Chapter 5 – Drunkards


The truth proved that he hadn’t seen wrongly. This Su Yi really was a female scoundrel.

Said female scoundrel was currently sitting cross-legged, a bottle in hand, smiling as she listened to those veterans tell stories that had quite a lot of exaggerations.

“That guy was rather unlucky to have run into me when he was trying to rob someone. It took me barely two moves to put him down!”

“Wow,” Su Yi was really free with her praise. “Come on, toast to you, people’s hero!”

“That’s too big a title for me…”

The sound of glasses clinking.

Chu Ying sat by her, coldly looking at Su Yi, who was immediately getting familiar with the people at the table.

When she was laughing she was not pretentious. Her teeth, white and shiny, her eyes crescent-shaped. It looked better than the proper smile she’d given him that day.

When she was absorbed by the stories, she’d set the dripping bottle on her lap, the condensation dampening her white skin. Chu Ying stopped looking, pulling his coat from where it was hanging off the back of his chair and tossing it onto her lap.

Su Yi, startled, turned around and met his eyes.

Chu Ying looked away, snatching the bottle from her hands and getting up. “It’s getting late, I’m leaving first.”

There was a murmur of attempts to ask him to stay. Chu Ying pretended not to hear them; he had long legs, it didn’t take him many steps to walk out the door.

Someone asked, “Hey, you’re not going with Captain Ying?”

“I am,” Su Yi picked up the glass, finishing it in one gulp, her action showing familiarity. Then she stood up, tying the coat around her waist, continuing, “We’re going, take your time.”

After Su Yi had left, someone said happily, “Hey, Captain Ying found a girl who can really spice it up.”

When Su Yi came out, Chu Ying had just paid the bill. He turned around, preparing to leave, and got caught on the arm by the person who just arrived behind him.

A familiar strength.

“You’re walking really fast, I, I can’t keep up.” Su Yi had drunk quite a bit; when she finished speaking, she couldn’t help burping.

Chu Ying pulled his hand back. “I called a car for you, wait a moment.”

Then he walked away without turning back.

“Chu Ying!”

This time, Su Yi didn’t try to follow him. She stood where she was, calling out to him.

Chu Ying didn’t stop.

“Chu! Ying!!!”

As she watched the guy walk farther and farther, Su Yi sighed.

This guy is really hard to pursue.

She grabbed the sleeve of the jacket tied around her waist, prepared to hurry and catch up with him.

“Su Yi? Is that Su Yi?”

Someone in the hall said that, bringing everyone’s attention to her.

“Hey, it’s really her!”

“She’s wearing so little, what a slut.”

“Those long legs…”

The commotion didn’t stop, and some people even took out their phones, openly taking photos of her without even silencing their phones.

Su Yi clicked her tongue. She’d just been abandoned by a guy and wasn’t in that good of a mood so she didn’t bother hiding.

She turned around, prepared to smile at the person’s camera when she suddenly felt the weight around her waist disappear. When she looked down, the jacket tied around her waist had vanished. Before she had the chance to say anything, her face was covered completely.

A strong and thick arm looped around her waist and guided her out.

“Turn around, look down.”

The guy’s voice was filled with impatience.


In the black SUV, Su Yi hugged the grey jacket with a big smile on her face.

Chu Ying started his car, expressionless as he asked, “What’s your address?”

Su Yi obediently told him.

Recently the checks for drunk driving were much stricter, and there were plenty of police officers on the streets. 

Su Yi’s hand rested on the window, holding her head up. “Hey, if we get called out and I open the window, if the policeman smells the alcohol in the car will he take you away without second thought?”

The guy remained silent.

“I saw that there’s a dog in your moments, is it yours?”

There still wasn’t any reply.

“That dog’s really cute, I’ve always wanted one too but I’m really busy. If you have the time can you bring the dog out and I’d walk it?”

Chu Ying still ignored her. Su Yi pursed her lips, pulling back the arm she rested by the window, allowing her head to hit the window instead.

The hit was rather hard. She hissed in pain and started rubbing her head.

Coincidentally, it was red light just then. The car stopped. Chu Ying hadn’t realized that someone could hit their head this way. He frowned, “Are you stupid?”

“You can’t talk to me like this,” Su Yi pretended to be really serious. “I drank so many of the drinks for you.”

