When Chen Xili asked her to drop by her office once she had arrived at the company, Shen Chuchu felt a good thing was about to arrive. 

As expected, at the company Chen Xili said, “The actress who originally played the sister of the male lead is now pregnant and cannot shoot the dancing and stressful parts. The film is already filming so it is not easy to find actors at short notice. It just happens that you also play the role of a dancer so we don’t have to worry about the dancing part. However, the director also wants to see your acting skills before making a decision. He will arrive at the company at around ten o’clock. So you can have a go at an audition.” 

The sister of the male lead was female No.3 in the film and second only to the female lead and the princess. This was way more important than her previous role. At this thought, Shen Chuchu’s heart was no longer calm and she could even hear it beating.

After being excited for a while, Shen Chuchu finally found her voice, “Is Director Chang coming to the company? I’ve not even met him since I’ve arrived at the company. What do I need to prepare? What is the content of the audition? “

Chen Xili saw the overly anxious Shen Chuchu and comforted, “You don’t need to be nervous. Director Chang is very nice but as a director, he is very strict towards actors, especially those who are replacements. As for the audition, I also don’t know. Anyhow, it’s a movie made by our company so it will be okay as long as you don’t perform too badly.”

Shen Chuchu understood the meaning behind Chen Xili’s words and promised, “Yes, Executive Chen. I will definitely seize this opportunity.”

An hour later, Director Chang arrived at the audition location. Today, he mainly came to talk about some things with senior management so the audition was only incidental. The company’s deputy executive has recommended this newcomer so he already felt assured. After all, they were the same company and he can easily find out the performance of any newcomer. He was quite satisfied with what he had learned about Shen Chuchu.

Shen Chuchu felt even more anxious the moment she saw Director Chang. Director Chang used to be a movie emperor and was an idol to many people in their childhoods. Although he was already fifty or sixty years old, you could still see the graceful bearings of his golden days.

From the moment he stepped in, Director Chang had already started to examine Shen Chuchu. Upon seeing her so nervous, he laughed and said, “Don’t be so nervous. This audition will be very simple. You just have to perform the role you’ve been practising before. Why don’t you start off with the dance first.”

Shen Chuchu had been preparing a while with the script for the female No.3 role and breathed a sighed of relief to hear it was not required. The dancer’s roles were not many and she has been trying to analyse it for two months now. As for the dance part, she felt a great improvement from the initial three months of training followed by the two months of preparation even though she was not a professional.  

As expected, Director Chang slightly nodded after her dance. 

After a short break, Director Chang looked at the script and picked out a part for Shen Chuchu to perform.

“No physical performance, toast the general after the dance.”

Shen Chuchu recalled that part with her eyes closed. Throughout the film, she only had a total of three parts. This part best reflected the characteristics of the character because here she finally acted alongside the protagonist.

Soon she recalled all the details. She brewed alcohol and started to act.

She pretended there was a tall man in front of her and raised both of her hands to toast. Her eyes were filled with admiration, she suppressed her excitement and said slowly, “General, this lowly maid respectfully toast you.”


Shen Chuchu quickly retracted her movements. She looked at Director Chang and waited for him to comment.

“Little girl don’t be nervous. Your performance is very good for a newcomer. Only some details need to be worked on. It is good to be full of emotions but some expressions were too exaggerated, especially the eyes which were too exaggerated. We are not shooting a reality show but these expressions could cause some to lose concentration. Acting is a performance but it should still be moving. Expressions from the heart and that came from the inside are most real and touching. Also, your body language was not very coordinated. It was alright when you were just dancing but you can see the problem when you are just acting. “

Every word of Director Chang’s made Shen Chuchu’s heart sink even lower. By the time, Chang Dao had finished speaking Shen Chuchu’s mood had fallen to the bottom. It turned out that the progress she felt had not been very good and she was still in a state of very poor acting. Moreover, she now felt that the opportunity was probably about to fly away. 

In the end, Chen Xili smiled at Director Chang, “Director Chang is still so sharp. However, this is a good thing for new actors. Chuchu, quickly come here and thank Director Chang.”

