Chapter 51 – He likes me

It was once again late in the night when the meeting was wrapped up.

Su Yi was about to leave when Li Min called out to her. “You’re quite awake today, usually at this time you’d be yawning non-stop.”

Su Yi smiled. “Yeah, I’m not sure why, today, I’m feeling extra perky.”

Back in the makeup room, Wu Xue was still looking at the news. Seeing that she’d entered, she didn’t even look up when she said, “This Yang Ruolin really is willing to spend. Even if one ignores her buying such a top spot on the hot news page, the comment sections are filled with praises. This one praises her education qualification, the other e her family, then there are a couple dozen ‘classmates’ singing praises of her character … Really, even in the entertainment industry no one dares sell themselves like this!”

Su Yi didn’t answer. She just grabbed her bag and said, “Let’s go.”

“Going back now?” Wu Xue looked up. “Not going to remove your makeup before leaving?”

“I’ll do that back in the hotel.”

They had just walked out of the set when Su Yi took a look at the empty streets and said, “How about we walk back?”

“All right,” Wu Xue said. “There’s not many people around anyways, pull your mask up a little more.”

Su Yi hummed once, slung the bag across herself, put her hands in her pockets, and began walking, taking tiny steps.

“Stop being so upset,” Wu Xue said, following her. “Clarify it first, it might be a misunderstanding?”

“I’m not upset.” After saying that, Su Yi paused. “Nevermind, I was upset about something else.”

Wu Xue turned around, confused. “What else? Were you scolded during the meeting just now?”

She shook her head. “Remember Liang Bo?”

“Nonsense, how long ago has that been*, there’s still plenty of haters frying the cold rice now.”

[*She’s in a way implying that it’s been only a short time since.]

Su Yi stopped talking.

Wu Xue became anxious. She nudged the other with her shoulder, though because of their height difference, she only bumped Su Yi on her arm just a little above her elbow. “Speak, are you trying to worry me to death?”

“I’m just thinking.” While walking Su Yi stared at the tip of her shoes. “When your lover is rumoured to be in a relationship with someone else feels so bad.”

“It’s not like you don’t know how the paparazzi work. They start with a photo and make everything up.” After Wu Xue finished comforting her she said, “But this Yang Ruolin is coming on so strong it’s very unbearable. I advise you to confront Chu Ying and clarify.”

“There’s nothing to clarify.” They finally reached the hotel. Su Yi went up the elevator and continued saying, “I believe him.”

“I heard that a woman in love is a woman without a brain. It seems that this statement was very true. Even you are no exception.” Wu Xue remarked, 

“I’m a mortal to start with.” Su Yi smiled. “Say, why’s this industry so hard to live in? Not only is there a need to be careful about the tailing paparazzi  but there’s also a need to constantly be on the alert about those others in the industry trying to create news about being together. Even a simple relationship would burden the other with being more noticed than usual.”

Perhaps her tone was too overly, forcefully, relaxed, Wu Xue turned around and frowned. “Why do you suddenly say this.”

“Nothing.” The elevator reached and Su Yi walked out first, waving a hand behind her. “See you tomorrow.”

Upon returning to her room, she finished showering and laid down on the bed, burying her face into the mattress. Five minutes later, she threw the covers open.

… She was very tired, but somehow she couldn’t sleep at all.

They were still filming the next day. She had just closed her eyes, planning to count sheep, when the phone by the bed sounded.

It was almost two in the morning … Who’d still send her messages? 

The air-conditioning was lowered in the room to a temperature suitable for sleeping in the duvets. A thin, white hand reached out from the pile of blankets, caught the phone, and retreated with a ‘sou’.

Su Yi stayed in the dark, narrow space and turned on the phone.

[Chu Ying: Has filming ended?]

She looked at these few words and felt strangely calmer.

[Goddess Su Yi: It has ended, why haven’t you slept?]

[Goddess Su Yi: Staying up makes one go bald.jpg]

[Chu Ying: Waiting for your message. Go sleep.]

Su Yi paused.

She scrolled the chat log up, then realised that before this, every day when she finished work she’d send Chu Ying a message, and he would always reply at once. Perhaps due to her exhaustion from filming, she’d never once noticed this.

[Goddess Su Yi: Ah, Captain Ying.]

[Goddess Su Yi: I really want to return to Beijing.]

The other replied really soon.

[Chu Ying: I’ll help you book your tickets now.]

[Goddess Su Yi: Don’t, tomorrow I have scenes the whole day, I can’t leave.]

[Chu Ying: I’ll go find you.]

[Goddess Su Yi: Aren’t you busy with mergers recently?]

