Chapter 52 – Cannot survive longer than an episode

Su Yi’s reply was beyond Yang Ruolin’s expectation, she couldn’t manage to say anything for a long while.

Actually, after so many years, her impression of Chu Ying had long since faded. She had quite a few boyfriends overseas too, only that she had broken up cleanly before coming back because of her grandpa’s order.

Her target was clear: a marriage of convenience.

For the past few years, Yang Corporation’s investments were all failing badly and were now in a critical state. The bank was no longer willing to loan them money, and no other corporation willing to just help them. A marriage of convenience was one of Elder Yang’s ways of dealing with it, and the first target they thought of was the Chu family.

In their relationship net, there was no better choice than the Chu family. They not only had enough backing but there was also a marriage target that was of suitable age and outstanding too – it was definitely the best way to go.

She smoothed her expression over and said, “You’re too confident, a man’s love is never lasting.”

“That’s nothing you need to worry about.” Su Yi eyed her. “Anything else, if not I’ll go first.”

“Go? Where to?”

Su Yi smiled a smile that was not actually a smile. “What’s it got to do with you?”

“We’re all women here, I’ll give you a suggestion.” Yang Ruolin rearranged her curls. “While it’s not too unsightly yet, you should just leave Chu-gege willingly. It’ll save you having nowhere to cry at in the future when you lose face.”

Su Yi hugged her chest and said, “If you don’t find it shameful, why would I?”

Yang Ruolin glared at her. “You!”

“You’ve been praised silly by the water army you bought yourself? Or do you really feel so good about yourself? Wake up and look at the mirror. Also—” Su Yi cut her off, sneering. “I don’t like others calling my boyfriend ‘gege’, we’re all strangers here, what familiarity are you trying to flaunt?”

Yang Ruolin said, “When I met Chu-gege you’re still playing in the mud somewhere!”

“You think it’s like eating at a canteen, where we talk about who reached first?”

Yang Ruolin was so angry her cheeks were redder than usual. “You really think that Chu-gege is true to you? Didn’t you see the video from a while ago?”

“What video?” Su Yi faked confusion, then seemed to understand. “You’re talking about the video of the two of you in front of the toilet door?”

“Yes.” Yang Ruolin seemed to have finally got her pace back and raised her head. “We, Yang family, are about to enter a marriage with the Chu family, you female celebrities shouldn’t be like flies and sticking onto whoever has money!”

“Flies? Then what are you, a rat?” Su Yi was not angry, instead laughed. “With just a video, that’s not even ten seconds that you have to photoshop to make it slow-motion before putting it online- you tell me, is it shameful?”

Yang Ruolin seemed to have been hit heavily. She only found her voice after opening her mouth for a long time. “— How did you know?”

In the video, Chu Ying’s screen was lit. The big red rabbit screen was very eye-catching, it was Su Yi’s call screen. She did call at 8 p.m. on the 12th, and because she had something come up at the last minute, she hung up barely ten seconds later. But in the video, the phone screen was lit for a couple of dozens of seconds.

She wasn’t about to explain, instead sneered. “Just that little bit of brain and you dare try to snatch my boyfriend? Liang Jingru’s the one who gave you the courage?”

“Don’t think that just because you look good it’s great, it’s just your shell!” Yang Ruolin was so angry she couldn’t stay seated. She wanted to stand up to make herself appear stronger, but she didn’t expect that she was one head shorter than Su Yi after standing up and still had to look up when speaking. “I looked you up, a degree and from the village, just a farmer from the village!”

“From a village, so what? The rice you eat is farmed in the city?” Su Yi took out her phone and checked the time. “I’m a farmer, then what are you, a shrew?” 

[Female farmer: nong fu, shrew: po fu; it’s a play on words happening here.]

She pocketed her phone and smiled. “I can’t believe that you’re educated, is that degree bought?”

Yang Ruolin’s face paled even more. “What nonsense are you saying, you third-rate actress!”

Su Yi’s eyebrow quirked, looking her up and down, her voice overflowing with disdain. “A third party like you in a TV show would not survive longer than an episode. You don’t look like much and have a lot of ideas – take a break and just be a proper person.”

This was the first time Yang Ruolin was having to deal with something like this. Incensed, she reached out, wanting to slap the person in front of her. But she had just raised her hand when it was caught firmly by Su Yi.

Su Yi held her hand and said coldly, “What is it, you want to fight? You think you can win?”

Su Yi’s grip was quite firm and really hurt. Yang Ruolin was angry and agitated, tears trickled down as she gritted her teeth and said, “Su Yi, don’t even think about acting anymore!”

“I’m so scared.” Su Yi pursed her lips. “Please don’t bury me, or I will have to rely on my boyfriend to take care of me.”


Yang Ruolin was so angry she couldn’t say anything. Su Yi’s grip strengthened. She was about to start screaming when she heard footsteps coming from outside.

Chu Ying had just finished his meeting and was listening to the person behind him filling up more gaps when he saw the secretary standing outside the reception lounge, anxiously walking in circles.

Once he saw him, the secretary seemed to have glimpsed his saviour and hurried over.

