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After mother-in-law heard my family history, her face was full of distress, affection, and the eagerness to do mischief.

She held my hand, and heroically said, “Those three stupid women actually dare to bully our Han family’s people. Good daughter-in-law, mother-in-law will help you take care of this resentment, hence, I have decided to send this brat out, allow them to experience firsthand what verbal insults really are! Han Lei! Rise!”

A hint of evilness and precisely the same mischief like his mother’s flashed in Han Lei’s eyes when he heard the “decree”. Then, he looked up, faced us, reverting once again to his original calmness and friendliness, and smilingly said, “Yes, Ma’am! This servant will complete the mission without fail!”

Witnessing the sinister smiles of this mother and son pair, I felt a sudden chill and began to silently, insincerely pray for my stepmother and stepsisters.

One weekend, Han Lei found an excuse to visit the wife’s parental home, pulled me and sat on the sofa in a refined manner.

Facing outsiders, especially with strangers, Han Lei always liked to use a government official’s expression and tone: a friendly and gentle smile, a polite and aloof tone.

Han Lei deliberately emitted his charming charms and made stepmother and stepsisters dizzy from his charms, jealous of my luck, especially the younger unmarried sister of the two sisters, deliberately pulled down her collar, attempting to use beauty to seduce Han Lei.

I looked at her openly portrayed chest, I sneered in my heart, it’s useless, I have used this move before, it was completely ineffective.

As expected, Han Lei didn’t even glance at her once, his eyes looking straight at stepmother.

Oh, I see, he’s planning to start from stepmother.

Stepmother got real shy and embarrassed under Han Lei’s gaze, so she took the initiative and sweetly said, “Ai ya, so you are our Xia Ying’s husband, oh hehe, this little girl’s fate is really good, I am her mother.”

Han Lei ignored stepmother’s delicate smile and just turned, asking me tenderly, “Darling, is she your mother?”

I shrugged and revoltingly said, “I don’t know ah, anyways, my dad never acknowledged it.”

This was also our stepmother’s fatal wound. Dad had brought them home, but had never showed willingness to provide, love or care for them. More like, he had been exhibiting them, putting them aside, and abandoning them.

When he heard my words, Han Lei laughed with that very friendly laugh of his and softly said, “So it’s like this ah, ai, our father-in-law is rather admirable, would rather travel around the world then to face this woman, say, a woman who could force one’s man away must be very tragic, not to mention it’s a woman who was old yet likes to pretend to be young.”

Stepmother was mortally injured by Han Lei’s laden words, couldn’t hang onto her face and rushed back to her room, once again placing her hopes onto her own two daughters and a son-in-law.

Of the two sisters, the elder one had got married two years ago and lived at our home with her husband. That so-called brother-in-law fantasized about me with his lecherous eyes for two years.

At this moment, elder stepsister was gazing at Han Lei lecherously, while brother-in-law was gazing at me lecherously, both husband and wife were the same type, truly a perfect match.

Han Lei blocked elder stepsister’s intense amorous glances with his glasses, evoked a smile, slowly said, “Nowadays, kittens who are in heat truly doesn’t distinguish between the time and place ah, more surprisingly, both husband and wife are in heat. Darling, it has been really hard for you those two years, forced to face a stupid, in heat, kitten everyday, why didn’t you sue that kitten for sexual harassment? If it’s me, I not only will sue that kitten, but also give them a good beating, what do you think? Elder brother and elder sister sitting in the front.”

Elder stepsister and brother-in-law’s faces turned stiff from Han Lei’s words, complexions changing erratically, completely the cold type.

“Also,” Han Lei continued, as before with that friendly tone, “The elder sister that kept pulling on your collar, even if you’re someone’s appetite, yet have these dirty, vulgar thoughts, dirtying peoples’ pure eyes, aiya, also know how to glare at people, double eyelids have been cut, the bridge of the nose filtered, jaw bone shaved, skin pulled, that chest must be filled with water, right? Lastly, listen to my advice, in the future, it’s best if you don’t put on makeup to scare people, ah.”

Younger stepsister suffered a great blow and looked at Han Lei, wailing with a finely painted  exquisite makeup face.  

Presently, everyone was quiet, the three people sitting on the sofa who were basically petrified looked at Han Lei with frightened faces, found that he was still smiling, however that smile completely lacked warmth, eyes were ice-cold.

Han Lei was truly worthy of being the husband of the modern version Cinderella!

Seeing that we already toyed them more or less, I pulled Han Lei’s hands, indicating that we can gloriously leave.

Han Lei smiled at me, it was a smile that had a hint of pride at the corners of his eyes.

Thus we scattered our sleeves, didn’t take a single cloud away, leaving the three women and man stunned in place to recover.

When we arrived at the front door of Han Lei’s house, he stood in front of the door with a serious face, looked at me and said, “Xia Ying, I believe that father and mother-in-law had ulterior motives when they left home, but don’t you worry, you can rely on me as much as you want, in the future, I am your spouse and relative, my family is your family, and my home, is your home.”

After saying this, Han Lei opened the door, stepped inside and wittily said, “Welcome home!”

Turns out that he was such an attentive man, understanding all my worries, restlessness and loneliness.

I smiled, my eyes tearing up, and threw myself into his arms, replying with a choked voice, “En, I’m back!”

Yep, from now on, Han Lei and all the old and young in the Han family were my family, and wherever Han Lei’s home was, it would be my, Xia Ying’s, home!

Editor: Peter & Miso


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