She continued to look and saw that Wang Jing’s second marriage would be ten years later. Additionally, the marriage rating only had three stars.

Shen Chuchu frowned and thought to herself, her first husband must have affected her to the extent that she no longer trusted marriages.  

Wang Jing saw Shen Chuchu had not spoken in a while and looked somewhat uncomfortable so she quietly asked, “Chuchu, what’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

Shen Chuchu came back to her senses and looked at Wang Jing, “I’m fine. It’s probably because I’ve been too busy lately so I did not sleep well.”

Wang Jing smiled, “That’s good.”

Afterwards, Wang Jing resumed talking to the other classmates. Shen Chuchu looked at Wang Jing’s beautiful appearance and could not imagine how her road to her love could be so rough. At this thought, she reminded herself to warn Wang Jing later. This was her classmate and not just a stranger, she could not blindly watch as her classmate stepped into a painful marriage.

She only hoped that Wang Jing would accept her opinion but there was also nothing else she could not do if she did not. Ex-girlfriends, first girlfriends etc. are really natural enemies of all women. Some men are also very scary because they clearly are still in love with their first love but marry another yet their heart never forgets until they leave the one they married for their first love. 

Shen Chuchu finally relaxed after enduring the class reunion with great difficulty. When everyone began to stand up one after the other, Shen Chuchu also purposely stood beside Wang Jing. Shen Chuchu saw Wang Jing was about to leave and quietly said, “Wang Jing, I have something to tell you. Can you wait a moment?”

Wang Jing hesitated then smiled, “Okay.”

Shen Chuchu followed Wang Jing into the hall and sat down.

Wang Jing saw the anxious expression on Shen Chuchu’s face and laughed, “Chuchu, do you have anything troubling to tell me? It’s okay, you can tell me. If you have any difficulties, just tell me. Don’t be too embarrassed. After all, we’ve been classmates for four years.”

Shen Chuchu heard these words and made up her mind, “Wang Jing, the elders in my family have researched fortune-telling in the past. I also dabbled in it but only know the basics. I had a look at your fortune and there is something I don’t know if I should tell you.”

Wang Jing was an atheist but was also a bit curious after hearing this from Shen Chuchu and replied, “It’s okay, you can tell me.”

Shen Chuchu thought about it then compiled a few sentences, “I had a look at your face and you must be in the peach blossom period which means you are currently in a relationship. It also looks like good things are near and you will be married to your husband in a few days.”

Wang Jing originally only listened to it for a laugh but her face slightly changed when she heard these words. She indeed wanted to get married very soon and planned it to be next week. However, she had never mentioned this to anyone so how did Shen Chuchu know? Perhaps her boyfriend mentioned it to someone? But Shen Chuchu did not even know her boyfriend. 

“Chuchu, what did you see?” She looked at Shen Chuchu’s face and by her womanly sense, Wang Jing instantly knew things were not as simple.

Shen Chuchu tightened her fist and said to herself, “this is not destroying a marriage, this is to save someone” then replied, “As for this marriage, I feel it would be best if you could reconsider.”

Wang Jing’s face changed and her heart was slightly nervous. She said in a low voice, “Why? Is there a problem?”

Shen Chuchu nodded, “After looking at it, I found that this marriage would not be easy and a vile person may harm you. If you can not get rid of this person then your marriage may not last long. Also, this person may not originate from you.”

Wang Jing was originally looking forward to marriage and her mood had been very good recently. After all, she met someone who liked her and they were like-minded. Even though it had not been three months since they met, they both gave each other the urge to get married.

Upon hearing this from Shen Chuchu, Wang Jing suddenly felt that her decision to marry seemed too sudden.

“So this vile person is?” At this moment, Wang Jing’s face was as cold as frost.

Shen Chuchu fell silent then said, “This person could be his parents, or his friend or perhaps… his ex-girlfriend.”

His parents, friend and even an ex-girlfriend? Wang Jing thought for a while. It seemed apart from his friends, she had not seen his parents or ex-girlfriend before. So much so that he had never mentioned any of his romantic relationships before. Nevertheless, everyone is an adult so it was perfectly normal to have a few relationships in the past. So they both did not ask about it. 

Shen Chuchu looked at Wang Jing’s thoughtful expression and held her hand, “Wang Jing, I really hope you can look more into it. Even if you do not believe me but think about your future. I would still advise you to inquire about it. Compared to a lifetime of marriage, a simple inquiry is nothing. If there are no issues then you two can still get married. And if it really is true like I said then you would not be caught up in pain.”

Wang Jing listened to Shen Chuchu’s words and looked at her sincere expression. She forced a smile and said, “Okay, thank you Chuchu. I will ask.”

Shen Chuchu had no reasons to deceive her. The fact that she had not announced her marriage plans to the people around her was because she was afraid they would not approve and oppose it. However, if this marriage was potentially dangerous then she really needed to carefully consider it. 

