Chapter 47 – Taking away my Yi

Su Yi felt that this guy calling her in this low voice was basically seducing her to sin.

It’s such a pity that around her was the bustling airport and she had two little hangers-on in tow. Holding onto the phone, not bothering to hang up, she strode over. Then she opened her arms, preparing to start with a hug filled with love.

However, she didn’t expect to be hugging the air! She blinked, looking down at the person who had suddenly knelt. One leg bent, the other kneeling – it was a very standard kneeling position. The man was carefully examining her calf.

They were already attracting looks from those around them. Su Yi instinctively tugged her face mask up, muffling her voice as she asked softly, “What is it?”

Chu Ying raised his eyes. “Did you get scalded?”

It was only then that Su Yi reacted. “No, the water in that cup was just warm.”

Chu Ying got up and asked, “Where’s your luggage?”

“It’s just two days, I didn’t bring any luggage.” Su Yi was carrying a women’s backpack, complete with a small and delicate ‘S·Y’ etched on it. Saying so, she opened her arms again. “Hug first, we’ll talk about other things later.”

Chu Ying didn’t reply. With a simple move, he had his arm around her waist, pulling her into his embrace.

By now, Chu Xi and Wu Xue had caught up with them. While the latter greeted the boss, the former said, “Brother, this is a public place, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Chu Ying nodded at Wu Xue, then turned around and said to Chu Xi, “Get your own cab home.”

“No.” Chu Xi had learnt better now, and hurriedly came up to hold Su Yi’s hand. “I have no money.”

Outside the airport.

A group of reporters seated nearby scattered around. The few media company were looking at each other as if afraid that the other would run faster than them.

“Qin-ge, why didn’t we interview Tu Jinglan just now?” A young guy with all sorts of random things hanging off him spoke to the reporter beside him.

The reporter whacked him on the head in admonishment. “Are you silly? Tu Jinglan and Su Yi are on the same flight, if we interviewed Tu Jinglan, what if we missed out on Su YI?”

“But isn’t Tu Jinglan recently quite a hot topic?”

“Didn’t you just see her post a Weibo tagging an apology to Su Yi? We can’t get anything asking her, Su Yi’s more important, what she callously says might even be big news. It’s about time I think, she should be coming out. Secure what you have on you, run faster later.”

The guy nodded in quick succession. “Yes!”

Two tall figures walked out of the airport door. Su Yi was definitely one of the most recognisable celebrities. Although her face was covered well, her figure was still very eye-catching. The way she always dressed well, with one look, the reporters could recognise her.

The little guy grabbed his mic and was about to rush over but was caught on the shoulder by the older guy behind him, and dragged back.

“Qin-ge! That’s Su Yi! We should run faster, the others haven’t recognised her!”

“What haven’t recognised her?!” The reporter pushed him back into his seat, saying softly, “Sit down!”

The guy was confused. “Huh? Ge, are we not interviewing her?”

“You only recognised Su Yi, could you do your homework! Do you see who’s standing beside her? Is it that you don’t want to have your job already?” The reporter hit him on the shoulder again, mumbling. “It’s quite strange … why didn’t I see the big boss go in just now?”

Wu Xue followed the two out. After exiting the airport she looked around – as expected, the ones sitting outside were familiar faces, all holding their equipment. It’s good that with Chu Ying here no one dared come over.

Before returning to Beijing Wu Xue had already notified the company to send a minivan over. The minivan was waiting at the airport door at the moment. Seeing them, the driver wound his window down and smilingly waved a hand at them.

Su Yi leant against Chu Ying, saying, “You guys go first, I’ll take Chu Ying’s car.”

Wu Xue said, “Where are you going? The make-up artist and the costume artist are already waiting at your house for you.”

Su Yi paused. “Isn’t it tomorrow night?”

“Thanks to Director Chu, this time we have six sets of gowns.” Wu Xue complemented the boss without being too obvious. “So we have to go try it out first.”

Su Yi pursed her lips. “Why didn’t you discuss it with me first?”

Wu Xue said, “I just found out too. They’re pushing a mini hanger and waiting outside your door right now.”

The driver had already opened the door. Chu Ying rubbed her waist and hurried her, “Get on.”

She’s being chased away now?!

Su Yi said pitifully, “Then kiss me once.”

Chu Ying found it funny but kept a straight face nonetheless. “Get on first.”

After she got on how were they supposed to kiss?

Su Yi felt really pitiful. She had made a special trip back but this person wouldn’t even give her a kiss! She pursed her lips and got on the car without looking back, taking a seat right at the back of the minivan. She didn’t expect that just when she had sat down, the guy followed her up.

“You … Why are you here?”

“Following you home.”

“Then what about your car?”

“I brought a driver, I’ll just have him drive it back.”

In the end, due to Mother Chu’s incessant calls, Chu Xi could only say goodbye to them and go back with the Chu family driver.

Wu Xue didn’t expect that after the dog food she’d been eating in Shanghai, she’d be continuing eating it in Beijing. Every now and then she’d look to the side a little, looking for an opportunity to speak up, and every time she’d silently look down and turn back.

Actually on Weibo just now, there wasn’t just the photo of them in the lounge. There was one more news about Su Yi, something that wasn’t big news but wasn’t small either. As it had just been posted, it’s not that well known yet, so now was the best time to deal with it. She thought about it and sent a few Wechat to the company PR department.

In the backseat.

Chu Ying now decided to settle their accounts. “Why didn’t you tell me you’re coming back?”

