Epilogue 1: Proposal

Su Yi was recently very, very, very disconsolate.

Today was the ninth time Liu Xi proposed to Wu Xue and he had finally succeeded. She must not be a good best friend. When she knew this, the first reaction she had was – It’s done for, it’s done for, is her relationship with Chu Ying at the end? No, it’s not that, she knew that recently Captain Chu was closer to her.

She wore an upset expression. “Little Xue Xue, do you think Chu Ying doesn’t like me anymore?”

Wu Xue said, “Huh? Why?”

Su Yi said, “The two-year anniversary is over and he still has yet to show any signs of wanting to propose, he doesn’t intend to let me go does he??”

“… Probably not.”

“If you really love a person, isn’t it that you would want to immediately, at once, bring the other to get the marriage certificate?”

“You just spoke your heart.”

Su Yi was even more upset. “It’s really just me thinking too much.”

That night, Captain Chu was halfway through tearing open the package when the brakes were pulled. He raised an eyebrow, holding back his desire. “Hmm???”

Su Yi pulled the blanket over her head. “I’m sleepy.”

The guy bumped her from outside the blanket. “We’ll sleep after this.”

“No, I don’t want it, I don’t want it.”

There was no more movement from beside her.

Su Yi thought, that’s it?! He’s not even going to try?! He’s clearly sick of me!!!

As she was thinking to herself in circles, a hand entered her bedding. The guy was agile as he found her sensitive spot and started slowly, softly targeting it. She really couldn’t stand it anymore and gave up.

The next morning when she got up, she was not only discontent but also silently regretful, how could she be so easily affected!

This time, Wu Xue called.

Wu Xue said agitatedly, “Did you see the news?”

She was really not that interested. “No.”

“Someone’s taken a photo of Chu Ying picking diamond rings!!!”

This syringe of chicken blood immediately gave her life again.

Today, just when Captain Ying drove into the garage, before he managed to open the door, he was caught by the person beside him.

The two went to the backseat. This time it was Chu Ying who stopped halfway. “There’s no condom on the car.”

Su Yi removed two from her bra.

Captain Ying was so excited by this, his eyes went a little red. Tossing and turning – and they made it all the way past midnight.

When a woman is being sweet, it really makes a person not even want their life anymore.

A month passed.

Su Yi tried to smile. “I think I understand.”

Chu Ying still hadn’t proposed!!!

“I want to know right now where that ring went.”

Wu Xue comforted her. “… Don’t be sad, it’s possible he forgot?”

“How could something like this be forgotten?!” After she finished speaking she leapt up. “I think I cannot continue like this.”

Wu Xue was agitated. “You’re not thinking of breaking up are you??”

“Break up?? I spent so much effort on getting him, he’s not getting away.” She picked up her phone and started carefully searching. “He’s not going to propose, ok, what about I propose to him.”


“Let’s go, help me get a ring.”

“It’s so sudden, what if he doesn’t agree?”

“He dare!” After those words Su Yi softly mumbled, “Don’t worry, I have a plan.”


Today, Chu Ying went home particularly early. His girlfriend had a serious tone as she said there’s something very important she wanted to discuss with him.

Just when he reached home he saw the little girlfriend wearing an OL (office lady) costume with black skirt and black silk socks. Also donned was a pair of black-rimmed glasses.

The two came quickly together. Just when they were about to reach climax, he heard the person below him softly ask something.

“Bo-boss… let’s get married?”

Chu Ying answered as he rammed into her. “Hmm.”

“Then we get a marriage certificate tomorrow?”


Su Yi used all her energy and, with the aid of the table, managed to get something from the side. “Give me your hand.”

One of his hands left her waist and moved in front of her.

After everything, Captain Ying smoked and eyed the ring on his hand. “… What is this?”

“A ring,” Su Yi said as she wore her clothes, not quite certain of herself. “You cannot regret it, you already promised me.”

Chu Ying found himself torn between wanting to laugh and wanting to cry, squeezing her cheeks. “You want to get married so bad? Why are you so silly?”

“Who asked you to keep refusing to propose to me?” Su Yi was really pitiful. “Do you not like me anymore? Regretting it? Don’t want to marry me?”

“No,” the guy said, his eyes filled with gentleness. “I want to marry you so bad I’m going crazy just thinking about it.”


One gathering when Su Yi was not around.

“I can’t drink anymore, not anymore,” Zhou Ming said, waving his hand. “If I drink any more, I’ll be scolded by my wife when I get back.”

Just when that was mentioned, one of the guys on the table started crying, scaring everyone.

Zhou Ming said, “Why are you crying? A guy should be a man, what is there to cry about?”

The guy wiped his tears. “Captain Zhou, recently my wife really wants to file a divorce with me.”


“She says she was too young then and hadn’t thought through anything before she just got married to me and now she’s regretting it… wu wu wu.”

“Hey, stop crying, stop crying.” Zhou Ming asked, “How long did you date before you got married then?”

“Five months.”

“Five months?!” And angry Zhou Ming  slammed the table. “How is five months enough to know someone? This is too rushed, it’s irresponsible for both parties!”

Chu Ying, who had not said anything, paused. “Then how long do you have to be together to get married?”

“I’ve known my wife since I was a child, it’s been more than ten years,” Zhou Ming’s cheeks were red as he waved his hand. “No matter what you say, you have to be together for three, four years!”

Chu Ying, who previously in the army had a hundred percent confidence in Captain Zhou’s judgement, returned to the car, opened his calendar, carefully counted the time, and officially started his countdown to the proposal day.

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