Chapter 8 – I wish to ride in your car


After seeing the message, Su Yi was silent for almost a minute.

To the side, Wu Xue turned her head and said, “These few days just stay at home and rest, if you’re going out remember to take An Xuan with you.”

An Xuan nodded from the driver’s seat. “Yeah, I’ll be there whenever you call!”

There was no response.

Wu Xue said, “What are you daydreaming about?”

Su Yi came back to her senses, her lips quirking without her control. “Nothing.”

“Your smile is almost splitting your face,” Wu Xue said. “Cut it out.”

Just when she finished speaking, her phone rang.

She glanced at the call notice and picked it up immediately. “Little Chen, how’s it going, any news?”


“What happened with that scriptwriter, didn’t he decide on Su Yi?”

Wu Xue said a few more sentences before angrily hanging up.

“What happened?”

Wu Xue cursed. “The role for ‘Undercurrent’ has been decided.”

Su Yi sent a cute and adorable emoji to Chu Ying, while coldly saying, “Tu Jinglan?”

Wu Xue said, “Yeah, what’s with that, when I checked a while ago that role should have been yours.”

“It’s alright,” Su Yi said uncaringly. “It’s no problem, was the casting for the other script decided on?”

“I don’t think so, let me make a call and check.” Wu Xue hugged her chest, looking angrier than Su Yi was. “This isn’t right. An Xuan, drop me off at the next crossing, I need to go back to the company and check this out.”

Wu Xue got off the car overbearingly.

An Xuan started the car again, it was only a small distance away when the person sitting at the backseat spoke up.

“An Xuan, call it a day today, go home.” Su Yi put her phone back in her bag. “I can drive myself home.”

An Xuan was a little dumbfounded. “It’s no problem, I can send you.”

Su Yi’s hand was already on the door handle. “Stop the car.”

An Xuan got off the car and stood by the road watching the black Jaguar start up again, appearing ready to leave.

It didn’t get more than a few metres away before it stopped.

The door opened, Su Yi pushed aside her fringe as she went to the trunk and swiftly changed into her sneakers.

Su Yi had long legs, so even changing her shoes attracted plenty of attention. A few even recognized her, bringing out their phones to take photos.

An Xuan hadn’t reached the bus stop when she received a call from Wu Xue.

Wu Xue said, “…I have only left for barely ten minutes, why are there photos of Su Yi changing her shoes on the streets on Weibo?”


Su Yi didn’t usually drive. It wasn’t because she was too lazy to do so, it was because Wu Xue didn’t let her – she was of the belief that it was troublesome for celebrities to drive, if they accidentally scraped something it’d become some news somewhere.

She turned off the air-conditioning, opened the window and put on the sunglasses from the box beside her, tapping her fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of the music.

Red light. She stopped the car, rested her head on her hand and stared at the traffic light.

Someone honked her.

Su Yi leaned backwards a little and saw that a rather vampish red racing car was parked on the next lane.

The guy sitting on the driver’s seat raised his Crayon Shin-chan brows at her.

Su Yi ignored him, opening her phone to check if Chu Ying had replied.

The screen was empty.

The light turned green. She rolled the window up, floored the gas and sped off.

She didn’t expect that racecar to follow her, even passing the security and entering the condominium’s parking lots. It’s only when she finished parking that she realized that car was parked diagonally opposite hers.

Crayon Shin-chan brows was a little fat. He got off the car, leaned against the door and smiled at her.

Su Yi took off her glasses and took out the taser from her bag. After getting off the car she remembered to retrieve her heels from the trunk and, dangling them from her second finger, she calmly walked towards the lift entrance.

Crayon Shin-chan brows laughed and said, “Let’s go together?”

Su Yi tilted her head and smiled. “Sure.”

In the lift, she stood silently, not even attempting to press her floor number.

Crayon Shin-chan brows hurried her. “Su Yi, press the button.”

As expected, this person knew her. Su Yi put on a false smile and raised her hand, revealing the taser she held.

Crayon Shin-chan brows almost went cross-eyed. “Hey, what’s with that!”

“Empty your pockets,” Su Yi said fiercely.

This Su Yi, was she some female bandit?

Crayon Shin-chan brows wore a long face as he retrieved his phone and wallet. “You, what do you want?”

“And?” Su Yi asked.

“No-no-nothing,” Crayon Shin-chan brows’ hands were shaking. “You can take all of it, I-I wouldn’t tell the media.”

What’s this, thieves nowadays don’t bring around weapons anymore?

Su Yi was about to say something when someone outside the lift asked, confused, “Su Yi?”

Liang Bo was standing outside alone.

“Liang Bo, you’re here, that’s great!” Upon seeing Liang Bo, Crayon Shin-chan brows stopped being a scaredy cat, raising his voice as he told on her. “This lady’s robbing me!”

Su Yi scrunched up her brows. “You know each other?”

“Duh,” Crayon Shin-chan brows shifted towards Liang Bo. “I’m here for the same reason as you, for his party!”

Su Yi immediately understood. Tossing the taser in her bag, she said, “Sorry about this, I misunderstood.”

