Chapter 21 – Ninety-nine explosions!


Back at the table, Wu Xue wiped her mouth and leant over to ask, “Did you manage to piss Lin Xia off?”

Lin Xia was Lin-jie’s name.

“You opened your all-seeing eye?” Su Yi drank some water.

Wu Xue smiled noncommittally. “She tried to contact you a while back.”

Su Yi asked, “How did I not know about that?”

“Because I blocked it.” Wu Xue picked out the sweet-sour ribs in Su Yi’s bowl and took back to her own, saying, “I was afraid you’d cheat on me, and this is all flour, don’t eat it.”

Su Yi looked at the meat longingly.

As she looked up, she saw that the turntable had spun until the sweet-sour ribs was right in front of her.

Chu Ying retrieved his hand from the turntable, and calmly said, “Have some.”

As they watched a smiling Su Yi nibble a piece, everybody at the table felt like they had been fed some dog food.

When Lin Xia returned, her expression was back to normal. Just as she’d sat down, she got back up with her glass of alcohol. “Lan Lan is still new, that she can be a part of such a big banner production is all thanks to the team’s benevolence.”

Tu Jinglan hurriedly followed her lead, smiling unnaturally. “Yes, this is for Director Li.”

Li Min was not interested in these sorts of relationships, but she did not wish to worsen her rapport with the actors even before the filming had started. Thus, she tipped her glass at Tu Jinglan before taking a few sips.

“And the scriptwriter…”

Tu Jinglan, thus, continued toasting to everyone present – from the director to the lead, from the lead to the investor.

In the end, she finally got to Chu Ying.

Chu Ying did not even look up. “There’s no need for that, I don’t drink.”

His tone was not friendly. Upon running into the wall, Tu Jinglan was a little taken aback and uncertain. She remained standing with the glass still raised while she sent a helpless look to Li Min.

Director Qi rolled his eyes a few times thinking about it, then laughed insincerely and said, “He never drinks; it’s fine, as long as you’ve conveyed your intentions.”

After the round of drinking, Tu Jinglan’s cheeks were already mildly flushed. She laughed dryly as she returned to her seat.

Su Yi propped her chin up, finding this all rather mundane.

What began as a nice gathering dinner, had now turned into a drinking spree. A few years down the road and Lin Xia’s habits had still not changed.

Her phone vibrated.

[Chu Ying: Do not toast.]

[Chu Ying: Your alcohol tolerance is too bad.]

Su Yi’s second finger rested on her lips, a peel of light laughter spilled out.

[Goddess Su Yi: No, even if I’m drunk you can send me back to the hotel.]

[Chu Ying: I’ll send you even if you’re not drunk.]

“Little Yi, what are you smiling about?” Wu Ke asked.

Su Yi tried not to let her lips curl upwards, gently shaking her head. “It’s nothing.”

“I read the whole script, the character I’m looking forward to most is yours,” Wu Ke said, with a smile. “It’s rather challenging.”

Su Yi said, “Yes, I like my character very much too.”

“There’s a few scenes where you’re to seduce me.” Wu Ke half-joked. “I’m looking forward to your performance.”

Wu Ke was a man of contradictions. You could say he had a rather high EQ, but even with such obvious interactions between Chu Ying and Su Yi, he continued trying to provoke her. Yet, if you said he had a low EQ, he slept with countless female celebrities and still managed to keep it out of the spotlight as he was on good terms with the press.

Thanks to her all-knowing agent, Su Yi was somewhat in the loop.

She smiled, “You’re a senior, it is an honour to be acting with you.”

Just then a screech sounded, a chair scraped across the floor as someone stood up.

The people at the table looked at the source of the commotion, only to find a Chu Ying calmly wiping his mouth. “If I remember correctly, Tu…” He paused for a few moments; unable to recollect that actor’s name, he continued. “….wasn’t she changed out?”

“I arranged for her to enter.” Director Qi smiled beside him. “Little Lan is pretty talented; a good actress cannot be wasted.”

Chu Ying glanced at him, his tone neither warm nor cold, but still rather oppressive. “Next time, everything goes through me first.”

Losing face in front of so many people caused his expression to shift towards awkward for a few moments.

After the meal, everyone surrounded Chu Ying as they left.

Su Yi was at the end of the crowd. Afraid that he would leave just like that, she brought out her phone intending to send him a message. However, before she could do that, the person at the front came to a halt.

Chu Ying turned around; his voice low. “Come over.”

Side by side, the two left amidst everyone’s incredulous gaze.

