Chapter 62 – Sailor suit

It’s more than a month since the end of the previous show. Su Yi hadn’t had such a long ‘empty’ space in a long time. It’s very relaxing, but… she’s very unused to it.

Finally, while she was enjoying a massage on the bed, Chen Yang called. She informed her that all the equipment was ready and that, in around two weeks, they could start filming.

After hanging up, the Wu Xue lying on the next bed said with her eyes closed, “I really didn’t think you’d take this role.”

“After acting as the second female lead for so long, I want to try getting up the ranks. How can one live without any goals?” Su Yi said lazily, “In the future, take less evil characters, I don’t want to act as a bad woman anymore.”

Wu Xue was a little surprised. After all, Su Yi had rejected quite a few female lead roles before. “You’re not changing directions and personas, you’ve changed your characteristics?”

“I didn’t care the way others looked at me before.” Su Yi said, “Chu Ying’s mother likes watching shows, in the future if there’s some pitiful, poor character, let me take a look. It’d be the best if it’s one who’s a wife of a military man who’s sacrificed for love.”

Wu Xue rolled her eyes and continued, “— Do you know that Chen Yang’s show needs you to cut your hair?”

“I know, it’s not like I haven’t cut before.”

“When? Before going into the set, it’d be enough to get the crowds going. It’s about time to update your Weibo photo too.”

The moment they mentioned Weibo, Su Yi immediately thought about something. She pushed herself up and tried to discuss this with Wu Xue. “In the future, for my Weibo advertisements, could you put more thought into it? Can we stop using things like ‘come … this with me’ or ‘I’m waiting for you at …’ please, it looks like things said by the pimps, it’s going to influence the way my fans think about me.”

“No, these Weibo are posted by the advertisers. Who would look at what you say? And you used to post them like that too, why are you bothered about it now?”

Chu Ying’s entire family had followed her, including the Father Chu she had yet to meet – Could she not be invested?!

She waved a hand. “— Nevermind, let’s go to the hairdresser in a moment.”

After the spa, they went to the hairdresser they regularly visited. Su Yi sat on the chair and took out the hairstyle Chen Yang sent. “This one. Don’t cut the fringe.”

Wu Xue said, “You’re going to cut it yourself again? What’s the point, you’re already sitting here.”

Su Yi tsked. “It’s a hobby, you won’t understand.”


After all this time, Chu Ying had basically moved into Su Yi’s house. Usually, the woman would stay at the man’s house, but they did it the other way round, though neither said much about it. He was worried that she would not be used to living in his little villa so he never brought it up, automatically coming here every day after work.

When he got home at night, he’d just opened the door to see a woman standing at the gates.

She wore a sailor suit, jet-black knee-length socks, her breasts filling out the white, short shirt, and there was even a small little bow. She had shoulder-length hair, light and airy, making her appear cute and pure.

She said sweetly, “Chu-gege, you’ve worked hard!”

Captain Ying’s heart almost leapt out of his throat. He shut the door at once, tossed the files to a side, tore off his tie and carried Su Yi with one hand towards the bed.

The way he’d torn his tie off was too much. Su Yi hugged his neck tightly. “Captain Ying, you’re reacting overmuch, no?”

Chu Ying didn’t wait for her to finish speaking before harshly sucking her lips. The tip of his tongue forced its way in while the guy knelt between her legs, widening them effortlessly. His hands began moving around unceasingly, harsher than ever before. It hurt, but more than that Su Yi felt shamefully comfortable.

This round, neither of them took off their clothes. The guy’s black suit and the white sailor suit on the big bed really contrasted against each other.

After the first round, Su Yi’s eyes were red. The shirt had scrunched up and was super wrinkled; the skirt was still there but nothing beneath it was. The knee socks were still neatly on her legs. Her voice was hoarse, and one could hear the tears in them. “I’ll never wear this again.”

“Yeah.” Chu Ying was successfully roused by this soft complaint. Lightly biting the woman’s earlobe, he said, “Next time we’ll try something else.”

Something like self-control had long since been tossed into an unknown place. Su Yi was tortured for a while – at least these few days she finally saw some results and wasn’t about to be unable to even get out of the bed like in the past.

After showering, she came out covered in hickeys. She angrily tossed that sailor suit with the socks into the bin.

The guy then had the mental capacity to ask, “Why did you cut your hair?”

She said, a little quietly, “For filming.”

“What character.”

“Female student, the cute and adorable kind.”

Here, Su Yi seemed to remember something. She walked over to the closet and tiptoed to retrieve the metal box from the top. She opened it – a pair of scissors and a comb revealed themselves.

Not regular scissors. It was an ornamented one, the kind used by hairdressers.

“I can cut a fringe!” Su Yi smiled cunningly. “Do you want one too? I saw a boy on the street who had a short, small fringe, it’s super adorable.”

Chu Ying raised a brow. “Boy? Adorable? When?”

“Today, when I went to do a spa with Wu Xue.”

Chu Ying dragged her into his embrace and bit her cheek almost punishingly. It was white, soft and tasted great. “Looking at other boys behind my back, hmm?”

