Chapter 59 – Impregnated

That night, Ran Xing’s PR department worked overtime to prepare a counter to deal with this. They had just come up with a plan when Su Yi’s Weibo appeared.

The PR manager waved a hand. “Hold up everyone, don’t post anything yet!”

Wu Xue went over with confusion. “What’s the problem?”

“Su Yi posted a Weibo, take a look.”


Before Wu Xue could ask, Su Yi called. She sounded sluggish. 

“You’re at the office?”

“Just arrived. What’s up with your Weibo, didn’t I ask you not to look?” Wu Xue said.

“Let’s not talk about that. Have them go to my comment section and get it going.”

Wu Xue was confused. “What’s going on?”

“Are you stupid?” Su Yi laughed lightly. “Wu Ke’s popularity isn’t going down yet.”

Wu Xue understood it at once. “This doesn’t bode well for An Xuan, does it? We’ve no evidence that she did this.”

“She just sent me a message saying that if I’m willing to help her clarify Wu Ke’s scandal from earlier, she’ll help me clarify this one.” Su Yi found it funny. “You weren’t too wrong, but it’s not that bunnies bite people when enraged, rather dogs try to jump over walls when harried.”

Wu Xue said, “—She really is something. When she was working, we never treated her badly, did we?”

“Since she’s coming to toss rocks down the well, then we’ll have them help us block the wind. We can do Lin Xia’s exposé tomorrow, clean up what you have at the moment and post it during peak hours online.” She considered a moment before saying, “Isn’t ‘meet on x-day’ trending, right now? We can play that too.”

Wu Xue turned around and, after finishing up her talk with the PR department, went outside the office.

“In the future, I wouldn’t dare anger you easily. If I have erred in the past when we’re working together, please forgive me.” She tsked. “And Yang Ruolin, what do you plan to do?”

Su Yi went silent for a while. Behind her, the guy bent over, his lips brushing against her ear.

“You’re still not sleeping.”

Wu Xue on the other end of the phone: “—”

“She likes comparing, so let her do that,” Su Yi said. “There are too many things going on, I’m afraid the bystanders watching the show would be too busy.”

Wu Xue said from the bottom of her heart, “I’ll thank you for them.”

Next day.

Chu Ying woke early. When he got up Su Yi’s phone was lit, an incoming call – an unknown number.

After settling everything with Wu Xue yesterday night, Su Yi had set her phone to silent.

A few seconds later, it stopped flashing. A whole screen filled with unanswered calls came into view, about thirty calls.

He retrieved his gaze and was about to go to the washroom when he noticed some messages on his phone too. It was also a stranger’s number, but the other introduced themselves at once.

[Chu-gege, I’m Ruolin, Grandpa wants me to invite you to come for a barbecue this weekend, would Chu-gege be willing to show his face~?]

[Waiting for your reply~]

Chu Ying frowned, picked up his phone, and blacklisted this number.

When Su Yi woke up, Chu Ying was still in the bathroom. She yawned, struggling to get up. She didn’t even look at the phone. Picking up the hair tie, she casually put her hair up, then slowly entered the bathroom.

The guy saw her and shifted to the side, giving her some space. She leant against him just like that and brushed her teeth with her eyes closed.

“Say, why is there such a funny person?” Su Yi said while scrolling through her messages. “They bothered me first, then turn around and say I’m too much.”

An Xuan had sent her plenty of messages and each one of them was really long. She didn’t even want to see them, so just deleted them one by one.

Chu Ying said, “There’s no need to acknowledge them.”

Her Weibo had turned into a battleground. After just one night, there were over a hundred thousand comments.

[Summarising Su Yi’s meaning: When filming ‘Undercurrents’, my assistant didn’t come back at night. It’s counted as skipping work to me, so that day the media caught a photo of Wu Ke and this assistant…]

[Ha-ha-ha-ha, I remember Su Yi’s comment that time. It seemed like it really is that a person sits at home and the pot would fall from the sky to cover them.]

It’s uncertain whether it was the work of paid posters’ or the passersby, but her hot comments were all comments on Wu Ke’s cheating. While Wu Ke’s Weibo was hotter and the advertisement he’d posted a week ago was already filled with the passersby looking for some entertainment.

She took a look at Wu Xue’s WeChat and found the Weibo used to expose Lin Xia. It was a paid blogger with a million-plus fans.

[Those who chase celebrities/stars seriously // serious star-chasers would face retribution V: This afternoon at five, the time when everyone is getting off work and school, I’m here to expose something shocking. A female agent who’s pretty well known sleeps around with all the newbies and makes those celebrities under her go sleep with people. See you at five.]

She was enjoying her read when she heard the person beside her ask, “Are you bored at home?”

Su Yi didn’t look up, continuing to scroll through the comments, her small feet squeezing into the gap behind the guy’s back. “Hmm?”

“Do you want to go on a date?”

Su Yi used her alt account and liked each of them, while replying distractedly, “Hmm.”

“Hmm?!” She belatedly reacted and put down her phone at once, blinking up at him. “Yes, I want to go.”

It was now almost winter, the season most suitable for celebrities to go out. On the streets, people were layered up in clothes as the cold and the winds blew, no one had the energy to go look at other pedestrians.

But Su Yi chose to wear high black boots, a pink duck-bill cap, a pink sweater, and black shorts, revealing her thighs.

… It’s the kind of outfit that would attract attention no matter how cold it was.