Chu Ying found it funny. “Didn’t need you to.”

“…But I wanted to!” Su Yi’s voice betrayed her unreasonableness.

This was when Chu Ying remembered that the drink they served had really strong after-effects. This was probably it coming into effect after having its period of latency.

He closed his mouth, unwilling to try reasoning with a drunkard.

Su Yi’s house wasn’t that far away, it wasn’t too long before they reached.

Chu Ying stopped the car. “Here, get off.”

The person beside him didn’t speak. He frowned as he looked over and realized that the lady riding shotgun had already fallen asleep.

What a nuisance!

He reached out and patted her on the shoulder, calling, “Su Yi.”

A few tries later and she still didn’t respond.

This was the first time Chu Ying had to deal with such a situation. When he realized that Su Yi wasn’t about to wake up anytime soon, he pursed his lips, turned the car around and started driving. He hadn’t gotten far when a cheerful ringtone sounded.

It was the phone Su Yi held tightly in her hand.

Chu Ying raised an eyebrow and stopped by the curb. He peeled her fingers off the phone, the screen indicating that the call was from ‘Old Witch’.

He hesitated for a moment before answering the call.

Immediately he got assaulted by a long string of words, “That Tu Jinglan really is trying so hard, immediately after you finished your auditions she had someone go contact the senior management of the Chu Corporation. She really doesn’t mind doing whatever to get her role, doesn’t she just worry that someday the wives of those she’s slept with would form a football team and give her a kick each until she’s dead on the ground?”


Wu Xue continued saying, “But you don’t have to worry, this time the person casting for ‘Undercurrent’ is the scriptwriter, as long as she didn’t sleep with the scriptwriter, even if she slept with the prince of the Chu Corporation it’d be useless.”

Chu Ying said, “She’s asleep.”

“Sleeping so early isn’t like… her?” Wu Xue was dumbfounded, taking a long while before asking, “Who are you?”

Chu Ying was too lazy to say more, asking, “She’s drunk, what’s her house number?”

Wu Xue cursed and exclaimed, “What do you want to do?! I’m telling you, don’t do anything!”

He hadn’t drank anything, but Chu Ying found himself getting a headache.

He said, “Nevermind.”

“Never what? She’s beside you?” Wu Xue was worried. “You beast, you better not want to take her home with you! Who are you! I’m telling you…”

“I’m sending her to the police station,” Chu Ying said. “You can pick her up from there.”

When he was done he got ready to drive.

“Hey,” the person riding shotgun suddenly raised her head, looking around in a daze before fixing her gaze on Chu Ying’s face. A few seconds later she said, “Aren’t we ho… home, where are we going?”

She looked at the pink phone case and let out another sound of surprise. “Why are you holding my phone?”

Chu Ying said concisely, “What’s your door number.”

“You, are coming to my house?” Su Yi’s eyes brightened immediately and she answered quickly, “Twelfth floor, 1210, the password is 113111, the lift is at the door, just a turn…”

As she spoke her voice trailed off, then she passed out again.

“…” On the other end, Wu Xue heard all of that clearly, she picked up her phone and got ready to rush over to Su Yi’s house. “I’m warning you, don’t do anything!”

The other hung up.

Wu Xue thought, I’m done for, this silly girl, when she’s drunk she’s just like an old grandpa …why did she have to choose this time to be like a little rabbit that spilled everything!?

At this point, the old grandpa was lying on the guy’s shoulder, saliva pooling from the corner of her lips.

“Chu Ying, Chu Ying, right.” She’s just like a commander, with all the air of someone who intended to point somewhere and have people rush over there to fight, her arms never once pausing in their wavering all around.

Su Yi was a metre and seventy-plus whatever someone else might say. With the way she kept moving, if Chu Ying wasn’t as fit as he was, they’d both have fallen over.

After opening the door, Chu Ying didn’t look at anything, heading straight to the bedroom and tossing Su Yi on the bed.

He pulled his jacket off Su Yi and pulled the blanket over her, before turning around and leaving.

“Hey, don’t go,” Su Yi suddenly called out.

Chu Ying might be impatient, but he still stopped.

She squeezed her eyes shut and asked, “How, how about a few more drinks?”