Chapter 34 – Two big buns


The director quickly and easily gave in to the investor.

“I think you can’t hit for real either,” Li Min said. “You have something else to act in later, what if your face swells up?”

“I’m not that weak.” Just when Su Yi had finished mumbling she met Chu Ying’s eye and immediately made a U-turn. “No no, it’s okay if we film a few more times.”

Chu Ying raised an eyebrow. “Come here.”

Su Yi walked over with a smile and as she passed by the make-up artist, said softly, “Come, help me touch up my make-up.”

Thus, Chu Ying turned around, reached over and put his arm around her shoulders and brought the person waiting to touch up her make-up out of the set.

“Why are you here?” After leaving the set, Su Yi blinked her eyes. “Planning to elope with me?”

In response, her cheeks received a gentle pinch.

“I was passing by and decided to take a look.”

Su Yi grabbed his hand and checked the time on the watch. “It’s only nine, where are you heading to?

“A meeting.” Chu Ying looked down and watched her play with the watch, his eyes filled with doting. “Have you eaten breakfast?”

Was this an invitation to have breakfast together?

It’s a good thing she hadn’t eaten too much in the morning. She made herself look pitiful as she said, “I haven’t.”

Just when she finished speaking, the guy retrieved his hand and headed to the big car parked not that far away.

He was back in not more than two minutes with two big buns and a cup of milk, which he passed to Su Yi. “Take your time, I’m going.”

Su Yi looked at the back view of the departing SUV and didn’t come back to herself for a long time.

He came here to pass her two big buns???

… couldn’t he at least have kissed before leaving?

In the SUV, the Assistant carefully glanced at the rearview mirror.

They had just finished a short meeting in the morning before rushing over and had to go back the same way for the next meeting. But after seeing Su Yi, the Boss’ mood was clearly a lot better. Just as he was surmising, the person in the backseat suddenly looked up, scaring the Assistant into not looking that way anymore. He then decided to focus on driving instead.

When they saw Su Yi come back, everyone was surprised – this hadn’t even taken five minutes!

She returned to Li Min’s side and asked, “Shall we continue filming that scene?”

“So fast?” Li Min was shocked too. “We’re going to film that in the afternoon, letting her take some time to adjust her emotions again.”

Su Yi leant over to look at the schedule pasted to the side. She’s acting in the next scene, so she went back to the make-up room for the air conditioning.

It was quite late by the time An Xuan came with a small fruit basket. She saw Su Yi and said, “Yi-jie, I have the fruits.”

“Yeah, go send it to Anan’s make-up room.”

After An Xuan left, Wu Xue said, “I’ve no idea if it’s because of something at home, she’s always a little distracted recently.”

Sipping her milk, Su Yi said, “She’s someone you hired, it’s good as long as you watch her.”

“The way you say it, it’s as if I gave her an easy way in. I hired her through normal channels you know.” Wu Xue sat down opposite her and asked, “What’s up with your buns and milk? Didn’t you just eat a whole big bowl of vermicelli this morning?”

“Love buns.”

Wu Xue wanted to joke about it, but then she remembered that it was gifted by her Big Boss and managed to stop herself in time.


It was her phone.

[Chu Xi: Are you teaching me or not?!]

Su Yi was, thus, reminded of the issue.

[Goddess Su Yi: I’ll teach you. Tell me, what’s your ex’s name?]

[Chu Xi: Why are you asking?]

[Goddess Su Yi: Know yourself and know your enemies.]

[Chu Xi: … Deng Mingyang.]

Su Yi typed away as she asked the person beside her, “Do you know Deng Mingyang?”

“A little familiar.” Wu Xue squeezed her eyes shut and pondered over it. “I think it’s some male celebrity, what is it about?”

“Not important, is he handsome?”

“I remember,” she just said  exaggeratedly. “Why are you asking about him, just when you finished eating your love buns you want to climb the walls to meet someone else?”

Su Yi sneered. “Climb jack. Who in this world is worth me cheating?”

[Goddess Su Yi: You’re at least the Chu Corporation’s Princess, what’s wrong with his brain, to let someone else help him climb the ladder?]

[Chu Xi: Why are you so barbaric! He didn’t date me because of my family, he had no clue about what my family does.]

[Goddess Su Yi: If you continue standing up for him, bring that green hat of yours and go sit in some corner alone.]

The other side was silent for a long while before sending over a sticker.

[Chu Xi: You smelly pig!.jpg]

For a little girl, this sticker was as good as surrendering. Su Yi didn’t bother saying more.

[Goddess Su Yi: I’m at the set, when I go back to the hotel tonight I’ll study that ex of yours properly.]

[Chu Xi: You’re filming? Filming what?]

Su Yi sent her the film’s name.

[Chu Xi: So you went to Shanghai to film.]

[Chu Xi: I want to go to Shanghai too, but right now my card and my cash have been confiscated by my parents, how about you lend me some? When I have money in the future I’d return you double.]

[Goddess Su Yi: As if I need that extra cash! Say something nicer.]

[Chu Xi: Sister in law.]

It could be said that she was very good at doing what she was needed to, to get what she wanted!

[Goddess Su Yi: If you want to come it’s fine, but you have to stay with me.]

[Chu Xi: ???]

[Goddess Su Yi: What if you screw something up, do you expect me to help you hide it? I’m not chatting anymore, it’s almost my turn, are you coming or not?]

[Chu Xi: … coming!]


When Chu Xi came to Shanghai, Su Yi went personally to fetch her.

