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The Mysterious Youngster

Generally, teenagers like to be high-profile and show off while the handsome ones like to be low-key and mysterious.

The consequence of hitting snooze on my alarm was being “abandoned” by Han Lei, that heartless guy — I had to take the bus to work by myself.

The reason why I was “abandoned” was very simple, I stayed up all night to watch an anime that was over a hundred episodes. The reason why Han Lei was angry was because I spent all my energy and attention on that damn anime and not him. As a result, Han Lei was really mad and the consequences were really “serious”. This childish man punished me by making me take the bus by myself.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I thought of him leaving the house pouting and had a grimace on his face, resentment in his eyes.

Hehe, such a childish man but I like it.

Although I was “abandoned” by Han Lei and had to ride the bus alone, the corners of my mouth were raised.

Alright, I admit that I enjoy watching the young boys and girls on the bus, but I would never admit it. I wonder why…  

Usually there are three groups that ride the bus early in the morning: first are the grandpas and grandmas going out to buy groceries, second are the office workers like me who couldn’t afford a car, and third are the energetic students.

Because the route to the company passes by three middle schools, most of the children on the bus are all youthful middle and high schoolers.

You have to admit that after the reforms, long peacetime, and changes in nutrition, children nowadays are very well built. Even though they have tender little faces, once they wear clean and tidy uniforms they become delicious eye candy…. Uh, they are so dashing, energetic, lively, and sunny!

The girls and boys on the bus were sitting, sleeping, listening to music, standing dazedly, or chatting amongst themselves. Their joyous laughter brought me a sense of happiness and youthfulness.

Soon, one person got off at their stop leaving an empty seat. On the same stop three people got on, two teenagers and one office worker.

Unsurprisingly, the seat was taken by the teenagers who looked like high schoolers. One was tall while the other was short; the tall one was bald and the short one had an afro. The baldy was the one who took the seat.

My mouth twitched uncontrollably as I looked at the baldy’s head that seemed like it could reflect light and the afro guy’s hair that looked like a Chow Chow’s (t/n: a breed of dog).

I must say, the high schoolers these days are quite avant garde, their hairstyles aren’t mainstream at all.

At the next stop nobody got off, but several people got on including three elders.

At this moment, yielding one’s seat will depend on one’s inner qualities and morals. The gratifying thing was that the two good kids at the front yielded their seats and started moving to the back. Because of this, the people who wanted to yield their seats were blocked from doing so. As it happened, the baldy and the afro who sat next to the elders completely lacked perceptiveness. They continued to chat and laugh as if no one was there, a complete eyesore to everyone.

Everyone seemed to be used to this kind of scene and ignored it because they didn’t want to make a scene. After all, these bad youngsters shouldn’t be trifled with.

I clenched my fists tightly and walked over to their side. I came over to the baldy’s rear and looked down on his smooth and reflective head.

Perhaps my gaze was too strong, but the two people chatting happily couldn’t help but turn around and look at me.

My expression was very somber and my eyes were ice-cold. I said in a low tone and coldly said, “Did you guys not see the elders get on the bus? Do you guys not know what it means to respect your elders? You guys don’t know how to give up your seat?”

The baldy looked up in surprise for a moment and when he saw the standing elder, he had the urge to stand up. However, he stayed seated and fiercely said to me, “Woman, don’t be so nosy. Are you looking for a fight?”

After I studied at the baldy’s outline a little closer, I felt a sense of familiarity but I couldn’t recall who this was. After hearing his fierce words, I raised my eyebrows as a prank began forming in my mind. I smiled and said, “Oh? Dare I ask which area you two belong to?”

The baldy proudly smiled and said, “Well said. Just as luck would have it, this region is under our control.”

“Oh? Sorry I didn’t recognize you.” I sneered and said, “I am only the adopted daughter of the gang leader of the Yamaguchi region.”

This was clearly a lie to everyone here, but it was able to deceive these two idiots.

The afro who hadn’t said a word suddenly looked at me with awe and couldn’t help but pull the sleeves of the baldy.

Perhaps it was because my gaze was so cold, my grandeur so intense, and my acting so life-like. The baldy stared dazedly at me with his hands clenched in anger, as if he could explode at any time.

My eyes were sore from staring at him for so long. When we came to another stop, afro suddenly pulled baldy up and whispered, “We are almost late. Let’s get off.”

Afro then respectfully helped the elder sit down and ran off with baldy, disappearing from my sight.

Hehe, it seems like they aren’t completely bad considering that they know they will be late for class. I can’t believe they fell for that kind of lie, it seems like they are still stupid and cute.


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