Chapter 44 – Sweet

The celebrities’ Weibo were mostly usually posted by their PRs – they were under the scanners of countless eyes, a single misuse of a word could lead to a lot of issues.

There were plenty of incidents in which the celebrities accidentally liked all sorts of gossip, but which ones were really an accident and which were intentionally attempting to start something weren’t known by any but the celebrity in question.

Su Yi’s usual Weibo is also taken care of by the company. Especially since Wu Xue knew what she was like, she really wasn’t assured enough to let her post her own Weibo. But how could Wu Xue control her for when she did want to she would still go and post some.

Wu Xue couldn’t help scolding her in her heart, this celebrity of mine, really doesn’t let people rest easy!

Su Yi was at the moment leaning into Chu Ying’s shoulder, playing.

Chu Ying shifted his gaze from the folder he was perusing; in these two hours, he had gotten used to doing work to the background music of Anipop.  

“Why are you sneezing again?” he said with a frown, about to touch her forehead again.

Su Yi joined another few blocks, vanishing them, and mumbled. “I really am better, it must be some hater scolding me.”

She had just finished speaking when the game page disappeared, and Wu Xue’s incoming call was displayed on the screen.


“I just reached.” Wu Xue sounded tired. “Could you not let me spend two days in peace and focus on your relationship.”

“Aren’t I focusing on it?” Su Yi was confused and thought carefully before confirming that she really didn’t do anything today. “What did I do again?”

“What do you think?”

“I really don’t know, I spent the whole day today in the hotel,” Su Yi said with uncertainty, then glanced at the curtains. “And the curtains were closed tightly, really.”

“… Even if you didn’t close them tight no one would dare photograph Chu Ying.” Wu Xue stopped beating around the bush with her. “Why would you go involve yourself in Wu Ke and Tu Jinglan’s mess for nothing?”

Su Yi felt wronged. “Who got involved with them?”

“You…” Wu Xue paused halfway and only continued after a long while. “Do you know you used your account to like the post for the scandal about them?”

Su Yi was silent for a moment. “… Really?”

Her friend had always been willing to own up to what she did. Hearing her tone, Wu Xue frowned and sounded even more disgusted. “It really was a mistake?”

Su Yi tried to put it on her. “Perhaps it’s you who accidentally clicked it when seeing that post.”

“Who goes around Weibo using an account with over a couple million fans?”

“… Then why not just un-like it.”

“It’s been two hours, how would you do that?”

Su Yi tsked. Although she really wanted to like and reblog that post, if she did that it would drag her into the mess and in the future, any scandal about them would include her name – just thinking about that annoyed her.

But hearing that she had already liked it for two hours, Su Yi at once decided to go through with it.

“I’ve already liked it, I won’t “unlike” even if I die!” She sat up straight. “Don’t sneak into my account and undo it for me, that would make me appear especially cowardly!”

Wu Xue felt that this conversation could not continue, besides the taxi was already arriving at the hospital. “All right I won’t continue arguing over this, we’ll talk about this when I return to Shanghai, I still have things to settle here.”

After hanging up, Su Yi laid back down.

Chu Ying side-eyed her. “What is it?”

Su Yi shifted her phone and met his eyes. “… When looking through the entertainment news I accidentally liked it.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing much.” Su Yi opened Weibo and took a look. As expected, the bunch of paid posters and media accounts made sure to @ her when they posted the news. “It’s just that in my main page everyone can see that I liked that post …”

These media taglines were really something.

Things like “Su Yi liked it with her verified account”, “Su Yi is stirring the waters”, “Su Yi unveils what’s going on in the entertainment industry” started coming out – towards the end there was even a media house that pointed out they were in the same crew and came up with a couple thousand words describing the love-hate triangle between the three of them on the spot.

Her face was as wrinkled as a bittergourd.

Chu Ying found it funny, and reached out to smooth the furrow between her brows. “You’ve already liked it, stop thinking about it.”

“You have no idea these media keep spouting nonsense.” She turned the phone around and shook it in front of him, then turned it back and looked at the comments. “My fans are behaving like my parents, telling me to not cause trouble in the comments …”

After Chu Ying took over the company the first industry he expanded into was the entertainment industry. Before, they had only bothered with investing. Now they had bought a few companies and merged them, planning to become part of the circle.

From the data, he actually couldn’t find himself liking this industry filled with hidden, unspoken rules. But after getting to know Su Yi, he had for some reason found it just a little bit interesting.

“It’s okay.” He pinched her ear. “You do whatever you want to.”

Su Yi smiled. “You’d back me?”