Shen Chuchu quickly curbed her disappointment even though she probably could not shoot the movie anymore. However, Director Chang’s words had inspired her a lot. Many famous and lesser-known actors have sought advice from Director Chang and this was a rare opportunity for her. 

At this thought, Shen Chuchu walked in front of Director Chang and bowed, “Thank you, Director Chang. I will continue to work hard.”

Director Chang smiled, “Yes, very easily moulded. Although still underripe, there is some innate talent.” 

“Then it’s settled?” Chen Xili asked.

Director Chang laughed, “What if I say no then can Executive Chen find me a better one?”

Chen Xili frankly replied, “What are you saying? If you go out and make a sound, there are plenty of people in the entertainment industry who are waiting to be in your film. However, the company discovered a newcomer with such difficulty so we should give the newcomer an opportunity.”

Director Chang nodded, “Indeed, this circle needs some fresh blood or else those who became famous prematurely will only seek fame and forget their responsibilities as an actor.”

Chen Xili replied, “That’s right. You are so correct, Director Chang.” Afterwards, she glanced at the dazed Shen Chuchu on the side and gave her a look. 

Shen Chuchu instantly understood Chen Xili’s meaning and suppressed the ecstasy in her heart, “Director Chang, I will work hard and will not disappoint your expectations.”

Director Chang stood up and said, “Alright, you do your preparations, examine the script more then join the team half a month later. I still have a lot of work to do here. I also have to rush to Hengdian this afternoon to shoot night shows.”

Chen Xili stood up and sent off Director Chang.

Shen Chuchu still could not believe it even when the contract was changed. She was actually going to be in a big director’s film, no longer as a small role but a flesh and blood character.

On Shen Chuchu’s side was a state of joy while on the other side, it was calm before the storm.


That night, Han Xingyan returned to his old home. 

He usually spoke very little and would eat quietly accompanied by his parents. However this time, he suddenly felt there was something odd.

Although they did not talk much when eating at home, the silence felt a little weird today. His father seemed to want to talk but was prevented by his mother. 

After the meal, his father could not endure it anymore.

“Xingyan, what have you been busy with lately?”

Han Xingyan heard his father’s words and thought his father’s tone seemed a bit strange. He frowned slightly and replied, “Recently the company intends to acquire an enterprise so I am busy working on a business plan.”

“Apart from this? Nothing else has been keeping you busy?”

Han Xingyan seriously looked up at his father and said, “No, Dad. Is there anything you want to say to your son?”

His father looked at him and thought back to what he had heard before and felt a surge of anger and threw the book in his hand.

“Darn thing! What a shameful thing you have done outside! You didn’t learn anything good but instead learned from those sloppy pampered sons of wealthy families! Do you feel like you can mess around now because you have money!”

His mother hurried forward to stop it and said, “Old Han, you are treating your son like this when you didn’t even ask to clarify. What if there was a reason behind it?”

His father angrily replied, “What reason could there be? Someone saw it so how can it not be true? Using a bank card to keep a mistress, you are truly capable!”

His father felt slightly angry whenever he thought back to what he heard this afternoon. Today, a good friend brought their son to pay a visit. When the friend was praising his own son, his ignorant and incompetent son unexpectantly mentioned this matter. This made him lose face and feel that his parenting had failed!

Such a good son but now involved in such a hideous mess. Today, he must properly sort him out! 

Han Xingyan suppressed his headache, thought for a moment and asked in return, “Keep a mistress? Dad, I don’t understand your meaning.” When has he kept a mistress?

His dad angrily looked at Han Xinyan and said, “You are still denying it! A few days ago at a cafe, someone saw you!”

A few days ago, at a cafe? Han Xingyan thought for a moment, recently…only that one time was with Shen Chuchu. Perhaps his father meant that time?

His mother sat between them and patted his father, “Old Han, don’t be angry. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding. Isn’t it normal for your son to date? Maybe they were mistaken and that was your son’s girlfriend.”

His father angrily replied, “Who would give their own girlfriend a bank card.”

Han Xinyan thought back to that day and stroked the area between his brows, “Dad, Mom, you are both mistaken.”

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