Chapter 25 – Dating


Su Yi opened her Weibo, forwarded the notice and, taking advantage of the fact that filming had yet to start, went through the comments section. The comments lay on both extremes.

[How funny, to need to post a notice about such a small thing and not call it looking for attention.]

[But Su Yi really was always denying it, Liang Bo kept following and unfollowing and she had no reaction whatsoever. Plus, when the notice was posted, all those sales blogs immediately deleted all the big news, if that’s not their guilty conscience acting up, what is?]

[I feel bad for Liang Bo, he probably met a horrible woman.]

[I feel bad for my Yi, it was bad enough that she was harassed by NC, those NC fans wouldn’t let her be either.]

[You’re fighting so badly, did no one realise that the company only came clear about Su Yi and Liang Bo, and not about that bigshot…]

Hold it! Su Yi you must refrain, you absolutely cannot like that!!!

Su Yi pressed on her right hand, silently saying that to herself.

Only the heavens knew how much she wanted to post a few dozens of Weibo to livestream her life, such as –

[Hello everyone, today I made out with Chu Ying.]

So on and so forth.

Just thinking about it cheered her up . She locked her phone, picked up the box just filled with strawberries and slowly got up. The An Xuan beside her looked up. “Yi-jie, where are you going?”

Su Yi said, “I’m going to see if they’re filming.”

“Please sit.” An Xuan put down her chopsticks, hurriedly swallowing a bite. “I’ll go take a look, when they start filming, I’ll let you know.”

“There’s no need, continue eating. It’s just that I’m a little stuffed so it’s better if I take a walk.” Su Yi picked up some strawberries and placed them by her bowl. “Fruit dessert.”

When she went out, Wu Xue was on a call by the door and did not look too great.

When she saw her, Wu Xue raised an eyebrow as a greeting, then walked further away to continue her call.

When she saw that Wu Xue did not want her to know about the contents of the call, Su Yi did not linger, walking directly over to Li Min. “Director, do you want some strawberries?”

“I don’t like eating those.” Li Min roughly ate a few mouthfuls, not bothering with her image. “Didn’t you say you’re going out during mealtime?”

“I’m not going.” Su Yi propped her chin up. “I think I got stood up.”

Li Min side-eyed her. “Today you’ve only one scene left, I’ll adjust the timetable and let you go first.”

“So good?”

“It’s not good that I’m letting you go back earlier to rest?”

Su Yi smiled. “It’s good.”

This scene passed in one shot. Su Yi left the set and was about to board the car when she was called out by the person who just got out of the black car beside.

It was a short and skinny guy.

She looked behind and saw that the guy had alighted from a nanny car [1], so it was probably not a fan. She stopped, and asked, “Something’s up?”

“I am Liang Bo’s agent,” the guy said, smilingly. “Do you have time to chat?”


“Yes!” Wu Xue cut her off, pushing her in the car first. “We’re talking.”

Nevermind that Wu Xue was compact, she was rather strong actually. Plus, Su Yi really did not want to speak with Liang Bo’s agent, so after getting in she went to the last row and sat down.

Ten minutes later, Wu Xue came up.

“What did you talk about?”

“What else!” Wu Xue pulled the car door close. “Asking us to work with them, to give them a way out, saying that since we’re all in this industry we should help each other out.”

“Help their head,” Su Yi said, playing Anipop. “Today, I saw many rational friends online laugh at Liang Bo for me, I’m still feeling great about it. Also, quite a number of the haters usually hanging around my Weibo are gone.”

“What’s that, hate until you’re a fan?” When Wu Xue finished that, she changed the topic, “Oh right, I have already sent over the money to your sister.”

“Yeah.” She really could not pass this level. Su Yi calmly opened it again, and continued in the game, then as if remembering something, asked, “Did you send the goods to that grandma’s home? In another month it’ll be autumn.”

Wu Xue nodded. “It’s all there.”

An Xuan carefully looked over from her spot in the shotgun seat. “Jie, what are you talking about?”

“Nothing.” Wu Xue leant back on her seat and stopped talking.


Chu Ying had originally only planned to stay in Shanghai for only two to three days, to check the branch company and see Su Yi before going back. But he managed to spot some suspicious activities when he’d just started investigating, so he decided to stay and scrutinize for a few more days.

In the office, his assistant had just made him a cup of coffee. From the moment it had been brought in, it had not been touched. After his long stint in the army, he did not relish such things.

His phone rang. The guy looked at the display, the corner of his lips curling up slightly as he closed the document on the computer and picked it up.

“Chu Ying, are you free today?” It was a little quiet there. He had no idea where she’s hiding to call him.

Since Su Yi had joined the filming crew, he had only visited once, and had left in a hurry even then.

He picked up his schedule and took a look. “What is it?”

Su Yi said, “I heard that there’s a really good restaurant, let’s go?”

Chu Ying leaned back in his chair and was about to say something when he heard someone on the other end of the phone calling Su Yi’s name. She hurriedly said, “It’s my turn, I’m hanging up, go do your thing.”

The call was hung up immediately. Chu Ying rubbed the bridge of his nose, then got up and pressed the call button.

His assistant came in very fast. “Director Chu, is there something.”

Chu Ying said, “Make some time in the afternoon.”

The assistant asked, “Should I push back the HR meeting?”

The moment they’d stepped into Shanghai, his boss had received an anonymous letter exposing Director Qi’s underhanded dealings in some of the projects. But many of these things Director Qi could not have accomplished by himself, and thus they had been holding meetings with all the departments with the intention of finding those people helping him so they could catch them all in one go. These few days he had been through enough reports to want to throw up at the sight of them, never mind the boss.

