Epilogue 2 – Wedding

The sun was bright and there were no clouds in the sky – a good day for a marriage. The media had poured out of their nest, going to the Chu Corporation’s big holiday villa but were all kept outside the doors.

Today was the wedding between the director of the Chu Corporation, Chu Ying, and the female celebrity Su Yi.

A row of high-end cars were parked outside long ago.

Su Yi wore a red, strapless wedding dress, with plenty of patterns on the top half. With her red headdress, it made her white shoulders particularly seductive. The dress was pleated, and the red sash on it made it appear like there was a red mist on with a countless number of roses dotted across.

The bridesmaid was obviously Wu Xue. She wore a white bridesmaid dress, with a white rose on one of the straps. The rest of the bridesmaid team included Chu Xi and Cheng Anan.

At the moment, the three bridesmaids were looking for something in a panic.

“Hey! Is it okay to hide it here?” Chu Xi pointed at the top of the wardrobe.

Wu Xue didn’t even think before she replied, “No, Chu Ying and his groomsmen are all so tall they’ll see it the moment they come in!”

Cheng Anan said, “What about here?”

“No, under the bed is a highly dangerous place.”

They were hiding the bride’s shoes.

Su Yi found it hilarious. “Can’t you just find somewhere and stuff it.”

“No, how could we anyhow do something so important?”

Chu Ying walked to the room door and knocked on the door a few times.

“Brother, I want to go to Hong Kong and shop –” Chu Xi shouted from inside.

Chu Ying said cleanly, “Contact Assistant Chen.”

After some more troubles, Chu Ying did five hundred push-ups and numerous sit-ups before being allowed in. When he went in there was dust on his suit.

He saw the person on the bed, and his lips curved up joyously.

“Director Chu, this last step is to find the shoes,” Wu Xue said with a smile. “If you find the shoes you can take the bride with you.”

Liu Xi was one of the groomsmen; even among the bunch of ex-army men he didn’t appear thin and filmsy. He squeezed to in front of Wu Xue and asked softly, “Then if I found your shoe, can I take you away too?”

It’d been so long since he had successfully proposed, but they had yet to settle on a wedding date. He’d been passing the days in fear, afraid that Wu Xue would regret it.

Wu Xue didn’t look at him. “Shut up.”

Liu Xi pitifully said, “Oh.”

Chu Ying practically turned the whole room over and didn’t even see a shadow of a shoe.

He eyed the person on the bed.

Just when Su Yi wanted to give him a hint, Wu Xue hurriedly came up and covered her eyes with her hands. “You haven’t gotten married out yet, you don’t get to give hints.”

Su Yi said, “… Alright.”

Chu Ying huffed out softly and continued searching.

“Hey I’m saying where did you hide it? We’ve already gone through this room.” One groomsman looked completely confused, and perhaps thinking that Cheng Anan looked easier to talk to, looked at her a few more times.

Cheng Anan kept shaking her head. “I’m not going to tell.”


In the end, Su Yi really couldn’t stand to see it anymore. She coughed lightly, and with red ears, said, “I… I want to eat… pudding.”

Wu Xue was confused. “Where do I go find a pudding for you now? Go back to the hotel and eat.”

Just when she finished speaking, she saw Chu Ying walk over, suddenly bend over and lift a little bit of her dress.

A big hand reached in and successfully took the pair of little red high heels placed under the dress besides her ass. After putting the shoes on for her, he easily carried her bridal style and walked out in big strides.

Chu Ying had on an unsmiling smile as he said lowly, “Good hint, there’ll be a reward tonight.”

Su Yi put her arms around his neck and smiled too, her lips red and her teeth white. “Okay.”

The wedding venue was on the lawn of the villa. The host was Zhou Ming, and after they finished exchanging rings, Zhou Ming said, now the bride and the groom can kiss.

Su Yi was about to meet it….

“– Wait, before the kiss, we have a gift for the couple.”

The two stopped midair, and the guests laughed.

Clearly, this was not something that had been discussed with the newlyweds. The two glanced at each other, seeing the confusion in the other’s eyes.

Suddenly, there was a sound of the screen beside them turning on.

The two stood to the side, and Su Yi curiously leant forward.

The screen was dark for a while before it brightened. The camera was shaking, and it was only after it steadied it could be seen that the person filming it was on a lifeboat, and the trees around were all fallen over.

The buildings that flashed by had Su Yi’s back tightening.

“There’s someone in the right block!” On the screen, the person right at the front shouted, and when turning back it was seen to be Chu Ying. His expression was serious, his features not yet this mature, still with the aura of a younger, less mature man.

The screen moved to the right, where Su Yi saw the old building she stayed in for more than ten years.

Zhou Ming asked, “Are you sure!”

“Sure!” Chu Ying said. “It’s a girl!”

Zhou Ming nodded. “Go, the boat will get you at the front!”

There was a mess as Chu Ying jumped into the building. Three minutes later, he came out with a girl over his shoulder. The girl was very obedient, always looking at him, saying something or the other the whole time.

“What’s your name?”

“You’re a soldier?”

“Which unit are you from? Can I go find you?”

Chu Ying kept his face straight, not replying at all from the start to the end. The lifeboat reached the next block, where he turned and left again.

The scene continued until the girl returned to the safe place. Chu Ying didn’t go down the boat; after a while, the lifeboat left again. The person filming suddenly turned around, giving the girl on the shore special attention.

The girl was just staring at them, her hand tightening on her little skirt.

With that, the video was over.

Su Yi turned around, looking up, the tears shimmering in her eyes. “What can I do… my makeup will run.”

Chu Ying took the tissue from the people downstage, and carefully wiped her tears dry. Then he leant down and kissed her.

This was a small part of a documentary some CCTV channel was about to make. After his buddy had found it, they’d brought it over, and after the wedding was over, gave it to them as a gift.

After going back, Su Yi carefully kept the disk. She was still surging with emotions, and her nose got a little red.

“Wife.” Chu Ying walked to behind her, squatted down, and called her once.

It was a new title, so Su Yi hadn’t quite gotten it yet. She asked nasally, “Huh?”

“Why are you crying?”

“Captain Ying.” Su Yi thought for a long while and only managed one sentence. “I really like you…”



The guy’s hands moved under her clothes and that mood immediately changed from that wonderful moment just now. “Call me Husband.”

Su Yi leant against his shoulder, her hands on his arms, completely going along with it. “Husband.”

Chu Ying’s Adam’s apple moved a little. At once, he couldn’t hold back anymore, and in a few moves he had her whole dress off.

“The clothes will be ruined.” Mother Chu had found someone to help her make it, she really didn’t want to lose it.

“Worry about yourself first.”

This time during love-making, Su Yi kept her arms around his neck the whole time. Even when it was really rough, she kept her arms loosely there. After the last round, her cheeks and lips were red. She leant in to kiss his lips.

“Today I am the luckiest person in the world.” Her voice was thin and small, but really clear.

To be able to marry you, as I have wished to…

It’s really great.

 [End of Story]