also handsome!

The handsome youngster entered our department with the department director and politely introduced himself, “I am your new colleague. My name is He Yi, please take care of me beautiful sisters and handsome brothers!”

Look, this was such an understanding and lovable youngster!

He Yi was very young. I heard that he had just graduated from college, but he was only twenty two years old. He was a genius who had skipped grades in order to graduate. His stature was slender and tall, his looks refined and handsome. He had a next-door neighbor type appearance. His voice was pleasant to the ear, talking for just five minutes could already make us beautiful sisters and handsome brothers burst out in joy.

Looking at He Yi’s sunny smile, I shed tears of sorrow in my heart: baldy ah, afro ah, both of you guys are youngsters yet why are you guys so different from He Yi? One is heaven and the other is hell!

We beautiful sisters couldn’t help but salivate at He Yi, our eyes shooting unhealthy radioactive rays.

Originally, our design department was in a situation where females were more aggressive than the males, a complete yin and yang unbalance. It wasn’t that the original male colleagues were horrible to look at, but it was always exciting getting some fresh blood and considering the quality of the new member, would us “hungry and thirsty” sisters show mercy?

Youngster ah, we sisters will love you really well!

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