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Cinderella’s Parental Home

The modern version of Cinderella said: We need to be the stepmother of all stepmothers!

That year was snowy.

That year, I just ascended into high school.

That day was sunny.

Mom dragged a huge suitcase to the front door and smilingly said to me, “My Ying (t/n: means cherry), mother will be leaving now, but you have to remember, mother will always be your mother. In the future, you have to look after yourself, if you meet some hardships, strive to overcome it, if you encounter an evil person, you have to be more evil than them, and if you meet a stepmother,” she paused for a bit, revealing coldness in her eyes and smilingly said, “You have to be the stepmother of all stepmothers!”

The mother in front of my eyes smiled like the brilliance of the blooming flowers on a mountain, her whole body bathed in the warm sunshine, somewhat illusory, somewhat etherealness.

After seeing my half-understanding and firmed nod, mother tenderly hugged me, then, turned around and left, without the slightest hesitation. The beautiful figure of my mother gradually disappeared into the sprinkling sunshine, her footsteps were somewhat rushed, her figure  somewhat impatient, just like a little angel carelessly falling into the mortal realm, hurrying back towards the heaven realm.

Until I faced father’s sullen black eyes at night, only then did I understood mother’s impatience, because she left when father was not at home.

I had always considered these two people to be different types, and their combination, in my opinion, was a miracle, of course, this was my fortune to become their witness to their profound feelings and consciousness.

As things having reached to this stage, useless to say more, I only know that my mother secretly left, and father was very angry.

Although mother left, however her warning-like words were deeply printed in my mind: if you meet bad guys, you have to be more evil than them, if you meet a stepmother, then be the stepmother of all stepmothers!

A week after mother left, a stepmother and two stepsisters appeared in my life, then I truly understood the deeply profound implications and meanings of the words left by mother.

That day, dad with an expressionless face brought back three women: a beautiful, mature woman, two young, pretty girls.

That mature woman amiably said to me, “Ying, from now on, I am your stepmother, and the two of them are your stepsisters.”

Dad neither affirmed nor denied her words, a look of “I don’t give a shit”, but even so, those three women nevertheless entered the house, furthermore lived for many years.

Dad’s attitude made me very puzzled, although brought the people back home, but turned a deaf ear to them, neither slept in the same room with that woman, and didn’t allow them to set foot into his and mother’s room, the most ridiculous thing was, the second day that those people entered, he left home to wild, uh, actually, our dad does multinational businesses, therefore flying around was a common thing, so seeing him two, three time a year was a miracle, meeting only once was normal, of course, dad’s figure frequently took shape after those three women entered.

Dad unrestrainedly abandoned us away, leaving four women at home.

A stepmother, two stepsisters, how come this looked like the classic cast of Cinderella, furthermore it was very clear that Cinderella was me.

Compared with the original Cinderella, as the modern version of Cinderella, I always remembered mother’s “mantra”: be more evil than the bad guys, be the stepmother of all stepmothers!

Was this the so-called one mountain couldn’t contain two tigers, not to mention that this mountain lived four tigresses?

Because the only male head was not at home all year round, therefore everyone was too lazy to act, revealing one’s true colors, doing what was supposed to, tyrannical when needed, be stepmother when needed.

Hence, the infighting was always the entertainment, pranks were common, mouth skills were arised from practice, the flexible hands and feet skills were forced.

Stepmother had always wanted to be a stepmother not only in name, cooked unpalatable things for me to eat, say vulgar words to me, always tried to force me to clean the house and so on, unfortunately, she doesn’t have this talent and might, I returned the abuse back, in fact it wasn’t really anything, I go out to eat when she cooked untasty food, while when she cooked delicious food I will add some ingredients to the pot, not just putting detergent as salt, flicks hand, add a bit more; say vulgar words for me to hear, then I will say even more vulgar things for her to hear, as a 21st century high school student, could it be that the mocking, swearing, insulting words I assimilated were less than hers; as to forcing me to clean the house, well then, grabbed some cockroaches and threw it onto her bookcase, putting a rat nest in her bedsheets, putting some spiders into her closet, hehe, how lovely, I am afraid of everything, just not afraid of these cute little things.

Henceforth, stepmother gave up, lukewarm towards me, peacefully interacting, placing all her hopes onto her own two daughters.

Young people’s exchanges were more fresh: they stole my exam materials, I shredded their graduation thesis that was due the next day; they squeezed all my skincare products over the vanity to waste, I went and added some watercolor paint into their toner, stirred some flour into their sleeping masks, put moldy liquid into their lipsticks and so on; they sheared my new clothes, I ruined their shoes that they spent a lot of money on; they hit a doll with my name on it, I hung a pig head on their door, the kind with the forehead nailed…

Until once, they actually found street gangsters to block my way, trying to rape me, fortunately was rescued by a big sister gangster, afterwards, I painstakingly learned martial arts, Taekwondo, to say nothing of women wrestling techniques as well as all kinds of fighting techniques, thus, on a dark, windy night, I with the embodiment of a hero’s righteousness, blocked those two sisters in an uninhabited alley, told them with fists full of righteousness and power, that their tricks were too much, Xia Ying was very angry, therefore the consequences were very serious.

Henceforth, the world became peaceful, the three tigresses settled, and one tigress dominated.

On account of this, they regarded me as air, I regarded them as manure, everyone minding their own business, turning a blind eye, which was why no one bothered when I moved and left away with an unknown man.

Additional Comments:

Xia Ying is not the average female lead~ Unlike Xia Ying, I am *very* scared of bugs, insects, and so on…



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