“Director Chu, Miss Su, and Miss Yang are here,” the male secretary said softly. “They’re both in the reception lounge.”

The staff following Chu Ying immediately shut up and exchanged glances with him.

The words had just been spoken when the reception lounge door opened with a ‘pa-da’.

Everyone looked that way at the sound. 

The first one to come out was Yang Ruolin. She was sniffing, and upon seeing Chu Ying she began crying even harder, looking completely pitiful as she said, “Chu-gege!”

Chu Ying frowned, his gaze filled with displeasure.

Su Yi hurriedly followed her out, her hands holding the chain on her handbag and looking down, looking like she was holding something back.

She looked up and met Chu Ying’s eyes. Her eyes reddened, but she forced it back, resembling a bullied little wife.

Anger seething in Chu Ying’s heart. He passed the documents to the staff behind him and strode over.

Yang Ruolin reached out, wanting to grab his sleeve, but caught thin air. She only felt a cold breeze by her side as the guy walked towards the person behind her without sparing her a glance.

Su Yi watched him walk over, but before she could speak she was half held, half pushed into the office by the guy.

Then, the office door shut with a harsh bang.

Su Yi could feel his anger and hurriedly wiped away her tears, looking up with a smile as she said, “Don’t be angry, I wasn’t bullied, I’m acting for the staff of yours.”

Chu Ying obviously knew that this lady was faking it, he didn’t think that Yang Ruolin was capable of making Su Yi cry. Even so, when he saw her red eyes, he couldn’t help being angry.

“Why are you acting for them?”

Su YI said softly, “They are your employees, I don’t want to leave a bad impression.”

Chu Ying’s brows smoothed out and he sighed, running his hand through her hair firmly. “You’re their boss’s wife, there’s no need to make them like you.”

Su Yi got out of his grasp and sat down on the office table, then opened her arms at him. 

“Come here, big tree.”

Chu Ying laughed, unable to help himself, walked over and steadily caught the person who had leapt onto him.

Su Yi bit him on the neck and said, “Tell me, what did you and Yang Ruolin say in front of the toilet door? If you share it’s going to be taken favourably, if you resist actions would be taken.” 

Chu Ying was busy working recently and didn’t look at the entertainment news at all. Plus, as Su Yi hadn’t posted any Weibo recently, he hadn’t even opened Weibo.

He thought about it with a raised eyebrow for a while, then finally dug out that little bit of memory. “Nothing much, she said hi.”

“Then what did you say?”

“I asked who she was.” Chu Ying sniffed her hair. “Then left.”

Su Yi was thus satisfied.

“Actually I didn’t say anything much just now, she’s the one who’s really weak, crying nilly-willy.” She buried her head on the guy’s shoulder and said softly, “It wouldn’t affect the company would it?”

“No, they’re not that powerful,” Chu Ying said. “Yang family keeps talking of an arranged marriage recently, it’s probably because they want investors.”

“They’re dreaming!” Su Yi hurriedly straightened her back and declared her authority. “You are mine!”

Chu Ying smiled. “Yeah.”

“They want investment and a marriage … They actually envision such a pretty picture … Why are there such people who don’t want face … they’re asking for everything!”

Seeing her angry, Chu Ying’s anger finally disappeared completely.

“Why did you come back today?”

“We wrapped filming early.” Su Yi was afraid that he’d get tired holding her and freed her legs, ready to get down. She didn’t expect him to catch her around the waist again. “Don’t carry me anymore, I’m so heavy, aren’t you tired?”

“No,” Chu Ying said. “Haven’t you already learnt how long I can carry you for?”

Su Yi’s face reddened immediately. She hammered his chest (lightly) once. “We’re still in the office!”

She had only come over after removing her makeup, and now her face was very adorably red. If not because there was still staff outside the office, Chu Ying would’ve eaten her whole. His Adam’s apple bobbed. After pecking her lightly on her lips, he put her on the boss’s chair behind the table.

Getting up, he tidied himself and pressed the phone on the table. “Come in.”

He had just finished speaking when the office door was pushed open. The group of employees following him just now hurriedly walked in, all of them looking down.

The manager standing right at the front said, “Director Chu, do we need to repeat the report given just now?”

“No,” Chu Ying said. “Put the things down and leave.”

The male secretary followed soon. He first looked at Su Yi, then said softly, “Uh … Director Chu, Miss Yang left an invitation letter, inviting you to her birthday party.”

“Discard it.”


After the staff left, Chu Ying casually put the document aside. “What do you want to eat tonight?”

“I want to eat everything.” Su Yi looked upset. “But I’ve grown fat recently and have quite a lot of events in October, Wu Xue is not letting me eat anymore.”

“Relax and eat, you won’t grow fat.” Chu Ying rubbed her ears and was about to say something when the phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID and answered. “What is it?”

“Captain Ying, come over for dinner?” The guy on the other side said freely. “Captain Ming has left the army, he is returning to Beijing. He’s still on the plane now, we’re gathering for dinner tonight and Captain Ming specially asked me to invite you, are you coming?”

Chu Ying raised a brow, and when looking side-ways just happened to meet Su Yi’s gaze.

“Yeah. Save me two seats.”