It was as if she was too hasty and had imagined marriage to be a bit too simple.

After Wang Jing left, Shen Chuchu sat quietly on the sofa for a while. Just as she was about to get up and leave, a cold voice could be heard, “Shen Chuchu, I have something to talk to you about.”

Shen Chuchu heard Chen Xun’s words and slightly frowned.

Chen Xun opened his mouth and questioned, “Shen Chuchu, have you already degraded yourself this low?”

Shen Chuchu blinked and lost all her good feelings towards Chen Xun at this moment. There were certain things she had wanted to say way before. 

Previously when she listened to the familiar academic talks, it brought her back to the dark times of her university time but now there was anger suppressed in her chest. In regards to studies, she could not be compared to her god-like classmates. However, this did not mean that anything else about her was beneath others. Her studies did not represent her character or that she was stupid! It also did not mean that others could stand on moral high ground and lecture her.

“What right do you have to say this about me?”

Chen Xun did not expect Shen Chuchu to reply in this way because he still had the impression that Shen Chuchu was a gentle person who did not like to speak. He pursed his lips and said, “You are a graduate from a top university in the country and you are going to be an actress. If this is not called degrading yourself then what is?”

Shen Chuchu softly snorted and replied, “Being an actor is degrading? So what in your eyes is not degrading then? Going into finance like you? Researching the stock and financial market every day? Do you think that is how people should live their lives or perhaps this is the model of society’s elites? I am very sorry but not everyone thinks the same way as you do. What you like and want to do, others may not like and not want to do that.”

Chen Xun listened to Shen Chuchu and fell silent for a while then asked, “So you don’t like finance?”

Shen Chuchu blatantly replied, “True, I hate it.”

“Why do you hate it? Isn’t it good to do something you are good at?”

At this point, Shen Chuchu was about to burst into laughter, “Something I am good at? For me, finance is really not something that I am good at. You’ve helped me revise before so you know that I am neither good at it or like it.”

Chen Xun listened then did not speak for a while. The mood between them began to turn odder and Shen Chuchu wanted to say goodbye.

Chen Xun replied, “Do you still have that Financial Risk Management book? Have you read it again?”

Shen Chuchu did not understand why Chen Xun would suddenly mention this book so she frowned and thought for a second, “When did the course start? I don’t seem to have any impression of it.”

Chen Xun heard this and his facial expression turned bad, “You don’t have any impression? The subject you failed in the second year, it was me who helped you revise.”

Shen Chuchu heard the word revise and tried to search her memory for any relevant information. For any subjects that she passed and was sure not to study again, Shen Chuchu would throw those books away. As the saying goes, what the eyes do not see, the heart does not grieve over.

“Threw it away.”

Chen Xun’s face suddenly turned as black as the bottom of a pan and he grabbed on to Shen Chuchu, “You actually threw it away? Why did you throw it away and when did you throw it away?”

Shen Chuchu struggled for a bit but was unable to get her hand out of Chen Xun’s grasp. She angrily said, “Why can’t I throw it away. I did indeed throw it away as soon as I passed!” Although she was uncertain the book was thrown away or not, Shen Chuchu knew she would not keep it to disgust herself. 

Chen Xun pressed down his lips and a storm seemed to rise within his eyes. Shen Chuchu only felt her wrist was getting more and more painful.

At this moment, a familiar voice saved her.

“Miss Shen.”

Chen Xun heard this voice and gradually relaxed his hand. Shen Chuchu felt the pressure ease and quickly retrieved her hand. She glanced at Chen Xun and really did not understand why this person had turned crazy.

Afterwards, she turned towards her saviour Han Xingyan whom she would always treat well. 

“CEO Han, such a coincidence to see you here.”

Chen Xun’s gaze also fell on Han Xingyan and looked at Han Xingyan then at Shen Chuchu. He was about to speak when his phone started ringing. He frowned as he looked at the screen and hung up the call. However, in less than three seconds, the phone started ringing again so he hung up for the second time. Chen Xun looked at Shen Chuchu and said, “I will be going first. See you next time.”

Shen Chuchu happened to see the name displayed on Chen Xun’s phone screen. It was the name of his future wife and at this moment, the phone was ringing for the third time.

“Yeah, bye.”

When Chen Xun left, Shen Chuchu looked at Han Xingyan and awkwardly said, “Thanks, CEO Han.”

Han Xingyan took a glance at the direction of where Chen Xun left and replied, “Do you have time Miss Shen? Let’s talk.”

Shen Chuchu nodded.

Afterwards in a cafe, Han Xinyan took out a silver bank card and handed it over.

Shen Chuchu looked at the card in front of her and bit down her lips, “CEO Han, what do you mean by this?”

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