Chapter 60 – A lot of equipment.

When discovering that she was exposed, Lin Xia had just reached the hotel with Deng Mingyang. She hadn’t finished taking off her clothes when she received a call from her husband.

“Where are you at?”

Lin Xia stroked Deng Mingyang’s head. “Where else, in the office discussing—”

Ding dong! 

The doorbell rang.

She heard the person on the phone say darkly, “Open the door.”

What followed was a mess akin to the soldiers panicking and the horses stampeding. Deng Mingyang was beaten up until he was running around the house, while Lin Xia screamed her heart and soul out. It was only after everything had ended, that she learnt of what happened online.

She basically escaped back to the office. She was a gold-level agent for the company, so the company wouldn’t let her go. It’s just a small deal, she’s not a celebrity, it’s not too hard to deal with it.

However, she didn’t expect to receive a retrenchment notice when she reached the office.

Her hair was a mess while she widened her eyes and said disbelievingly, “Our contract has yet to expire and I haven’t done anything wrong, you can’t fire me.”

The director was an old man. He looked down at his file, not at the person in front. “What you do, everyone is aware of! I’ve previously closed one eye, but now that such a big thing has happened I can’t protect you, go find somewhere else!”

Lin Xia knew that a gentle approach wouldn’t work and said, harshly, “If you dare fire me, I’ll dare to take my celebrities and leave.”

She had long since intended to start her own agency, but previously she was tied down by the contract. Besides, the current situation was not good for her, if she was suddenly fired it was basically an acknowledgement of what was exposed online.

“Leave?” The boss wasn’t angered, instead, he was laughing. “Sure, you go and ask, with the reputation you have now, who dares go with you. From when you have gotten into trouble tp up until now, which of your people has called you to inform you? Do you know that in the few minutes before you entered the office, the video of your husband going to the hotel to catch you in the act has already been shared online?”

It was as if lightning had struck Lin Xia. “What are you saying?!”

“See it for yourself! Deng Mingyang’s company has already gotten ready to dissolve the contract. Because of how long you’ve worked in this company I’ll not even ask you to pay the fine for violating the contract. Know what is good for you, hurry and clear out your office.”

Lin Xia left in a daze. Right then she received a call from Deng Mingyang.

His voice was filled with anxiety, like a startled deer. “Sis, have you seen the news online?”


“Then what should I do?” He said softly, “Can I still film that show?”

“Film?” Lin Xia laughed. “It’d be great if you weren’t completely taken off-screen.”

“Wait, sis, you’re not going to take care of me anymore?”

Lin Xia found it annoying and hung up at once. It was evident who caused this event. Her chat with Su Yi was still online. She turned around, doing her best to ignore the disdainful gazes around her and strode out of the office.

Su Yi took a few deep breaths.

Chu Ying stood beside her, holding a cup of coffee. Handing it to her, he said, “Take a sip and relax.”

Su Yi shook her head. “No.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be too bad.”

“You only know to comfort me.” Su Yi had on a bitter face. “Go away.”

Chu Ying listened to her and took a few steps backwards.

“Turn your head!”

The guy obediently did as he was told.

Su Yi leant against the wall, closed her eyes, then carefully… stepped onto the weighing scale in front of her.

Chu Ying said, “Are you done?”

“No, no! Don’t look!” Su Yi hurriedly stopped him.

The guy tried hard not to laugh. “Yeah, I won’t look.”

Su Yi slowly, slowly looked downwards.

57.01 KG.


The bat hitting her head had hit so hard she was completely dizzy and seeing stars. Disbelieving, she ran off the weighing scale, shaking her head and mumbling, “I must have seen wrong, I must have seen wrong!”

Then she stepped on once more.

57.02 KG.

0.01 more?!

Was it worried it couldn’t anger her to death???

“57, that’s not fat.”

The guy had walked around to stand in front of her sometime while she wasn’t paying attention.

Su Yi was startled, abruptly raising her hands and covering Chu Ying’s eyes like a thief who stole a bell while covering their own ears. “Don’t look!”

Chu Ying snorted a laugh. He really had no idea which corner he had dug out this treasure from.

After the sadness passed, Su Yi opened her phone and sent a message to her trainer.

【Goddess Su Yi: Trainer, you there? {crying while covering ears.jpg}】 

【Trainer: Here, I saw the news. Congratulations!】


Su Yi restrained herself from changing the trainer. 【Tomorrow I’ll go over.】

She had just sent it when the person beside her asked, “There’s a show in Beijing tomorrow, wanna go?”

Su Yi said, “I just got an appointment with my trainer.”

Chu Ying frowned. “You’re really not fat.”

“The other female celebrities are all eighty or ninety jin* while I’m a hundred and ten, does that even sound right!”

[* t/l note: so basically there’s the jin measurement that is two jin to one kilogram and is, as far as I can figure, more commonly used in the wet markets (and by some fruit / vegetables / meat sellers) in China. Which means that she’s saying here that the other celebrities are only forty to forty-five kgs while she’s 55.]

“They’re all one metre and sixty-five centimetres tall, you’re one metre and seventy-five centimetres tall.”

Su Yi was quick to clarify. “Seventy-six. But no matter what, I’m a female celebrity, and it’s the highest priority to maintain my figure, I have to treat this seriously.”

Chu Ying went silent for a while. “I’m here so why are you finding someone else?”

Su Yi hadn’t yet reacted. “Hmm?”

“Didn’t I say this before?” He raised a brow and said, “I prepared a lot of equipment at home.”

Su Yi: “…”

Su Yi said, “It’s not too good?”

“What,” Chu Ying asked, “you’re not going?”