Chu Xi’s flight landed the same time Chu Ying’s flight took off. It just happened she didn’t have anything to film in the morning, so she took leave to come send Chu Ying off and fetch her back.

Before the security check, Chu Ying stopped. “If she makes you angry, chase her off.”

“Okay,” Su Yi said. “Relax, I can handle her.”

“I know.” Chu Ying’s lips curved. “I’m just worried that you’d be tired from filming and still have to take care of her.”

Since the Disney photos were shared, the two had stopped hiding and sneaking around. This time Su Yi had left the set without hiding and entered his car with pomp. Her mask wasn’t to hide her from the media, rather from the fans.


A clear voice rang. It was Chu Xi who had just left the airport, couldn’t find anyone, and got no reply on WeChat.

It’s good that at least the two were tall and stood out in the airport, otherwise she’d still be searching for them next year.

She jogged over and carefully looked at Su Yi.

Last time at the bar she was so drunk she only remembered how tall Su Yi was.

The woman in front wore a simple white shirt and dark blue jeans, her figure shockingly well proportioned. There was make-up on the eyes left uncovered by the face mask and her eyes were angled up very seductively.

She’s even prettier in person than she was on TV?!

She coughed lightly. “Why didn’t you reply to my WeChat? Do you know how long I’ve spent looking for you!”

Chu Ying’s expression was cold, and he said to the Assistant behind him, “Go buy Chu Xi a ticket back to Beijing.”

“Don’t, don’t, Brother, I’m wrong.” Chu Xi’s lips drooped. “Hurry up and board your plane, it’d be bad if you’re late.”

Su Yi’s body tilted gently, leaning on Chu Ying’s arm. Seeing this sort of behaviour from Chu Xi, she jeered a little before looking up. “It’s almost time, go on with your security check.”

“Yeah.” Chu Ying looked down. “He’ll send you back to the set and send me a message.” He meant the driver who sent Su Yi here.

Su Yi stood straight. “If you have time come to Shanghai to find me.”

“My brother’s very busy…” Chu Xi interjected

“Okay.” Chu Ying pursed his lips and thought about it. “I’ll visit once a week.”

Su Yi was thus satisfied, curving her eyes and saying, “I’ll come to Beijing to find you on my off days too.”

Chu Xi’s mouth was agape with incredulity. Although Chu Ying was always in the army before, the two of them had spent plenty of time growing up together and she had never seen this expression on her brother’s face. That other girl who grew up with her brother didn’t even get a single look more than necessary from him.

Su Yi waved a hand, hurrying him. “Go, when you reach let me know.”

“Yeah.” Chu Ying naturally leant down, tilted his head and kissed her through the mask. “I’m leaving.”

“Wait!” Su Yi tugged on his sleeve and pulled the mask down. “… that didn’t count.”

Chu Xi’s mouth currently could fit a swan egg.

After sending Chu Ying away, back in the car, Su Yi dragged the mask down and crossed her leg, playing with her phone, apparently in a good mood.

“You…” Chu Xi really couldn’t help it anymore. “How did you know my brother?”

“You want to know?” Su Yi raised the tip of her eyebrow. “I’m not telling you.”

Chu Xi tsked

“It must be in these two years, my brother just left the army last year.”

Neither did Su Yi agree nor disagree, instead asked her, “Do you want to go to the hotel or with me to the set first?”

Chu Xi didn’t actually want to do much this time, she simply just didn’t want to stay in Beijing. It’s where she’s sad, staying there turned her mood down.

In the end, the two went to the set together.

Li Min saw that she came back with a person and was a little surprised. “This is…”

“My sister,” Su Yi said naturally. “Here to visit me.”

Chu Xi said, “Who’s your sister?!”

Li Min didn’t ask more and nodded. “Go change, after this you’re up.”

Su Yi brought Chu Xi to the make-up room.

“You can stay here, your room of activity is within the set, don’t go anywhere else.” As Su Yi spoke she picked up the Qipao and entered the changing room. While there, she heard Chu Xi from the outside.

“What gave you the right to control me?”

Su Yi sneered. “Alright, if you want to go you can.”

Chu Xi felt that this Su Yi was really a devil. She did pay for her air ticket – but that was all she’d paid for, not a single cent more. At the moment, she had nothing on here, not even enough money to stay in a hotel.

When she was done changing, Su Yi sat down to let the hair-stylist help her reset her hair.

Her hair was done just when the helper from the set came to hurry her. “Yi-jie, it’s your turn now.”

“Okay, coming.” Su Yi got up to leave.

Chu Xi followed her out of the make-up room and Su Yi didn’t chase her away.

They had barely walked for a while when they ran into Tu Jinglan, who had just finished filming. She’d barely had a few scenes every day, and in most of them she really just stood there as a background character. But as she went through so much trouble to get this spot, and was afraid of upsetting Li Min, she daren’t ask for leave.

When she saw Su Yi, she put on a smile. “Yi-jie, is it your turn?”

Su Yi lightly let out a hng.

After seeing her, Chu Xi’s actions clearly stalled. Only after Tu Jinglan was out of earshots did she furiously say, “She’s here too!”

Seeing how incensed she was, Su Yi’s heart skipped a beat. “… the one who slept with your boyfriend, it’s not her, is it?”

It just didn’t make sense, Tu Jinglan could barely even take care of herself.

“No.” Chu Xi looked around and didn’t find the one she was looking for. Turning around, she said angrily, “It’s her agent!”

Su Yi couldn’t hold it back and laughed out loud.


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