He’s Mine, No Objections Allowed Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Tug it and it breaks


[Damn you! Let go of my goddess!!]

[Who is this, he’s really handsome!]

[Damn! I can see the head of my company on a livestream platform!? In the few months since he took over the company I have only seen his handsome beyond belief side face once…]

[Sharing, this Chu Corporation Prince has gotten to his position a while ago.]

As Chu Ying took some time to put down the bags and came late, by the time Su Yi had finished with half the blocks one of the other players had already finished the game.

She minimized the game page and looked at the comments. Chu Ying had one hand on the table and was looking on with interest too.

The gifting system for this livestream platform had a special function, in that, the audience in a livestream who made it to the top of the list of nouveau riche by gifting the most amount in gifts would have their comments staying at the top of the screen, with an enlarged and sparkling effect. It would stay a full twenty seconds, too.

At the top of the list of nouveau riche for Su Yi’s livestream was a girl named Xia Rou, who had donated gifts with a total sum in the six digits.

[Xia Rou: Little ge-ge (older brother), stop running your company and join the entertainment circle, I’d sell everything I have to keep you in there!]

Beneath that, many friends began to voice their agreement to Xia Rou’s comment.

Su Yi narrowed her eyes. She knew this little imp, it’s the fan who’d replied to her Weibo comment with: ‘It’s okay if you say bad things about my idol, but to scold me? No way.’.

She tsked. “This is the second time I’m removing your status as my fan.”

In the new round of lucky draw, there was a comment that drew people’s eyes.

[F* me! Go look at Entertainment Little Two’s Weibo, someone revealed that Chu Ying went to some big brand to buy more than ten different styles of bags!]

Su Yi moved her butt outside a little and patted the chair. “Sit here, it’s tiring to keep doing that.”

She originally intended to tease him but didn’t expect him to raise a brow, come around, and actually sit down.

Although the equipment for this livestream was prepared well, it was prepared last minute and thus the choice of a chair was not as professional as in other livestreams. It was the mini sofa chair in the hotel room; while Su Yi had plenty of space to spare if she sat there alone – even if she sat cross-legged there’d still be space – but when Chu Ying joined in, it became quite cramped.

Su Yi, thus, turned around, propping her legs over the sofa arm and leaning into the guy’s side. Chu Ying naturally put his hand around her waist too, keeping her tightly secured to his side.

The lucky draw was still going on, so she took her phone and prepared to check out the Weibo mentioned in the comment.

[Entertainment Little Two: A friend from overseas works in a high position in some big brand company and received an order from the Chu Corporation a few days ago, said to be their boss preparing birthday gifts for his girlfriend. But quite a few of the bags they chose were already out of stock and are no longer on the market, so they were asked to [make it on the spot]!!! On the spot!!! Do you know how much one bag made on the spot by this brand would cost? This Director Chu ordered more than ten! In different styles! It’s basically the director’s ruling! Just to add on, I’ve already asked permission from my friend and she agreed to let me post this Weibo, saying that this sort of romantic news needs to be shared with the world [/kneel]]

Below were a few pictures, one of which was a contract for personalisation. Everything was blurred out, except for one request right at the bottom which, translated, was to have an ‘S.Y’ logo on every bag.

Su Yi paused. She really hadn’t carefully examined the bag.

That Xia Rou spoke again.

[Xia Rou: After getting to know the Chu Corporation better, I apologise to you little ge-ge, you can keep running your company, even if I sell myself I’ll not be able to afford you.]

She raised her hand and closed the mic, then looked up and asked him, “How much did you spend buying those bags?”

“Not much.” Chu Ying ruffled her hair, then tidied it. “Have you eaten?”

“Not yet, but I ate some fruits in the afternoon, so, not very hungry now.” She thought about it. “Have you eaten? There’s some noodles in the fridge, I’ll go make you some?”

Chu Ying agreed gently. “Okay.”

“But…” Su Yi looked at the screen. The list of fans participating in the next round of Link-Up had already been decided. “You have to help me play in the friendly competition.”

She randomly taught him a few basic moves before going to cook the noodles. Wu Xue never quite liked eating out, so she had a reasonable selection of kitchenware, all in Su Yi’s room.

She worked with familiarity, making two bowls of noodles very soon. When she came out she took a look at the time – in ten more minutes, she could end the livestream.