“Relax. There’s no possibility between us – from the moment he called me auntie.” Su Yi laughingly went along with him. Afraid that her scissors would hurt him, she carefully put it aside and asked, “Are you cutting or not?”

“I’ll cut.” Chu Ying took the scissors from her. “I’ll help you cut.”

Su Yi didn’t expect that after what she was trying to do, she put herself into this bind. She held the basin used to catch the hair and said worriedly, “Do you know how to? This is a hairstyle I need to film with.”

“Yeah, I’ve cut for others in the army before.”

Su Yi got anxious. “It’s a crew cut, could that be the same!”

“It’s all hair, there’s no difference.” Chu Ying steadied her little head with his hands. “Don’t move, it’ll be crooked.”

After hearing that Su Yi daren’t move anymore. Even her breathing lightened.

Ten minutes later.

“Wa-a-a-a-a-a –” Su Yi looked at the mirror and cried, “Pay me back my hair! Pay me back my hair!”

The person in the mirror had hair that was bumpy and irregular, the average length only a little above the eyebrow.

One word: Ugly.

One sentence: Not only was it ugly, it looked stupid.

Chu Ying put on the airs of calm, coughing lightly. “It looks quite good, quite cute.”

“Cute?!” Su Yi was heartbroken. “No matter how strong your survival instincts are, now it’s of no use, I can hear your conscience crying!”

Chu Ying didn’t expect this either. When she sat there it looked okay, he didn’t think that it’d look this bad after she stood up.

He thought about it. “— How about you get hair extensions?”

Su Yi wanted to cry. “Who gets hair extensions on their fringe!”

“It’s all right.” Chu Ying comforted her. “I’ll never dislike you.”

“— But I dislike you!!”

A miffed Su Yi then went to find help. She didn’t expect that three seconds after picking up, Wu Xue would spend a whole five minutes laughing.

“Did your hair get bitten by a dog, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, why can it look so ridiculous – ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!”

Su Yi: “—”

Wu Xue laughed so hard she started tearing up. Rubbing at her eyes she said, “What happened to you, you slipped? What happened to the techniques you acquired from your time in the hairdressing salon?”

Su Yi said, “Chu Ying cut this for me.”

While saying this, the guy had just passed by behind her and had even glanced at the screen lightly.

Wu Xue immediately put on a serious front. “I think it looks good; the irregularity is very creative.”

Su Yi tsked. “You have been blinded by power and gold.”

In the end, her call for help was for nought. Su Yi looked in despair at the mirror, musing if she should probably use fake hair.

After packing up, Chu Ying sat down beside her. “You used to work at a salon?”

“Yeah, I didn’t work there for too long so I only learnt how to cut fringes.”

Chu Ying extended a hand, pushing away the hair covering her forehead and suddenly asked, “Tell me about it.”

He had once felt that Su YI didn’t like talking about her past, so he’d never asked. But the more he liked a person, the more he wanted to understand them.

Su Yi didn’t expect him to bring this up. First, she went silent, then she slowly leant forward, and against his shoulder.

“I didn’t use to live so well, do you want to hear?”

“Yeah, could you tell me?”

She paused momentarily as if thinking about where she should begin. “I was born in a very poor family. Because of some reason, I didn’t like it either and always wanted to leave. I tried so many ways and, when I was fifteen, I was finally successfully sent to a high school in the city.”

“Because I had good results, the school waived off my fees. As long as I could pay for the books it was enough. I brought with me the money I’d saved up for a long, long time and left that home.”

“But afterwards I found out that even if I left that house, I still couldn’t leave behind being poor. So that time, to earn more money, I did a lot of things. Waitressing, selling wares on the street, working in a hair salon… I did everything. Fortunately, no one really cared about child labourers that much then, so I successfully graduated. But because I kept working, my results dropped a lot and in the end, I only barely got into a tier-2 university. I was pretty satisfied though.”

“But the fees were too expensive. I really couldn’t afford it. Afterwards, when I was working, a woman found me and said I looked good and asked me if I wanted to enter the entertainment industry. To get out of the current situation I agreed, and to pay her back I worked for free for more than half a year, but she asked for more and more – to protect myself, I brought up breaking the contract. At that time the contract wasn’t too strict, so the fine wasn’t that high… but no matter how much it was, I didn’t have it. At that time, Wu Xue appeared. She was at a low in her career too and didn’t have many good celebrities under her. We found a companion in each other, a way out – she took me away, and the company paid my fine for me.”

She paused, then said with a smile, “Then… I became who I am now. It’s just that even till the end I didn’t become much, and I didn’t earn big bucks for Wu Xue.”

To lighten the atmosphere, she ended this recount with a joke.

But Chu Ying didn’t find it funny. He hugged her, his lips lightly pursed as if he wanted to say something, but wound up saying nothing.

Su Yi couldn’t help it anymore. She got up and squeezed his cheeks. “It’s already in the past, aren’t I living the life now? I’ve worked hard, and the Heavens have given me my reward.” She emphasised. “Awe-some reward.”

Chu Ying allowed her to squeeze him, even swaying to side by side following her movements.

… How was this her reward? It’s clearly a gift for him..

It’s fine, in the future, he’d give her all her rewards.