Chapter 29 – Stimulation


“What, you want to take leave?” Li Min was a little surprised.

Su Yi was sitting beside her, smiling. “Yeah, just one day.”

It was not Li Min’s fault for reacting this way, even the Wu Xue behind her was a little surprised. Never mind for personal business, Su Yi had not taken leave even when she had a fever. If her face was burning red, she’d simply put on thicker foundation and go on set, no matter who tried to talk her down.

“It’s fine,” Li Min said, looking at the schedule hanging beside them. “That day you only have one scene, you can just shift it over to Sunday.”

When they returned to the make-up room, Wu Xue asked, “What are you doing on Friday?”

“Dating.” Su Yi held her phone, allowing An Xuan to help her remove her make-up. “Telling you before hand that you’re not allowed to come with.”

“Saturday is rest-day, why not wait one day?”

“I’m dating on Saturday too.”

Wu Xue let out an ‘oh’, and as she turned around preparing to pack up, she thought of something. She turned back and asked, “You don’t mean that you’re staying overnight on Friday and coming back only on Saturday?!”

Su Yi’s eyes were crescents.

Wu Xue was speechless.

Thursday night, Su Yi asked Wu Xue to come over to her room.

When Wu Xue entered, she almost choked on her coffee. “… what are you doing?”

Su Yi was standing in front of the bed, wearing only a black spaghetti-strap lace nightdress and a bra underneath. More than half of her chest was seen and the dress only barely covered her derrière, leaving her white and even long legs completely uncovered.

Not just on her body, there were a few different variations and colours of sexy nightwear on the bed.

“You’re here, hurry over,” Su Yi said, as she walked into the bathroom, took a look in the mirror and came out. “How’s this one?”

Wu Xue who had no heart for looking more, anxiously asked, “Did you draw the curtains tight?”

“I did,” Su Yi said. “Hurry up and help me pick.”

Wu Xue looked at her with a complicated expression. “Offending social decency!”

Su Yi was confused.

Wu Xue continued, “Public morals are degenerating with each passing day!”

Su Yi was more confused.

WU Xue went on. “It’s an offence to decency and morals!”

Su Yi was thoroughly confused. She tugged on the hem, but this dress was so short it could not withstand any pulling, so she could only pulled it up a little. “I asked you to come over to help me pick clothes, not recite idioms.”

Wu Xue felt that Su Yi at the moment was that vixen she portrayed in the show before the last, and Chu Ying was that little monk about to be eaten clean.

She asked, “Where do you intend to go?”

Su Yi said, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Wu Xue hugged her waist and said, “Then if you’re sold to someone, where do I go find you?” She thought about it and it sounded wrong. “Never mind, Chu Corporation is huge, no matter which way you look at it you should be the one to kidnap Chu Ying. I’m warning you, don’t be reckless.”

“You’re my closest, dearest friend.” Su Yi affirmed, then urged. “Come help me pick.”

Wu Xue picked the most conservative and longest. “This one.”

Su Yi stuffed it in her luggage.

Wu Xue opened her mouth, intending to say something, but swallowed it back before it spilled.

She could give Su Yi plenty of advice on work but life, Su Yi had always lived more clearly than her.

To have such a clear goal since entering the industry and start picking her own scripts since she was still a newbie, refusing a role she didn’t want even if it was sent to her doorstep, keeping up with her work, rejecting any and all meals offered with an end goal and still managing to become this famous, in this industry, all these years, she had only seen Su Yi make it.

It appeared that even in her love life she behaved this way too. If she decided on someone, that person would be it for life.

“Little Xue Xue.” As Su Yi packed, she suddenly turned around, her cheeks a little red. “Is there anything… else I need to know?”

Wu Xue pulled out of her thoughts and didn’t get it at first. “What?”

“Just, if I’m staying overnight,” Su Yi said. “Is there anything to know?”

“… yes,” Wu Xue stood up after she finished speaking, walked into the bathroom, picked up the little box beside the body wash and stuffed it in her luggage. “We still have a long way to go, we cannot have any obstacles.”


“Director Chu, this is the ticket.” The assistant placed two tickets in Chu Ying’s hands. “The hotel has also been booked through your phone.”

Chu Ying nodded. “Okay, thanks for your hard work.”

Then he took the tickets, rolled up the car windows and drove off.

The car was quiet, a little too quiet. At the red light, he raised his hand and pressed the button to turn on the radio.

The CD stopped at the song Su Yi had picked before. The image of her with her lips curved, shaking her head as she hummed along, appeared in his mind.

At once his mood lifted.

He had just entered the hotel parking lot, when he saw Su Yi leaning against some pillar wearing sunglasses, her hair lightly curled and wearing a white blouse that exposed her shoulders with fitted jeans. She also had on a familiar white pommel sling bag, and beside her was a colourful twenty-six-inch luggage.

It didn’t look as if she was going out to play for two days, it was more like she was preparing to move.

At the sound of the engine, Su Yi hurriedly kept her phone and turned around. When she saw the familiar Benz, the corner of her lip curved up high.

In the backseat, a huge luggage leaned against a small black sports bag.

Chu Ying glanced at the luggage once and asked, “Is your agent hiding in there?”

Su Yi said, “She was before, but I found out and chased her out.”

Chu Ying’s light laughter landed in her ears, making her all tingly.

Su Yi leant against the window and scrolled through her WeChat friends’ moments, and as if just thinking of something asked, “Right, do you have a Husky?”

