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Right, the man was Lin Zhe, and the woman turned out to be our headmaster’s wife.

Lin Zhe kissed her deeply. Even onlookers could tell that he was hugging her with force, as if wanting to melt her into his body. I had never seen that kind of Lin Zhe. I had never experienced that kind of kiss and hug. Somehow that made me feel envious.

Contrary to expectations, there was no shrieking, weeping, or any heartache. I slowly walked out of the woods without disturbing a single leaf.

After that night, Lin Zhe grew more concerned about me, treated me more politely, and even gazed at me more affectionately. It was clear to me that he was not thinking about me, but rather of the headmaster’s wife.  

According to my observations, the headmaster’s wife was his second wife and their age difference was very large. The headmistress was still young and beautiful after marriage, I reckon that she and Lin Zhe were a couple before, but for some reason separated. Later, Lin Zhe discovered that parts of my temperament and appearance resembled the headmistress. Thus selfishly borrowed me to think of someone else.

I remained calm and collected, allowing Lin Zhe to make his choice because I didn’t want to maintain a reluctant relationship.

Finally, Lin Zhe told me that he was going to resign and go abroad. I knew that he had ultimately chosen the headmistress. The glorified excuse he used was that he was going abroad to further his studies, but in reality, he was eloping with her.

Therefore, before Lin Zhe explicitly suggested that we break up, I took the initiative to ask. After taking the initiative to break up, I let out a small sigh of relief. It seemed that compared to being a lover, he’s more qualified to be my big brother next-door.

I sent the secretly eloping couple off with a smile, thus my first love ended. In the end, I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was and cried. My heart felt suffocated and sad.

It seems like nobody can get used to high schoolers talking about adult love.

“Oh, saying this, you guy’s feelings ought not to be too bad?”

Han Lei pulled me back from reminiscing with his indifferent words.

I turned to look at Han Lei, oops, although this guy was laughing, but his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. Furthermore, his tone was quite strange.

I twitched my mouth with ridicule, as I really didn’t know how to answer.

Ultimately, Lin Zhe invited me to have dinner together with the excuse of reminiscing and discussing work details.

At night, sitting in a high grade restaurant, Lin Zhe and I quietly ate, just like back in the day when we were dating.

After dinner, Lin Zhe helped pour wine for the both of us and started to chat idly with me.

“Seeing you accomplishments nowadays, I am truly happy for you.” Lin Zhe said with a smile.

I embarrassingly fiddled with my hair and shyly said, “Not really, our president was just joking around.”

“Right, is your relationship with senior sister still as good as before? Your relationship with her made everyone jealous! How come I didn’t see senior sister return with you?” In fact, the headmaster’s wife was also a student of our school before. Because I didn’t know her name, I could only refer to her as senior sister.

Hearing my words, Lin Zhe looked away from me and in his black pupils, a trace of loss flickered. When he looked back at me, he had recovered his original calmness. He smiled and said, “We broke up.”

This news was too shocking for me. They were madly in love to even elope, yet they had broken up!

“Um, sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I really didn’t know what to say.

Hehe, why apologize, it was because our personalities didn’t match is all.” He shrugged his shoulders and said with an unconcerned look.

All I could do at this moment was force a smile.

He suddenly leaned over, bringing his face close to mine and earnestly said, “”Now that I have seen you again, I regret it, regret that I left you.”

“But, I’m married!” I was so shocked that I couldn’t help but blurt it out.

Aiya, a step too late.”

He leaned against the back of the chair and raised his glass. His eyes flashed with an indescribable expression and then said with a smile, “So what, even if you’re married you could divorce. Anyway, I decided to pursue you once again.”

How could he be like this, as if I have to stand in place and wait for him. Furthermore, his tone made it sound as if only he could decide when to break up, like I couldn’t get married without his consent. Maybe I would have if I hadn’t met Han Lei, but now, sorry, this pasture of mine was not worthy of you, this regretful horse to eat.

But, after all, we had once loved each other, hence I decided to think of standard, profound words to refuse him without hurting him.

Just when I was hesitating, I heard Han Lei’s voice.

Aiyaya! Isn’t this Mr. Lin?”

Han Lei, who had suddenly appeared, walked toward us gracefully and stood beside me. He then proceeded to artificially greet Lin Zhe.

Artificial ah artificial, Han Lei ah Han Lei, not only was your smile artificial, even your tone was artificial.

Lin Zhe froze for a bit and said with an expressionless face, “Yeah, such a coincidence, is President Han also here for dinner?”

Han Lei smiled even more brilliantly, sat down beside me, and put his arms around my waist possessively, eyes not smiling and said, “No, I came to find my wife. Who told her to accompany another man for dinner while leaving me all alone!”

Lin Zhe looked at me with a questioning face, the smile on his face seemed to have become deformed.

Hehe,” I forced a laugh. “I’ll introduce him although I suppose no introduction is needed, President Han is actually my husband.” I then turned to Han Lei and whispered into his ear, “This Mr.Lin is actually my first love.”

Hearing this, Han Lei opened his eyes wide, with a face full of seriousness and respect, shouted to Lin Zhe: “Senior!”

Senior… He called Lin Zhe senior….

I quickly lowered my head, resisting my laugh that was about to pfff out.

Han Lei ah Han Lei, you’re truly talented!


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