[Chu Ying: I’ll return on the same day, it’s enough.]

Su Yi felt her heart warm, and all the energy came back from her limbs to her whole body.

[Goddess Su Yi: Don’t come, I’m about to finish filming, after returning to Beijing I’m going to hang off you like a koala and no one can peel me off of you.]

Chu Ying was currently sitting on the big bed, files on his grey duvet and his phone lying beside the files. He eyed the message and laughed lightly. He was about to reply when someone knocked gently on his door.

“Xiao Ying, are you asleep?”

It’s Mother Chu.

Chu Ying picked up his phone, replied with a voice message, then got up to open the door.

“Ma, what’s the problem?”

Mother Chu was holding a cup of milk. She said, “It’s really late and I saw that your room was still lit, so I came up to take a look. Why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

Chu Ying only came back about two or three days a month, so every time he did return Mother Chu paid careful attention.

Chu Ying said, “I’m about to sleep.”

Behind him, the phone rang once, the sound crisp.

“It’s so late, who are you chatting with?”

Chu Ying didn’t bother covering it up. Taking the cup he finished it in one gulp and said, “Ma, don’t ask a question you know the answer to.”

“…” Mother Chu pursed her lips and retrieved the glass. “Sleep earlier, don’t you have a whole day of meeting to attend to tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” Before closing the door Chu Ying seemed to recall something. “Ma, next year don’t go to Hainan during the New Year.”

Mother Chu stopped and looked confused. “It’s only September, why are you talking about the new year already?”


Chu Ying seemed to have thought about something, his lips curved slightly and he closed the door.

Mother Chu held the empty cup and the more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was off. Just then, a thought went through her mind. She suddenly widened her eyes and hurried downstairs.

The day she finished filming, the weather was good and the sun was brilliant. It was a good day to turn into a koala.

Su Yi was in a great mood. While waiting for her turn she sat outside the set looking through the new script she had just gotten recently.

“You’re reading it so carefully – you don’t actually want this role do you?” Wu Xue came over with a cup of warm water and put it on the table.

“This script looks quite interesting, I heard that it’s remade from another huge IP.” Su Yi flipped a page. “I intend to go look for the original and read it when I have the time.

“I checked earlier, Jinjiang Literature City* sold the rights to it, it was apparently the most popular story last year,” Wu Xue said. “You haven’t even finished filming before looking at a new script, aren’t you afraid of Li Min telling you off?”

[* aka JJWXC]

“It’s fine, I’m reading this in secret,” Su Yi said smilingly. “Have you ordered the food?”

“Yeah, and it cost a couple of tens of thousands.”

Su Yi put her legs up and said, “I don’t lack that money.”

Wu Xue smiled. “Yeah, you have the confidence.”

The two were chatting when an unwelcome guest arrived beside them.


Su Yi looked up and, and at the sight of the person, frowned slightly.

An Xuan was wearing a clean white shirt and black pants. She seemed to have arrived sometime unknown.

That news of his cheating had affected Wu Ke quite a bit. According to Wu Xue he lost at least two movies, and all those miscellaneous things like advertisements weren’t even worth mentioning. Tu Jinglan had disappeared even more thoroughly, not even posting a Weibo anymore. As for An Xuan, since entering Su Yi’s blacklist she too had disappeared from her world for a while.

Wu Xue was a little surprised too, though she came back to herself soon enough. “An Xuan? Why are you here?”

An Xuan twisted her fingers. “I never returned to Beijing.”

“— I’m not asking you this.” Wu Xue face-palmed. “You’re looking for us for something?”

An Xuan said, “Yi-jie, do you have time, can we chat?”

“What I have to say I’ve already said.” Su Yi felt a headache coming on too. She took a look at the Wu Ke sitting not far away – He seemed very casual, not even glancing here, as if he wasn’t involved. But she knew that An Xuan was not that brave. If she wasn’t being told to, she wouldn’t find her.

She withdrew her gaze from the man and continued. “I don’t think I need to repeat what I’ve said.”

An Xuan bit her lips. “Yi-jie, I know it’s not convenient for you to get involved. I …I won’t ask you to do it for nothing … if you have anything you want—”

“Anything I want?” Su Yi laughed lightly. “What I want, you probably can’t give.”

“If you don’t speak, how do you know I can’t give it?”

“All right, I don’t want to go in circles with you guys.” Su Yi cut her off. “An Xuan, I know that Wu Ke wanted you to come speak to me. I have nothing to do with this and I don’t plan to get involved. Besides, where does Wu Ke get his face from to continuously work against me recently, forcing me to film overtime, and then come ask me for help? He should be quietly happy that I didn’t step on him, he shouldn’t overstep.”