“Yes,” Chu Ying said. “If it’s not good we can stay a few more days, it’s fine.”

The assistant said, “Okay, I’ll go inform them now.”

When it neared mealtime, Chu Ying got up, casually picked up the suit jacket and left the office.

On the way, the phone rang incessantly. It was only at a red light that he picked it up without looking at who it was. “Hnn.”

“Captain Ying!” The guy on the other end sounded rather harried, with a little bit of tears hidden in his voice. “Can you lend me some money?”

When he recognised the guy’s voice, after the green light he parked his car in the emergency parking area.

He asked, “What is it, something happened to your hand?”

“No.” The guy sniffed. “My wife’s got leukemia, the surgery fees’ a little expensive.”

Chu Ying was silent for a while. “Hui-zi, are you a Shanghai native?”

“Yeah.” Hui-zi’s voice was a little rough. “Captain Ying, please help me, I’ll definitely return it whole.”

“It’s fine.” Chu Ying started the car. “Which hospital?”

Hui-zi did not expect that his captain would appear like a Buddha from the sky scant moments after he hung up.

Chu Ying eyed the lady on the sickbed, and asked, “Have you found a bone marrow match?”

“Where would I get the money to find a match? I’m going to try chemotherapy first.” Hui-zi teared up. “Captain Ying, I’m useless, I don’t even have the money to pay for my wife’s hospital bills.”

Chu Ying said, “Take me to the head doctor.”

The head doctor was just about to clock out. Once he’d heard them, he put down his bag and dug out the patient’s file.

This patient’s husband was a retired soldier. He was one who retired quite young, and while he was a soldier, he was missing a few fingers from his hand, quite obviously amputated. The world nowadays was calmer, and while it was tough being a soldier, it was still extremely rare to come across one who lost their fingers.

The two guys were both big and bulky, when they stood by him, they blocked the door completely.

The doctor said, “The chemotherapy process is rather painful, you must help guide her…”

“Doctor,” Chu Ying cut him off. “Please help us find a bone marrow match.”

After leaving the doctor’s office, Hui-zi got ready to kneel before Chu Ying stopped him with a raised knee. “What is this for?”

“Captain Ying…” Hui-zi could barely control his emotions. “Counting my wife, you have already saved us twice over.”

“I’m your captain, of course you’re my responsibility,” Chu Ying said. “If you find it embarrassing, live your life well and work hard to earn money to repay me with.”

Hui-zi was still in a crew cut, with firm and strong muscles, clearly never once letting himself slack. He kept nodding. “Relax, even if I have to go begging I’ll return it all to you.”

Chu Ying raised a hand and swatted him on the head. “You’ve hands and legs, all you lack is a few fingers and you want to go begging? Do you want a beating?”

Hui-zi cried as he laughed. “I won’t beg, I’ll work hard.”

After rejecting Hui-zi’s offer for dinner together, Chu Ying returned to the car and glanced at his phone.

No messages or calls, and it was already eight in the evening.

He looked at the little rabbit avatar on the screen, started the car and joined the traffic.

“Alright, why do you wear the face of an abandoned wife these few days?” After they’re done filming for the day, Wu Xue walked over to Su Yi and pinched her cheeks.

“Don’t pinch, the powder will fall.” Su Yi pouted as the pinch became harder, mumbling, “Aren’t I an abandoned wife?”

Wu Xue laughed. “An abandoned wife is a woman abandoned by her husband in the ancient times, let’s not talk about a husband, do you even have a boyfriend?”

She almost said “yes” before swallowing it.

Does Chu Ying count as her boyfriend?

“Have you confirmed your relationships?” As if seeing through Su Yi’s thoughts, Wu Xue continued, “Are you sure you’re dating?”

A kiss, does that count as confirming a relationship?

She thought about it, then asked, “What counts as dating?”

“One confessed and the other accepted.”

“…” Su Yi had a complicated expression. She had confessed a few times, but Chu Ying had never said he accepted it.

Her spirits were pushed down even further.

After returning to the hotel, Su Yi took out her room card as she walked, unthinking. When she looked up, she saw the guy standing in front of her door.

She first paused, then walked in front of him and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Looking for you.” Chu Ying looked a little tired, his voice a little scratched. “Did I come late, is it past dinner time already?”

Su Yi tapped open the door. “… it’s not too late, if you’re here why didn’t you give me a call?”

“I was afraid you were filming,” he said, naturally. “Regardless, if I stood here and waited, I’d always manage to find you.”

Su Yi’s hand on the door stopped. A moment later, she suddenly turned around, leant against the wall and asked, “Chu Ying, can you date me?”

It didn’t matter if the kiss before counted or not. She had more than enough time to spend on Chu Ying. If the kiss before didn’t count, she could work for the next one, the next next one, the next next next…

She had yet to finish counting when her waist was grabbed by a huge hand. Chu Ying trapped her against the wall, his aura surrounding her tightly.

He raised his eyebrow lightly. “Aren’t we already dating?”

Su Yi leant on the wall, blinking a few times.

The guy was preparing for the kiss when a pair of small hands pressed his cheeks.

Su Yi’s eyes were curved as she cupped his face and pecked his mouth a few times.

Chu Ying found it funny, but let her do as she pleased for a while. Then, he pressed her head and went in for a deep kiss.



[1] 保姆车 i translated as ‘nanny car’; i believe it refers to the sort of vans usually taken by celebrities and their agents, so what this part means was that by seeing where the guy came from Su Yi can determine that he was likely in the industry too. 

edited by larkspur!

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