“I was going to give you a surprise, who knew that the media has no eyes.”

In the end, she’s the one who was surprised, what a joke!

Were these soldier-gege all so good at making women happy nowadays?

Back at her apartment, as expected, the make-up artist and the costume designer were already waiting at her doorstep.

The make-up artist wriggled his arse, tsking. “You’re too slow, ren jia’s*  legs are aching.”

[*ren jia: a way of referring to one in the third person]

“All right, stop wriggling.” Wu Xue hurriedly went to open the door. “Go in first, finish this sooner and go home earlier.”

This wasn’t the first time Chu Ying had entered her home. But the last time he visited, it was a special situation so he hadn’t carefully looked around – after putting the person down and helping cover her with her blankets he had left. Now that he had the heart to look around properly, he realised that the house was very simply decorated. It was completely furnished, with a big brown lazy-man sofa* on the floor. There was no extra décor.

[*T/L: I suspect it to be a beanbag

Su Yi retrieved a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet and placed it in front of him. It was a pair of large sized women’s slippers.

She squatted down, chin on her hands as she raised her head up to look at him and say, “Wear this first, in a while I will go out and buy a pair of men’s slippers.”

The make-up artist did a lan hua zhi*. “I’ve been here so many times and never got that kind of treatment, every time you make me go barefoot – in the winter it’s so cold I would freeze.”

[ *lan hua zhi: a traditional hand gesture with the thumb connecting with the middle finger, the rest relaxed and splayed out to resemble an orchid; it shows gracefulness.]

Su Yi choked him with her words. “Then, can’t you just wear a few more layers of socks?”


When Su Yi was changing, Chu Ying was standing on the balcony making a call. He had gone to the airport last minute, so he hadn’t finished settling some of his work. 

After spending half an hour picking a dress, putting them on and taking them off, putting them on and taking them off again, Su Yi’s mood had taken a dip. She changed back to regular clothes and sat on the chair.

“Just pick a look for me.”

“Got it.” While helping her put the foundation, the make-up artist kept peeking outside. “When I saw it on the news I hadn’t much feeling, now that I see the real person – he really is handsome, he’s my type.”

Su Yi coldly said, “Don’t even think about it, or I’ll break your leg.”

“Are you a violent woman?!” The make-up artist scolded, but his hands were still gentle. “Oh, and how did you get at odds with Wu Ke, aren’t you on the same set as him at the moment?”

“How would I know, a guy’s thoughts! I cannot even begin to fathom.” Su Yi mumbled, eyes closed.

“It’s just make-up, you don’t need to get so close with your face.”

Chu Ying’s voice sounded from behind.

The make-up artist wore a completely innocent mien. “How’s that close? And this person (referring to himself in third person) is near-sighted, what’s wrong with being a little closer!”

Chu Ying was used to rough guys and hadn’t ever met someone like this. His expression at the moment was very … rich.

Su Yi held back her giggles, patting the make-up artist’s cheek. “Dear, hurry up and do my make-up, or are you not going to the disco tonight?”

By the time everything was settled, it was already eight in the evening, the skies had darkened. Su Yi ordered a whole table of take-away. After eating, the few staff members finally left.

In the past, after work, she would immediately sprawl on the lazy-man’s sofa. But today, the old flame had officially fallen out of favour. She leant on Chu Ying’s shoulder and yawned once.


“I’m okay, just a little tired.” She held the remote control and kept changing channels. “The TV shows nowadays are really looking less and less appealing.”

She had just spoken when her face appeared on the screen. Without a thought, she was prepared to change channels when the remote control was snatched away by the person beside her.

“What is it?” She hurriedly straightened up, attempting to retrieve the remote control.

Chu Ying raised the remote control high up. “We’re watching this.”

This TV show was Su Yi’s maiden work.

Su Yi got up and, half kneeling on the sofa, continued her attempts to snatch back the remote control. “What’s there to watch!”

Chu Ying smiled. “The female side character is good-looking.”

After he finished saying that, he tossed the remote control randomly to the side. With one hand on her waist, he put the other on her neck and used it to push the little head back towards him.

“Didn’t you say you want a kiss just now?”


The unexpected kiss turned Su Yi completely pliant, albeit momentarily. In the end she successfully ‘regained her hold’ over the remote control. She changed the channel and the two watched TV for a while before Chu Ying got up and asked her, “Do you have extra towels?”

After rummaging through her closets and wardrobes, she found one towel that wasn’t too fanciful. The guy entered the bathroom.

She was now in the mood to open her phone, ready to look at that Weibo Wu Xue had talked about earlier on. But little had she expected to find another more explosive news.

[#Wu Ke# Cheating has been confirmed, a certain media had once again gotten a photo of Wu Ke entering and leaving a hotel with the mysterious lady, but this time the mysterious lady wasn’t Tu Jinglan and was, instead, #Su Yi#’s little personal assistant! Is it that Wu Ke and Su Yi have some other relationship too?! The filming crew of “Undercurrents” has such a colourful night life!]

Below this was a gif: An Xuan was walking along the hotel corridor, anxiously looking around. Very soon, Wu Ke opened his door, and she quickly turned around to enter his room.

Su Yi was so angry she smiled and started smashing the keyboard on her phone.

[Su Yi v: How’s it my business, taking away my Yi, not going out with you!]

[*T/L: she’s basically saying that she’d take herself (Yi) away from this news and not be involved]

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