When she went back to the laptop, one round of Link-Up had just ended. Beside the female character was a huge 1.

Su Yi placed her noodles outside of the screen and opened the mic. “I forgot to open this just now, I’m going to leave the livestream to go eat soon.”

Chu Ying glanced behind her. Two bowls of hot noodles were steaming gently, two pieces of sausage arranged neatly on them, as nice to look at as it smelt.

[I might have gone crazy, watching a soundless Link-Up livestream for a couple dozens of minutes, why didn’t Su Yi open the mic before leaving!!]

[Burp, I’m full-on dog food.]

{I’m done for! When I went to follow Su Yi’s livestream account I realised that there was no tag for a contract beside her name, is she only livestreaming for today?]

[Today’s Su Yi’s birthday party, that’s why she livestreamed. She’s an actress, how would she usually get the time to livestream?]

[Yeah.] Su Yi answered off-handedly. [I’m usually busy filming, I don’t even dare think about livestreaming and such.]

There was immediately a comment: [Do you think that an actor livestreaming on the set is an act of disrespect to their career?]

[Not really,] Su Yi said. [There’s actually quite a lot of time when waiting for your turn to film, it’s up to every individual how they want to use it. I’m going to stop here, I’ll go offline, all the gifts I received during this livestream will be donated in full to the poor and needy children in the mountainous areas, thank you all for your generosity.]

This was her last-minute decision. When she started out she didn’t expect to receive so many gifts.

The person beside suddenly spoke, saying calmly, “Say some blessings.”

Su Yi hadn’t gotten it when the audience did. At once a deluge of birthday blessings poured forth on the screen, and the number of gifts given reached thea last climax.

She smiled as she thanked them a few more times, then she closed the livestream smoothly and cleanly.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you’d come over?” Using the glass cabinet as a table, Su Yi asked as she blew on her noodles. “If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have agreed to such a long livestream.”

Chu Ying kept a smile on his lips. “They said, this way you would be really surprised.”

“It’s really a surprise… you’re going back tomorrow?”

“Yeah, an afternoon flight.”

Su Yi’s little face fell at once, and even her chewing motion slowed.

Although it was important to give her fans privileges, she preferred spending more time with Chu Ying.

“It’s very tasty.”

Su Yi raised her head. “Hmm?”

“The noodles.” Chu Ying repeated. “It’s very tasty.”

She said with pride, “Of course, my skills in the kitchen are nothing to scoff at. When I go back to Beijing, I’ll make you a Manchu Han Imperial Feast.”


After finishing the noodles, Su Yi got up, taking the bowls and chopsticks to wash up. She asked off-handedly, “Which hotel did you book? Is it far?”

“I didn’t book a hotel,” Chu Ying got up swiftly, snatching the bowls and chopsticks from her hands. “I’ll wash up.”

It was only when the sound of water running started up that Su Yi came back to herself a little.

Didn’t, didn’t book a hotel?!

She gets such benefits for her birth… birthday?

She turned around at once, jogged over to the bed, opened her luggage, and started searching through it.

Where were those bathing suits she bought for their trip to Disney a while back!

Chu Ying was still washing the dishes. Whatever unmentionable filter Su Yi was viewing him through, it resulted in her cheeks reddening.

Feeling her gaze, the guy turned and gave her a look, complete with an almost-there smile. “What’re you looking at?”

“Nothing!” Su Yi spoke exceptionally fast. “After all the broadcasting I’m feeling tired, I’ll go take a shower first.”


Su Yi cleaned herself very carefully and spent a long, long time while at it. When she was done showering, the sound of water outside was also long since gone.

She stood in front of the mirror and was conflicted over which bottle of body lotion to use when she heard a muffled ringtone sounding outside the door.

After half a minute, knocks on the bathroom door accompanied Chu Ying’s voice. “Wu Xue’s call.”

Su Yi hurriedly put on one of the spaghetti strap nightdresses, thought about it, then meekly took a bathrobe and wrapped herself up properly. Before leaving she took two bottles of body lotion with her.

As she dried her hair, she opened the door, unable to meet the guy’s eyes. She grabbed her phone. “Hey?”

“You performed well tonight, the number of Weibo fans you have increased quite a bit,” Wu Xue said. “Has Director Chu returned? Chu Xi is taking over my bed at the moment.”