“Yeah.” Chu Ying’s hand moved down. “And I’ll help you massage too.”

Su Yi was afraid of tickles and moved away laughing, abashed enough to go red. “Captain Ying, you’re insinuating we do this in broad daylight?”

Hearing this ‘Captain’, Chu Ying’s heart skipped. He pulled out his hand and continued looking through his document.

After staying in the hotel for the whole day, at night, when he was showering, the doorbell rang.

Su Yi thought about it and figured it must be the delivery Chu Ying had mentioned just now.

She put down the script and got up. When she opened the door she saw that the guy outside was fully suited up, his expression serious. He held two huge plastic bags.

Su Yi paused, then hurriedly pushed the door closer and put on the anti-theft chain. She asked, alert and wary, “Who is it? And who are you looking for?”

The person outside immediately got it. “Hello, I’ve brought the delivery.”

“Ah, oh, which company are you from?” Su yi looked him up and down a few times and then opened the door a little more, taking the things from his hands. “Your work-clothes are suits? It’s quite handsome.”

The person paused. “No, I …”

“Thank you, I’ll give you a five-star review.” Su Yi didn’t intend to continue speaking, closing the door after thanking him.

Just when she opened the takeaway bags, Chu Ying came out of the bathroom. “Delivered?”

“Yeah.” Su Yi placed it all on the table and opened it randomly, before discovering that there was a bundle of papers in one of the paper bags. “What is this?”

“Company information.”

“I see …” Su Yi responded naturally before realising that something was off. “Why would there be information in the takeaway?”

Two minutes later, Su Yi went to open the door – as expected, the suited young man was still outside.

He continued smiling. “Sorry for the trouble, I’ll leave after a few words with Director Chu.”

Su Yi hurriedly removed the anti-theft chain and said sheepishly, “I’m sorry, I heard him mention ordering takeaway and thought you were the delivery boy …”

Chu Ying, who was sitting on the sofa, had a smile on his lips. When the other came in, it vanished.

“Director Chu.”

“Take a seat.” Chu Ying pointed at the small sofa beside and, after he sat down, asked. “Have you investigated everything Qi Lian was doing over here?”

“Yes, this is a small portion of it. I’m still cleaning up some others and was planning to send it over tomorrow, I didn’t expect you to make a trip to Shanghai.”

Su Yi went to the washroom to wash the chopsticks. When she saw them discussing business after coming out, she hesitated over where she was to sit. Thinking about it, she decided to go play with her phone for a while on the bed first. But when she passed by the sofa the guy grabbed her hand.

“You’re going where without eating?”

“Aren’t you guys talking shop?” Su Yi blinked.

Chu Ying increased pressure on his grip and pulled her onto the sofa. “We’ll talk, you eat.”

His staff knew his place and understood the situation, knowing very well that he was like a high-voltage light bulb. After hurriedly reporting what he had, he got up and left.

His boss displaying affection publicly on a video was circulating so much on the internet that almost all the employees knew about Su Yi. There were still a few female staff who were not willing to admit defeat – hearing that he was going to meet the boss a few of them wanted to come along. It’s just as well he didn’t agree, otherwise wouldn’t he have made a bad impression on his boss’s future wife?

The food he brought was rich and delicious, probably taken away from some hotel.

After eating Su Yi got up and went to the bathroom.

After taking off her outer clothes she realised that she hadn’t brought her towel in. Having found the bathroom too moist earlier, she had left her towel on the balcony.

She pulled open the door and poked out her little head. “Captain Ying, I forgot to bring my towel.”

Chu Ying’s hand paused in the midst of flipping through his files, he got up and headed towards the balcony.

A moment later, he walked to the bathroom door and handed over what he had.

Su Yi took the towel while brushing against his palm once. She only had on her innerwear. Because she had just finished washing her face, her fringe was sticking wetly on her cheeks and the water was still tracing a path down from the tip of her hair to her tiny, delicate chin, wetting her lips on the way.

She drew a circle in his palm.

“Captain Ying.” She lowered her voice, filling it with seduction. “Want to shower again?”

He raised a brow, his eyes dark. After a moment he said, “Don’t play around, or you’ll get sick again.”

Su Yi caught his arm. “I’m healed, really.”

Because she moved too much, her whole arm was revealed, white and thin – there were even droplets of water.

Seeing his lack of reaction, she continued. “Really, if you don’t believe it you can come take a look.”

She reached her forehead out, her lingerie outlining and highlighting the curves on her upper body.

Chu Ying’s eyes closed into slits. His Adam’s apple bobbed and he bent over, touching her forehead.