Su Yi swallowed hard. “Going!”

On the second day, the two left early.

Chu Ying regularly stayed in a small villa that’s only two floors high, but it had a huge floor area. From leaving the house to now, Su Yi’s heart kept going ‘peng-peng-peng’, until it was about to leap out of her chest.

Chu Ying parked the car and looked at her red face. “What’s it, your face is so red.” He put his hand on her face. “Fever again?”

Su Yi said, “No, I’m a bit anxious.”

Chu Ying laughed. “What’s there to be anxious about?”

Seeing his calm and collected appearance, Su Yi inwardly slandered him: He said before that he had no one but her, what’s up with his confidence now!

A man’s words truly cannot be believed! 

[t/l note: there’s a saying online男人的嘴,骗人的鬼 that’s basically saying a guy’s mouth is a lying ghost literally – it sounds better and rhymes properly in Chinese]

Amidst her musing, her phone rang. She took a look at the caller ID and answere after walking to the other side. “What’s it?”

Wu Xue asked, “Where are you, why aren’t you at home?”

“I’m not a homebody, how could I stay at home every day.”

“Then where are you now?”

Su Yi coughed lightly. “Chu Ying’s house.”

“—You really are something. What’s it, you feel that your house isn’t big enough?”

“Not really.” Su Yi glanced at the person behind and lowered her voice. “Playing with some ’play’ tools.”

[*t/l note: i suspect it to refer to general bdsm ‘play’ but feel free to go dirtier :)]

“You…!” Wu Xue finally couldn’t help cursing. “Really living the life!”

Su Yi laughed. “What is it, hurry up and speak, we’re rushing.”

“Lin Xia found me and asked me to give her my terms.”

“What terms, I’m not making any.”

“The price she offered was quite good. It’s about enough for two of your shows, so I came to let you know.”

“Then I’d rather take two more shows.”

“Okay.” Wu Xue tsked. “Hope you have a good time.”

After hanging up she turned around and saw Chu Ying retrieve a black paper bag from his trunk. He walked over to the car and naturally encircled Su Yi’s neck, pulled her into his embrace and took her inside.

Chu Ying’s house contained some unexpected furniture. It wasn’t cold or overfilling, giving one a comfortable feel. The sofa and the floor mat were some greyish colours, and from the material, it was possible to see that they were pretty high class. It could be seen that the person who picked them out had invested some thoughts into this.

She hadn’t yet gotten the chance to examine it closely before the guy had already taken her to a certain room.

This scene – she couldn’t help thinking of 《Fifty Shades of Gray》 she’d watched before, her heartbeat quickened.

She said, “Captain Ying, I-I-I really am a little nervous.”

Chu Ying couldn’t help laughing. “What is there to be nervous about?” Saying so, he opened the door himself.

Su Yi was at once hopeful and a little scared.

… Then she saw that in the room, there was exercise equipment all over the place.

Dumb-bells, bench presses, treadmill, all-in-one training equipment, even a yoga mat and a yoga ball.

“First, fifteen minutes of warm-up, then twenty minutes on the press, before forty minutes of brisk walking.” The guy cleanly said, “You haven’t exercised for too long, you can’t do something too vigorous at once.”

Su Yi said, “– This is what you said about the prepared equipment?”

“Yeah, see if anything’s missing. I don’t quite know what girls need to use.” He opened the paper bag in his hand and handed her what was in it. “Sports bra and pants.”


Su Yi felt that exercising with her boyfriend was a very torturous thing. Not only was she tired but she also had to take care to make sure that she was looking good – that her sports bra was arranged well, her butt was perky.

Three hours later, she gave up.

She dropped her arms on the treadmill’s armrests, her head hanging low. Her legs were sore as they continued moving with the machine while she yowled, “Is it not time yet?”

The guy supported her waist. “Straighten up, there’s still another twenty minutes.”

“Twenty more minutes?! Can I take a break?”

“Hold on, be obedient.” Chu Ying rubbed her waist as if soothing her.

Twenty minutes later, Su Yi collapsed into a puddle. She lay on the ground, letting Chu Ying dry her sweat for her.

“You really haven’t exercised for too long. In the future come over more often, not exercising enough is not good for you.”

Su Yi was busy huffing and didn’t reply to him. In the room, the woman’s heavy breathing caused Chu Ying to be a little distracted. He suddenly felt that he should exercise too.

After leaving the gym, Su Yi’s legs were so sore she felt that she’d fall over just taking a few steps. She spread her arms and acted cute. “Take me there.”

Chu Ying didn’t dawdle, bending over he easily picked her up.

After that, he bounced her a little and said, “You’re lighter.”

Su Yi laughed. She reached out to pinch his face. “I’m all covered in sweat; just my clothes are already too heavy, you only know how to coax people.”

Walking out of the corridor, just when they reached the living room, they heard a clear ‘Di’ – the sound of the door password being unlocked.

The two paused at once and looked in unison towards the door.

Mother Chu and Chu Xi, holding two big plastic bags each, walked in. Once inside, Mother Chu even was turning around to say, “I really have to lecture your brother properly this time. He really is too much, even after he has impregnated the girl he daren’t come home to tell us! You shouldn’t find someone like this in the future!”

Chu Xi was only bothered about taking off her shoes. “Ma, you’re right… why is there a pair of girl’s shoes here?”

“—” Su Yi first stilled, then immediately struggled to get down, but was unable to move because of the guy’s strength.

Chu Ying hugged her tight and, very calmly, greeted, “Ma.”

The pair of mother-daughter looked up.

Eight eyes met and, for a while, there was silence.

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