Crayon Shin-chan brows found himself rendered speechless.

She looked at the two people outside the lift and asked, “If you guys aren’t going up, I’ll go first.”

“We’re going,” Liang Bo said, hurrying to stop the lift door from closing with his hands.

As the lift started going up, Su Yi’s phone rang, indicating that someone replied to her WeChat.

[Chu Ying: Settled.]

Her face lit up with a smile, and Liang Bo felt his heart beat a little faster. He couldn’t help asking, “Are you really not going to come up and join us for a while? We’ve plenty of good alcohol.”

“There’s no need.” The lift door opened and Su Yi’s legs were long enough for her to step out in a single stride – she didn’t look back, but she was in a good enough mood to say, “Bye bye.”

After she entered her house, Su Yi immediately replied.

[Goddess Su Yi: How did you settle it? You didn’t punish the salesperson, did you? She didn’t do anything.]

[Chu Ying: Didn’t.]

With this, she finally let go of this incident.

[Goddess Su Yi: Do you have time tomorrow, let’s go out?]

After she sent that, she thought about it before adding, [“I really like that pair of shoes, I’m worried about it being stranded outside.”]

[Chu Ying: I don’t have time tomorrow.]

[Goddess Su Yi: What about the day after? The day after that?]

[Chu Ying: Later’s okay.]

His reply was short, but Su Yi understood at one glance.

Meeting twice in a day…it’s so exciting!

Su Yi didn’t think twice when she texted, [Come pick me up? I want to ride in your car.]

Chu Ying’s car was a middle-class black rover, not really expensive, not exactly a luxury car.

But Su Yi felt that this guy suited this sort of car – tall, big, imposing.


[Chu Ying: Address.]


When Liu Xi came over to the office, Chu Ying was doing pushups.

“…What are you doing?”

Chu Ying didn’t reply, counting to a hundred before he got up swiftly. “Something’s up?”

“I can’t come find you if I haven’t anything on?” Liu Xi sat on the couch and said, “Liang Bo’s having a party tonight and asked me to invite you over.”

Chu Ying’s expression didn’t change. “Who’s that?”

“Some male celebrity, trending recently, how do you not know?” Liu Xi said, “I heard there’s plenty of girls there, take a look?”


“Hey, why so blunt?” Liu Xi was determined to drag Chu Ying over. “I didn’t drive my car here, let’s go together, I can take a ride.”

Chu Ying sneered. “Looking for a fight? Asking me to be your driver?”

“No no no,” Liu Xi immediately changed stances. “I’m driving, I’ll send you, I’ll send you.”

“No time.” Chu Ying finished saying that, grabbed his jacket and left.

Liu Xi said, “I’ve asked your secretary, you have nothing scheduled tonight.”

As he said this, Chu Ying had just reached the secretary’s table at the door. Upon seeing them, she had gotten up to greet them.

Chu Ying stopped and glanced at her.

“The next time you tell someone else about my plans, take the initiative to pack up and leave.”

Her blush faded at once. “… Understood, sorry sir.”

Liu Xi was tight with Chu Ying and didn’t particularly care about appearances, muscling his way onto Chu Ying’s car. “Where are you going, do you really have something on?”

Chu Ying said, “Going out to eat.”

Liu Xi asked, “With all this sweat and smell?”

Chu Ying chased Liu Xi off the car. Then turned around and went home for a shower.

Before he left the army, being able to bathe after a hundred pushups was something he daren’t even think about.

When he finished, Su Yi sent him a location.

[Goddess Su Yi: Waiting for you obediently sitting on haunches.jpg]

Chu Ying dried his hair, staring down at that emoji of a rabbit on its haunches.

Although he’d always been in the army before, with his family background he hadn’t met a few women. There were many kinds, but none had left as deep an impression as Su Yi.

He randomly picked a set of clothes and left the house.

After he entered the parking lot, following the directions of the navigator, he stopped by the side and sent a message to Su Yi.

[Chu Ying: Here.]

[Goddess Su Yi: “Wait for me, I’m going down now.”]

He hadn’t waited long before someone knocked on the car window.

Chu Ying turned around and saw Liu Xi’s big face.

“How did you know the address? Didn’t you say that you won’t come?” Liu Xi asked.

There was a lady standing beside Liu Xi in a really skimpy outfit – a white singlet that barely contained her chest, the print marks on the bra clearly visible beneath it.

The lady was Tu Jinglan, she gently asked, “This is…”

“My brother, boss of the Chu Corporation,” Liu Xi waved his hand. “Hurry and greet Director Chu.”

Tu Jinglan’s smile deepened. “Good day, Director Chu.”

Liu Xi saw that Chu Ying’s car was waiting by the curb and, thinking that he couldn’t find a parking space, he pointed to the right, “There’s a space there.”

Just when he finished speaking, someone opened the door to the shotgun seat. All three of them turned to look.

Su Yi was wearing a simple white shirt and shorts with no makeup on, a pair of white sports shoes to match. She looked like a university student.

She put on the safety belt before turning around and smiling. “I haven’t made you wait for too long, have I?”