An Xuan sniffed. “You … didn’t you like it?”

“…” Su Yi went mute. Only after a long while did she say, “Then you can see it as me kicking him while he’s down. Don’t come look for me again.”

An Xuan once again left crying.

Wu Xue watched her back and tsked. “You should watch your words, you made her cry again.”

“If I speak nicely I’m afraid they won’t understand.” Su Yi harrumphed.

“Don’t be too harsh, even a cornered rabbit would bite.” Wu Xue advised.

Su Yi shrugged and didn’t continue this topic.

After the last scene was filmed, the food arrived. The food ordered was very grand and cost quite a bit.

Wu Ke stood by the table, suddenly smiling and saying, “It really is Xiao Yi’s handiwork, you’re really generous.”

Su Yi tugged at the corner of her lips. “Ordering this had me feeling a little upset for a while too, but if everyone’s happy it’s good.”

Wu Ke had too much enmity towards her, she dare not casually continue his line of conversation.

After eating a few bites, she got up and said goodbye to the crew. Her desire to return to Beijing was really strong. She had already packed the night before and now couldn’t wait to get to the airport with her luggage.

When she landed in Beijing, it was already four in the afternoon.

Wu Xue walked out of the walkway and asked, “Going home?”

“No.” Su Yi took a look at the time and said, “I’ve got something on, help me take my luggage back.”

Wu Xue asked, “Where’re you going? I can have the nanny van send you, it might be more convenient.”

“I’ve already called a car.” Su Yi waved her phone, pushed the luggage to her side, then turned around and jogged away.

Wu Xue didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, but she wasn’t too worried. They had finished filming one day early, so there shouldn’t be reporters following her. Besides, other than going to Chu Ying’s, where else could she go?

Su Yi got onto the car, and the driver said, “Beauty, the Chu Corporation Building right?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

At the destination, Su Yi put the mask on tight and, with her head lowered, hurried into the block.

At the receptionist’s desk, she asked in a muffled voice, “Hi, may I know which floor is Chu Ying’s office on?”

The receptionist stood up, looked at the person all covered up, and said gently, “Hello, may I inquire if you have booked an appointment?”

Su Yi said awkwardly, “You have to book an appointment? He doesn’t meet anyone who doesn’t have an appointment?”

“Of course not!” The receptionist took out a form. “Please fill in the relevant information, I’ll notify Director Chu’s office.”

Su Yi took it and wrote her name down.

The receptionist retrieved the paper and, upon seeing the name, was a little surprised before she hurriedly kept the form. “Miss Su, hello, Director Chu’s office is on the 22nd floor. The elevator is to the front left, after exiting the elevator, Director Chu’s office is down the corridor at the end after turning right.”

Su Yi nodded and smiled at her. Although her mouth couldn’t be seen, her eyes were curved. It was very pretty.

She had just left when another receptionist came out of the office.

The receptionist hurriedly said, “Su Yi has just come to find Director Chu, she has just gone up! Wow, she looks really too good in person.”

“What?!” The woman who had just come out had a strange expression. “— Just then, a Miss Yang also went up to look for Director Chu. She said she’s here to pass him an invitation.”

The elevator door opened and Su Yi walked out fast, turning to the right and going straight. Very soon, she saw the office’s main door.

Outside the door sat a guy who, upon seeing her, got up and said, “Hello, I am Director Chu’s assistant, you are—”

“—I am Su Yi, I didn’t make an appointment, is he free?”

Su Yi was a little frustrated. She didn’t tell Chu Ying that she had finished filming earlier because she wanted to give him a surprise. Now that she thought about it, she might be naturally not the kind who could give others surprises. 

[*like she’s destined to be not suited at surprising others]

“Of course!” The secretary understood at once and said, “But Director Chu is in a meeting right now, how about you wait in the office for a while?”

Su Yi was about to speak when the door beside her was suddenly opened.

Inside, was a woman with black curls and wearing all branded items. Seeing Su Yi, she curved her lips and said, “Is it Su Yi?”

Su Yi had seen the person’s photo in the news before. She said neither coldly nor unfeelingly, “Hello.”

Yang Ruolin inclined her head and said, “Available for a chat?”

The reception lounge door closed once again. The male secretary at the door had a complicated look on his face.

This … they wouldn’t fight, would they?

Yang Ruolin didn’t seem to have expected to see Su Yi here either. After getting a smile, she threw out a: “I didn’t realise that Chu-gege now likes this kind.”

Su Yi smiled too, her voice natural. “Yeah, he likes me.”

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