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Can’t Provoke A Man Who Eats Vinegar

In this world, other than crazy women that shouldn’t be provoked, men who eats vinegar were far scarier.

Lin Zhe’s complexion slowly began to darken after Han Lei respectfully called him “senior”. I think it was mainly because of Han Lei’s satirical yet serious, respectful tone that caused him to be angry.

Ultimately, our dinner was hastily brought to an end by Han Lei’s extreme shamelessness.

After returning home and taking a shower, Han Lei sat on the bed with a complex face.

When I stepped out of the bathroom, I saw Han Lei sitting on the bed pouting with a complex face as if he wanted to hit his head against the wall. I slightly sighed, I realized that if I didn’t tell him about the relationship between Lin Zhe and I, then I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. Thus, I obediently went to bed and sat face to face with him.

“Xia Ying, you are quite audacious! Lenient for those who confess, punishment for those who lie! Honestly explain your relationship with Lin Zhe!” Han Lei said in a loud voice with a solemn face while sitting crossed legged with both hands crossed in front of his chest.

Lenient for those who confess, punishment for those who lie? Wasn’t that too far?

My mouth twitched a little and I forced a laugh. I also sat crossed legged in front of him and slowly raised my hand to wipe off the sweat on my forehead. I then briefly recounted the story of how Lin Zhe and I met, fell in love, and ultimately why we broke up.

En…” after listening to my “confession”, Han Lei quietly said, “En.” He then lowered his head and stared at the bed sheet.

Han Lei sat there staring at the bed sheet, but I couldn’t help but rub my sleepy eyes. I Intended to let him process it for a little bit longer and then remind him that it was already time to go to sleep.

Right when I was scheduling an appointment with Zhou Gong (t/n: The God of Dreams), Han Lei’s deep voice sounded out.

“Then… do you still think of him?”

Er…this…” I turned my head to the side, as if I was silently contemplating.

“What! You’re actually hesitating? How could you actually think so seriously about this?” Han Lei was provoked by my hesitation and gnashed his teeth.

I winced when he yelled, this guy was truly louder than the average person.

I rested my head on Han Lei’s lap and comfortably lied down while looking at his handsome face that was right above mine. I softly smiled and said, “Honestly, every woman can’t forget their first love and I am no exception. Even though I don’t have that initial heart pounding desire like before, it is still an unforgettable memory. I can’t guarantee that I won’t think of him in the future, but I can guarantee that my feelings towards him are as friends only. So stop letting your imagination run wild. It could be said that you either don’t trust me or you don’t have faith in yourself?”

I looked at his idiot looking like face coldly, I really wanted to tell him that both of my eyes saw that he had no faith in himself.

After the idiotic laughter stopped, Han Lei lowered his face and faced me, his pupils darkened after catching my glance. He parted his thin lips slightly and smiled, “What should I do, I really don’t have any confidence. We should merge our bodies to re-establish an indestructible confidence! “

This guy, if you want to have sex then just say it. I couldn’t believe he actually used such a lame excuse.

After sensing his male hormones, what could I do? I also wanted to merge together with him.

Okay then, let’s turn off the lights and roll around in the sheets.

Shh! Don’t be noisy!


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