Very cold.

“Right, it’s not burning-” anymore.

Before she finished speaking the guy lifted her chin and blocked her lips. As he sucked he bit on it, neither too gentle nor too harsh.

A startled Su Yi moved to retreat, but the guy caught her chin and his tongue demandingly pried her mouth open.

Su Yi felt that she had returned to yesterday when her whole body was burning up. She was kissed until her legs felt like jelly. Her hand had to hold onto the door handle for her to stand at all, and she felt that the position was very shameful.

“… Come in, it’s tiring.”

Whether she was having a fever or crying, her voice remained unchanged. Only at a time like this, interlaced with her soft voice, would there be a tinge of raspiness that was quite alluring to listen to. The end of her sentence lifted up teasingly.

The guy didn’t say anything more, striding into the bathroom.

The two once again kissed long and hard. His hand moved from up to down- slowly, carefully skipping around and stroking.

Su Yi leant against the wall. Not long after, her whole body was as soft as a puddle, her weight completely carried by the wall and the guy’s hand supporting her.

Her face reddened. She was about to reach out to turn the water off – right now she was really turned on and just wanted to get straight to the main course, she didn’t want to dilly-dally in the washroom.

She didn’t expect the other to suddenly reach between her knees. Before she could react, she was completely suspended.

She at once was too scared to move, automatically putting her arms around his neck. “Put… put me down.”

Chu Ying sucked on her lips again. “Teasing me for so long, finally you know to be scared?”

“I’m not scared.” Su YI’s face was red, but she still struggled to stand her ground. “I’m just worried that you won’t be able to handle it-”

All right.

Her words had completely enraged Captain Ying.

In no time, Su Yi tasted the fruit she sowed- pressed onto the wall while they messed about for more than half an hour. She had no anchor point, just like a small boat that met a huge wave in the deep seas; all she could do was let the wave take her anywhere and everywhere.

There were still tears on her face as she leant on his shoulder, shaking her head and mumbling incoherently, subconsciously.

After the storm Su Yi had lost her energy. The guy, on the other hand, was completely refreshed, easily carrying her to bed.

“In the bathroom earlier, what did you say I was?” There was teasing in his voice, and his hand was still roaming freely.

Su Yi had learnt her lesson and daren’t provoke him. She randomly came up with some idioms. “I said that you’ve gone through a hundred battles and are invincible.”

“I am invincible.” Chu Ying smiled and bit her on the tip of her ear. “But I haven’t gone through a hundred battles.” He whispered. “Just you.”

For a few moments, Su Yi fell silent, she was seriously touched. Then she caught the errant hand that was going everywhere.

“I have filming tomorrow.” She put her hand on his waist and let it droop there, waving it a few times. “I raise my flag in surrender.”

Chu Ying was clearly not satisfied, but he wasn’t rushed about it either. He put her hand aside, got up and turned off the light, then pulled her into his embrace.

“Go to sleep.”


At night, the phone beside the bed rang loudly enough to shake the sky.

When Su Yi opened her eyes, the guy beside her had already gotten up and hung up for her. She looked up. It seemed like her phone was the one that rang.

She laid back, asking blearily, “Who is it?”

“An unknown number,” Chu Ying said.

Just when he said that the phone rang again.

Su Yi rubbed against his leg. “Help me pick up, it might be something to do with work.”

Chu Ying picked up and listened for a few seconds.

Su YI asked, “Who is it, what are they saying?”

“It seems to be your agent’s fiancé,” Chu Ying said. “Saying that she’s cheating on him.”

Su Yi was silent for a while before slowly opening her eyes. She took the phone over and said ‘Wei’*.

[Wei is a filler usually used to call someone else.]

Liu Minghao sounded extremely harried. “Is it Little Yi? I’m Liu Minghao, this time you really must help me, Wu Xue is cheating on me! I saw with my own eyes that she went to a hotel with a guy.”

Su Yi’s eyebrow quirked up, and she took barely two seconds to think through this before lowering her voice and saying, “You got the wrong number.”

Chu Ying laughed softly beside her.

“What?” The other paused, possibly to check the phone number. “That can’t be the case …”


Su Yi hurriedly hung up.

The corner of Chu Ying’s lips curved slightly. “What is it, covering for your friend?”

“Yeah.” Su Yi admitted it readily, putting the phone on the table. “Not that I don’t believe him, it’s that I believe my best friend.”

Early the next morning, just when she woke up she received a message from Wu Xue.

【Wu Xue: I’ve cheated.】

Su Yi felt her cheeks to be a little swollen.

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