“Yeah, I left it at my parents’,” Chu Ying said. “You want to see it?”

Su Yi nodded. “I’ve always wanted one, but I’ve no time.”

Chu Ying said, “Next time, I’ll bring it out for you.”

“Okay.” Su Yi asked, “What’s it called?”

Chu Ying said, “Xi Xi.”

Su Yi had just seen An Xuan’s post in her moments, an article called ‘Signs boyfriend cheating on you’ and asked casually, “It’s quite girly, it’s a girl’s name isn’t it?”

Chu Ying said, “How did you know?”

Su Yi’s hands stopped in her confusion.

Chu Ying kept himself from laughing and continued, “My sister is called Chu Xi, the dog is hers.”


The song ended, and when the next song started, Su Yi hummed along for awhile before realising that something’s wrong.

She got closer to the screen. “You’ve changed the CD?”

“Yeah,” Chu Ying said. “You don’t like him?”

Before, Su Yi had always kept playing his songs on loop, the male singer’s voice was light.

“I lightly tasted a mouthful of this sweet temptation, you look like all that I desire/like~”

“Yeah,” Su Yi moved her fingertips to beside Chu Ying’s arm and tapped her fingers to the beat of the song, smilingly saying, “I like you more.”


When they reached their destination, Su Yi saw the tip of the castle building in one glance.


Chu Ying stopped the car, walked around to the other side and opened the door for her.

Su Yi practically hopped down.

Rather ashamedly, while she was almost thirty and was worth a huge sum of money, she had never been to such theme parks. When she wanted to visit she had no time and when she had time she didn’t want to go out and travel, so she kept stalling it out… until now.

Was Chu Ying an angel?!

Su Yi took his hand and walked towards the entrance. “Have you bought tickets?”

Chu Ying passed the tickets to her.

There were plenty of people and thus a queue to enter. The two stood together, the man handsome and the woman beautiful; with both being very tall, they stood out in the queue.

After entering, Su Yi dragged him to the side, dug around in her bag for a long while before coming up with a bottle.

She poured some on her hand, spread it open, raised her hand and smacked it on the man’s face.

Chu Ying was taken aback and didn’t duck. “What’s it?”

Su Yi was particularly careful while spreading it. “Sunblock.”

Chu Ying said, “… I’m not afraid of the sun.”

“I know,” Su Yi said. “You’re a Director now, not a soldier, if you’re sunburnt you’d be laughed at by your employees.”

Chu Ying lost it. “No one would dare.”

When he was done speaking, he silently bent his waist a little, letting the person in front have an easier time helping him put it on.

Just as they entered, there was a row of shops. Chu Ying casually spotted a certain area in the shop, then with a sweep of his arm brought the person beside him into the shop.

He said, “Wait for me here.”

Su Yi didn’t get it, but she still said, “Okay.”

In the shop, there were plenty of dolls. She walked in front of a big bear and pinched it, playing around with it, letting go only after a long time. She was about to attack the next doll, when she felt her hair tighten.

She raised her head and there was a mirror conveniently located right where she stood.

Standing behind her, facing the mirror was Chu Ying, completely focused on helping her adjust the mickey headband.

In the end, she went to the counter and bought a headband too, before helping Chu Ying put it on. The headband appeared extremely small on his head; just looking at it made Su Yi want to laugh really hard.

After leaving the store, Chu Ying asked, “What do you want to play?”

Su Yi opened the map of Disney’s App and saw what she wanted to do with a glance.

They went to one of the most popular attractions, TRON Lightcycle Power Run.

The two were quite lucky that they reached when the attraction just opened so there was barely any queue. The two got to board their lightcycles very soon.

The name was very enigmatic, but in truth, the interpretation was just riding a rollercoaster on a motorcycle.

Su Yi used her hairband to loosely tie her hair behind and was leaning on the car’s body, her pink lips and white teeth standing out a little in the dark and dim environment.

Behind the two guys were talking softly to each other.

“Look at her waist, it’s so damn tiny.”

“Those legs of hers, I can play with for a couple of decades.”

“When it’s over go ask for her number?”

Su Yi was still lying there, the noise beside her she wasn’t listening carefully to, all she was bothered about was to staring at the guy beside her.

However, Chu Ying was listening very carefully. It took him a long time to calm down the sudden violence he was feeling. The moment he turned his head, he met her eyes.

Before the safety guard was brought down, Chu Ying suddenly sat up straight.

Su Yi blinked and was about to ask, when she saw the guy beside her lean on an arm, bend over and kiss the corner of her lips.

The surrounding quietened a lot.

Chu Ying’s voice was low and steady. “Don’t be scared.”

“……”  She wasn’t scared?

She received a kiss for nothing at all, making her heart beat faster. Her lips were still warm as she dazedly said, “Okay.”

After the safety guards were properly fixed, the rollercoaster started. The wind blew against her face, and her body moved uncontrollably in all directions with the car. It felt as if she was about to fall at any time, but she felt completely safe.

As it progressed, Su Yi hollered a few times, but it was all completely masked by the screeching of the two guys behind.

After the ride was over, as Su Yi got off the car, Chu Ying reached out and smoothed out her hair.

When she went out, the woman beside mistook her for her friend and asked her with a smile, “Isn’t it awesome?! Ah… I’m sorry, I mistook you for someone else.”

Su Yi smiled as she shook her head. “It’s nothing.”


It couldn’t even compare to a kiss from Chu Ying!



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