Chapter 22 – Take responsibility, won’t you?!


Even when his lips departed, she was still not out of it.

Chu Ying smiled thinly. “Gone?”

“…” Su Yi blinked, and said, “I wasn’t on my best just now, can we try it again?”

Just as she finished speaking, something was placed in her hand. Her centre of gravity shifted forward, and she looked down to see a little watermelon.

they were hugging this thing while they kissed?

Su Yi felt that it was a pretty bad kissing experience!

She asked, “You were holding this just now?”

“Yeah,” Chu Ying said. “Why did you run so fast?”

Su Yi could feel her cheeks heating up again and stammered. “Ho…how did you know my room number?”

“I told him.” Wu Xue’s voice sounded to her left. She walked out of her room, wearing a smile that was not a smile. “How could you be so cold-hearted as to leave Director Chu alone in the parking lot?”

This sentence, when translated, would be: What can’t you finish saying in the parking lot?!

But Su Yi did not respond for a long while. When Wu Xue looked, her celebrity, who had no makeup on, was sporting a noticeable blush.

Su Yi asked, “Are you coming in?”

Wu Xue was silenced.

“No,” Chu Ying said, looking at his watch. “I have to meet a friend.”

Why does this person have friends everywhere?

“Alright,” Su Yi leant against the door. She wanted to say something, but even after opening and closing her mouth a few times, could only manage a, “Drive carefully.”

Chu Ying said, “Keep that to remind yourself.”

“… oh.”

The guy turned around, but had barely taken a few steps when inspiration struck Su Yi and she called out loudly. “You, you will take responsibility, won’t you?!”

Her voice was not confident.

Chu Ying paused, and couldn’t help laughing.


Wu Xue was confused.

It was only when the elevator door closed slowly did Wu Xue, her expression complicated, reach out and wave her hand a few times in front of Su Yi’s eyes. “Get back in your head.”

Su Yi stopped looking at the elevator door, smiling brightly. “Little Xue Xue, what do I do, I think I’m falling in love.”

Wu Xue tugged at the corners of her lips. “… we’ll talk about this inside.”

After running into the room, Su YI immediately snatched up the phone she had shoved into the bottom of her bag.

[Chu Ying: Why run?]

[Chu Ying: What’s your room number.]

And a missed call.

Wu Xue sat down, and said, “Get rid of that silly expression immediately.”

Thus, Su Yi tugged down the corners of her mouth, making herself appear serious while she sent Chu Ying a sticker.

“As this time the cast is a rather impressive one, at tomorrow’s opening ceremony there’ll be plenty of media. When they’re taking photos they will not bother helping you photoshop yours.” Wu Xue placed the facial mask on the table, saying, “Get your head in the game for me tonight, put aside for later all this talk of love and such.”

Su Yi said, “These few months, you’re going to accompany me?”

“Yeah,” Wu Xue said. “I might fly back a few days in between to handle some things.”

Su Yi immediately put on an expression of anticipation. “The house you’re getting after your wedding? Wedding date? Meeting the parents?”

She was really happy for Wu Xue. Wu Xue had actually mentioned thinking about marriage two years ago, but for some reason Liu Minghao had never brought it up, and Wu Xue had never even met his parents.

“Don’t gossip about me,” Wu Xue said. “Does this mean you’re a couple with Chu Ying now?”

Su Yi tipped her head aside on the sofa, saying, “I don’t know, maybe?”

“Maybe? You’re playing house?” Wu Xue looked at the watermelon she’s hugging, and said, “You’re not allowed to eat that tonight, you’ll get fat.”

“I’m not eating it,” Su Yi smiled. “I’m going to put it on the nightstand.”


Su Yi was happy, but a little regretful too – if only Wu Xue had come by a little later, could they have kissed one more time?

Chu Ying had not replied for a long time, so he must have been driving. Su Yi stretched out on the sofa, happily going through her Weibo.

After going through some hot topics, she realised, Liang Bo had followed her again.

Just to get on the trending news, he’d unfollow and follow as he pleased, does he think she’s some ATM for being a hot topic?

She’s confused, it was not like she was a big deal. Why would Liang Bo bother doing his best to tie the two of them together, was he stupid or blind?

“Is there something wrong with this Liang Bo?” she asked Wu Xue. “There’s so many really famous airheaded girls he could go find, why does he keep trying to make it such that he has something with me.”

“Are you looking down on me or yourself?” Wu Xue said coldly. “You’re more newsworthy than those girls. After all, you’re either cheating, flashing, or getting thrown eggs at, even sales guys can’t match up to you. At tomorrow’s ceremony, there’s going to be tons of media lining up to interview you.”

Su Yi said, “… I can’t immediately figure out if you’re complimenting me, or ridiculing me.”

That Weibo went like this.

[Quick Entertainment News v: Liang Bo’s following Su Yi again, is he forgiving her despite the pain she caused him? Today, all of his fans are wearing the colour of forgiveness!]

Su Yi tsked, moved her fingers, switched to her main account and posted her second Weibo for the day.

[Su Yi v: Sorry, I’m just friends with Liang Bo, the colour on your heads’ still black, relax.]

As there was plenty of information in there, it immediately garnered a lot of comments.

[Su Yi’s fans and supporters: We refuse to be tied with them! We don’t date pandas!]

[Don’t take my Yi-boots: As my name suggests, there’s plenty of Liang Bo’s NC fans attacking me. Here I want to say, it’s okay if you say bad things about my idol, but to scold me? No way!]