In the end, Chu Ying dragged her back to the bedroom and made her obediently change into something more warm.

She tugged on the big black coat on her and said pitifully, “— This is so ugly, I haven’t worn it in a long time.”

Chu Ying ruffled her hair. “It’s pretty.”

Having gotten the praise she wanted, Su Yi tidied her collar and acceded reluctantly. “All right then.”

The guy was in casual wear today. He was also wearing a black jacket and looked really clean – there was less of the seductive feel he emanated when wearing a suit, and more of a ruffian vibe.

They were both draped in all-black, Su Yi kept feeling like it was a couple’s wear. She got onto the car, satisfied, and leant towards the seat.

“Where do you wanna go?”

Su Yi didn’t even think about it. “Movies.”

The car drove to the largest cinema hall in the city. To take care of the flow of people, it had been opened next to a huge mall and, as today was a weekend, there were plenty of people.

She was about to leave the car when the guy caught her hand. He opened the little box between the seats and retrieved a couple of masks. First he put Su Yi’s on for her, then he put one on himself.

Su Yi looked down at the huge pink mask on her – there was a huge ‘O’. Chu Ying’s mask was black and had a huge, bolded ‘I’.

Su Yi’s face reddened at once. At least she was wearing a mask and it wasn’t obvious. After getting out of the car, seeing that she was very slow, Chu Ying asked, “What’s the matter?”

Su Yi grabbed the guy’s hand, her eyes bright and blinding. “You’re so perverted!”

Chu Ying: “—”

Where did this woman’s thoughts wander off to?

They bought tickets to some big-budget science fiction film from Hollywood. Being a last-minute purchase, they could only pick from the seats left over – the rightmost seats on the third last row.

After buying the tickets, Chu Ying asked, “Popcorn and Cola?”

The little people in Su Yi’s hearts warred for three seconds.


This was the second time they’re watching a movie together. Last time, when Su Yi tried to dive into his embrace, she’d failed – this time she could openly hold his hand.

Sitting beside them, there were a bunch of high schoolers of both genders. It seemed to be a class activity and there were more than ten of them.

The movie had yet to start, so the cinema was unavoidably noisy.

A girl walked over to a boy on the other end and raised a phone. There were two photos on the screen.

“Hey, say, who’s prettier of these two?”

“Isn’t the one on the left Su Yi?”

Hearing her name, Su Yi bent over slightly, looking at the two over there.

“Yeah, if you have to pick one who’d you pick?”

“Of course I’d pick Su Yi, I don’t even know this one on the right and her features are weird.”

The girl was satisfied. She walked over to her companions and said, “See? I said that Su Yi is prettier than Yang Ruolin!”

Su Yi smiled, leaning closer to the guy’s ear. “Hear that? Hurry up and take notes.”

Chu Ying raised a brow. “No need, no one is better than you, I know that.”

It was a science fiction show, but Su Yi could feel the pink bubbles popping up in her heart.

After watching the movie, the two went to the mall next door. Only after entering did Su Yi realise that the mall had the surname Chu- the full name being Chu Xin Plaza.

She asked casually, “Is Chu Xin someone in your family?”

“Yeah, that’s my paternal grandmother’s name,” Chu Ying said.

At a certain shop, it looked like a mama shop. There were a lot of things in there and with one glance, Su Yi saw a remote-controlled toy plane in the display window. She suddenly thought of her nephew that liked planes.

Without a second word, she took the guy over and squatted in front of the toys section, asking, “Say, what does a primary one boy like to play with?”

Chu Ying didn’t ask any questions, raised his hand, and picked out a few toys for her. They left after paying.

By the time they got to the car, it was just five. Su Yi happily put the toys in the back and got into the shotgun seat, ready to go read the exposé on Weibo.

The post was titled – The story that must be told between the forty years old female agent and the fresh meat.

Lin Xia had been married for many years, the first photo in the post was Deng Mingyang’s deep and passionate kiss with her – it was very exciting.

As for the one forced to sleep with others – to avoid harming the celebrities currently under Lin Xia, Su Yi provided the chat logs that Lin Xia and she had had in the past. In those photos, Lin Xia kept trying to persuade her to go, even putting in the names of a few big bosses, only they were all censored by the blogger.

WeChat hadn’t been very popular back then, and the chat-logs were the ones Su Yi had screenshotted a few years ago in preparation for reporting it to the magazine. The pages were very old and the credibility high. The blogger even said, “If those involved think that I photoshopped this, please feel free to fight me, I still have a lot of things I haven’t yet released.”

After reading it, Su Yi somehow felt relieved. The taste of revenge couldn’t be more amazing.

Amidst her musings, the chat with Wu Xue popped up on the top side of the screen. It was a Weibo link.

She thought that it was another article from the paid posters and hurriedly clicked in.

[Su Yi went shopping in the mall for toys with a mysterious man and her figure is suspiciously bloated as if she’s pregnant, or is she about to marry into a rich family??]

Su Yi felt her eyes straighten. She opened the attached photo, both she and Chu Ying were in black coats. It was clearly a photo taken today.

Chu Ying saw her looking all upset and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Su Yi said, “The media said that I’m pregnant!”

Chu Ying paused and eyed her abdomen. As it was covered by clothing, he couldn’t see anything.

He looked hesitant. “Really?”


We used protection so well – whether it is real or not, don’t you know!

She looked at her thigh and suddenly felt despair, throwing her phone into the bag as if venting her temper on it.