If Wu Xue said “quite a bit”, that meant “a lot”. But at the moment, Su Yi couldn’t quite be bothered to care about those statistics from Weibo.

Chu Ying took out a set of bath towels from the wardrobe and left an ‘I’m going to shower’ before entering the bathroom.

“… I didn’t mishear?” Wu Xue said hesitantly. “Director Chu said he’s going to shower?”

“Little Xue Xue, I’m in need of a rescue.”

“Tell me,” Wu Xue said sincerely. “As long as you don’t want to, I’ll go over right now to rescue you.”

Su Yi pursed her lips, then named two brands of body lotion. “Which one is not poisonous and edible? If I don’t put it on I’m afraid that my skin wouldn’t be fragrant and smooth enough later.”

Wu Xue was silent for a long while, before saying in a complicated voice, “… don’t apply it, who wants to get a mouthful of body lotion.”

After hanging up, Su Yi listened to the sound of water running in the bathroom and felt her heart pounding. She took a few deep breaths, then anxiously went to the windows and pulled the curtains tight together. She even used the chairs to make sure there wasn’t a single gap left. Then, taking off the bathrobe, tiptoed to the bathroom.

She was at the door when she came back to herself – she wasn’t a thief, why did she have to be so careful!

After thinking that she still felt a little guilty. Changing her path, she went to the minibar refrigerator under the wardrobe, opened a bottle of beer, and took two huge gulps.

She was about to take another sip when suddenly a burst of low laughter came from behind her.

“What are you doing?”


Su Yi dazedly looked back, then said honestly, “Drinking.”

She had just finished speaking when the alcohol in her hands was snatched away. The fellow pulled her up too.

He only just saw what Su Yi was wearing.

A black, lacy nightdress with spaghetti straps, short enough it barely covered her assets; the two strings thin enough to break  on tugging, loosely rested on white shoulders, making her collarbones appear more prominent.

The important part was, below the straps, inside… appeared to be actually empty.

Chu Ying’s adam apple bobbed. “Where’s your clothes?”

Su Yi’s heart was ready to beat out of her chest from being watched.

The guy’s still a little wet, and he smelt nice and clean. If she backed out now, she’d regret it for three hundred and sixty-five days, and use different words to express her regrets every day.

She made her decision and tugged on the sheer dress she was wearing. “My clothes’ here.”

Chu Ying’s eyes darkened.

He was never a gentleman. In the past, during missions, when push came to shove he’d pull the trigger without blinking an extra moment. He brought that way of action to the business world – in the few months he’d been in charge, he’d already brought with him a wave of change, kicking out numerous vampiric old-timers quickly and smoothly.

And now, he’d brought it into the field of love.

When Su Yi was lifted into the air, she was shocked. Unthinkingly, she’d put her arms around his neck, and tightened her legs around his waist.

This position scared Su Yi, and started with a stuttered., “… thi-this, it’s just started, just this… isn’t the best…” You’re supposed to go forth slowly, instead, you’re skipping levels and unlocking new ones?!

Just as she finished speaking, the guy had carried her to the bed without exerting much effort.

He lowered his head and put her on the bed while kissing her. His kisses were demanding, and Su Yi found herself retreating with each kiss. It didn’t take long for her cheeks to redden, as she was completely spellbound.

In a moment, her lips met empty air.

Su Yi opened her eyes dazedly, light reflected in their depths. Her lips were red, and she looked at him with confusion.

Chu Ying suddenly picked up her hands. And put it on the sash tying his robes together.

His voice was a little hoarse as he teased. “The gift must be unwrapped in person.”

Su Yi’s whole face was red. She used a little strength with her hands, and without anything holding the robes tightly together, it parted.

It wasn’t the first time she saw it, but seeing it again still got straight into her head.

Her lips parted a little, as if she wanted to say something, but he blocked it with a solid kiss.

In a moment, the kiss left her lips and started making its way down. Every place it reached felt like there were sparks ignited, burning her up. In that moment, she had no idea where up and down was.

On the big bed, white and bronze entwined together. The one below was soft and gentle like water, the one above hard and boiling like fire, everything in the world was centred between the two.

In moments, the woman’s low and gentle voice started sounding in bits and pieces, followed by the man’s low voice every now and then.

It was proven that those two straps really break when tugged on.


edited by larkspur!!


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