Su Yi was really amused by it, and replied below.

[Su Yi v: You’re quite something, I hereby remove your status as my fan. /smile]


When he saw the WeChat, Chu Ying had just reached the bar.

[Goddess Su Yi: Even the melon I’m eating is the shape of loving you.jpg]

He raised his hand, scrolled through his pack of stickers and realised that all of those that he had saved were sent to him by Su Yi.

All of which he saved, but never sent.

Liu Xi was sitting in the corner. When he saw Chu Ying, he waved energetically at him.

Chu Ying strode over. Liu Xi had reserved a large table. With just two people occupying it, it appeared very empty, sticking out like a sore thumb in the very crowded bar.

“You’re here.” Liu Xi merrily filled his glass, even letting out a huge burp. “Here, taste it, this alcohol’s great.”

Chu Ying did not even look at the glass. “Why are you here?”

“Me? I’m here to pursue a woman,” he said, completely nonplussed.

Clearly, Chu Ying was not interested in his love game. He tapped his fingertip on the table for a while, then asked, “Do you have stickers?”

Liu Xi had just taken one gulp of alcohol, and thought he had heard wrongly. “What?”

Chu Ying repeated. “Stickers.”

Liu Xi looked stumped for a moment before he appeared to understand something. Snapping his fingers, he thought that this friend of his really was too thin-skinned.

“Yes, of which country do you want?”

“…” It’s divided by nationality? Chu Ying frowned, and after hesitating for a moment decided. “China would do.”

Liu Xi opened his phone, looked down and started tapping. Swiftly, the ringtones notifying Chu Ying of incoming messages started sounding in his pocket.

Slowly, and nonchalantly he retrieved his phone, pausing once he opened it.

Tens of gifs, all featuring two people – one guy and one girl, dark-haired- yellow-skinned, indulged in all sorts of indescribable things.

“How is it Ying-zi, I have a few small videos here too, a few minutes each. Or should I immediately give you the drive (referring to Baidu Wangpan, akin to our google drive)? About a couple dozen gigabytes of these…” As Liu Xi spoke, he sent the videos; then suddenly realised that there was a tiny exclamation mark in front of each photo he sent.

[The other has enabled friend verification; you are not his (her) friend yet.]

“?” He raised his head innocently.

Chu Ying couldn’t even be bothered to speak to him.

“Didn’t you say there was something you want to discuss in person?”

“Oh right, I almost forgot about that.” Drunkards tended to be at least half a step behind everything, and at once this one stopped talking about being blacklisted. “I heard that Su Yi is filming in Shanghai now, can you help me ask her out for a meal? I’m not too familiar with her, I’d probably not be able to ask her out myself.”

Chu Ying’s eyes narrowed. “The person you intend to pursue, is her?”

“No!” Liu Xi waved his hand, unaware that he had just escaped a certain death. “I’m looking for her because there’s something I need to discuss with her…”

“That’s what you’re looking for me for?”

“Yes.” Li Xi blinked. “It’s one of the big things in life, why else would I specially make this trip to Shanghai? Hey, hey, don’t go.”

Chu Ying did not bother turning around.


The next day when Wu Xue came around to knock on the door, she was taken aback the moment the door opened.

“Those eyebags, did you go thieving last night?”

Su Yi yawned.

She was so excited last night she made sure she was facing that watermelon on the nightstand even when sleeping – and ended up not sleeping at all.

In the end, the make-up artist had to put on thick layers of concealers on her eyebags before she could go out to meet people.

Wu Xue’s information tended to be accurate; all the media houses who were anything, had sent people over. When she reached, almost everyone had already arrived.

Just as she got off the car, she heard a cheerful “Yi-jie”.

She looked to her side. It was Cheng Anan. She had already changed; her outfit, coupled with the two braids and the books in her hand had her resembling a female student from the early period of the Republic of China.

The media turned this way.

Su Yi returned the smile. “Morning, Anan.”

“Little Yi, hurry over.” Li Min called. “We’re about to start the interviews.”

When Su Yi walked over, Tu Jinglan who was standing at the side smiled. “You’re finally here, you’re the only missing out.”

Su Yi looked at the time. “I wasn’t late, was I?”

“No.” Li Min seated her beside Cheng Anan. “You are never late.”

It was not yet time to start, but all the actors were already present. The film representatives and the media came to an agreement to bring forward the interview time.

The newsmen crowded in front of Wu Ke and Cheng Anan, but the one with the most mics pointing at her was Su Yi.

She looked at the wolf-like reporters before her and thought that the words Wu Xue had said earlier were really not wrong.

“Su Yi, it’s the second time you’re working with Director Li Min, is there anything you want to say?”

Su Yi smiled. “Nothing, it’s all in the silence.”

Li Min was just beside her having her own interview. Upon hearing this, she turned and met Su Yi’s eyes, sharing a smile.

“I heard that this time you have a very special character, can you share something with us?”

Su Yi pretended to be resigned and helpless. “If I said anything, Director Li will be angry.”

Everybody expressed their empathy.

In the crowd of reporters came a single voice. “Su Yi, that Weibo you posted yesterday, was it angry words signifying a fight with Liang Bo?”

Su Yi said confusedly, “My friends and I are always peaceful, why would we argue?”

“You and Liang Bo are not lovers?” That reporter continued. “Then in the previous livestream, where you said you liked someone, was that something you orchestrated with him? After all, both of you gained quite a lot of attention over that.”


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