The Assistant Director said, “It looks like Little Yi and Director Chu are indeed very close?”

The corner Wu Xue’s mouth quivered. “It could be said…”

Lin Xia got onto the car with a thunderous expression.

The moment Tu Jinglan sat down, she could not help asking, “Su Yi is really with Director Chu?!”

Lin Xia’s tone was unfriendly to the point of being curt. “I don’t know.”

“How did she get close with him?” Tu Jinglan’s tone was not good either. “Didn’t you say he’s uncontactable?”

Before contacting Director Qi, they had already heard that the eldest son of the Chu Corporation had left the army and landed a cushy position within a few months. Originally, Lin Xia intended to contact Chu Ying. But in the end, nevermind contacting him, after all that she had done, she could not even manage to get his phone number. That was why she took a step back and settled for Director Qi.

“It’s true that I couldn’t contact him. Su Yi has the ability and the advantage, she’s willing to give everything she has, is it my fault?” Lin Xia jeered, then gave her a once-over. “How about you undergo cosmetic surgery, make your lips like hers? Your lips are too thin, lipsticks make you look like a cheapskate.”

Tu Jinglan bit her lip, hesitated for a moment, then said, “… got it.”


Chu Ying had brought a Benz G65, a temporary car the company had prepared for him.

Hanging off the rearview mirror was a Buddha tablet. Su Yi played with it and turned on the radio. Ever since she’d gotten into the car, her lips had remained quirked up in a visible curve.

Chu Ying asked, “What are you smiling about?”

Su Yi teased him. “Laughing at how you, the big boss, drives a car that’s cheaper than your underlings’.”

Chu Ying smiled too. “You’re familiar with cars?”

“I am,” Su Yi said. “SUVs, I recognise all of them.”

After driving out of the parking, there was a crossroad not too far away and there was a minor traffic jam. Chu Ying rested his arm by the car window. “You like SUVs?”

The window was wound down, the cool and refreshing night breeze blew Su Yi’s hair back. The car’s owner kept a Buddha tablet, but the music was all heavy metal. Su Yi’s head was bobbing to the drumbeats.

“I do!” She laughed, her voice travelling with the wind into Chu Ying’s ears. “They’re just like you, energetic.”

After a while of no response, Su Yi turned her head, smiling. “You could give me a response, or it’d be really awkward for me…”

The more she said, the softer and lighter her voice was.

Chu Ying was looking at her, his eyes filled with ridicule.

“Exciting?” he asked, “Do you want to test it?”

Su Yi was afraid she would have a nosebleed. Taking a deep breath, she said, “Yes, yes, yes! I want to test it out!!!”

Ten minutes later, she was on the driver’s seat.


Chu Ying raised an eyebrow. “What is it, you don’t know how to drive it?”

“…I do,” she said softly, pursing her lips. “You’re talking about testing this?”

“Then what did you want to test,” Chu Ying said. “My car?”

Not your car….


I want to test you!!!


Su Yi puffed up her cheeks, adjusted the seat, stepped on the gas and sped off.

“Slow down.” Chu Ying frowned, crossing his on his chest. “You’re going over the speed limit.”

“Not yet.” She steered the wheel to cut in front of a car. “It’s not fifty miles per hour yet, we’re at most at forty-nine.”

Chu Ying turned down the volume. “Don’t keep cutting in front of other cars, it’s dangerous.”

Su Yi’s clear laughter resonated through the car. “Alright, instructor.”

The car returned to the hotel safely, if not for a few scares.

Just as she was about to drive into the drop-off area, Chu Ying said, “Drive it to the parking lot.”

Su Yi let out an ‘oh’ and took a turn.

After stopping the car, Chu Ying took off his seatbelt. “Kill the engine.”

Su Yi, obediently, did so and got off the car. “I’m going up then.”

Chu Ying didn’t reply, walking over to the trunk as if remembering something.

Su Yi walked forward a few steps, almost unwillingly, then turned around and saw the guy leaning into the trunk, looking for something.

One of his arms was supporting his weight on the side, the contours of his muscle smooth and powerful.

Su Yi swallowed unconsciously, and struggled with herself for not more than three seconds before stopping. She swept her hair back from her forehead, fished a scrunchy from her bag, swiftly tied it all up before turning around and walking back.

She reached the trunk and stood in front of Chu Ying, bent over, loosened her shoelaces and fastened them again.

Chu Ying took something out of the trunk, then turned around. “You…”

A soft and warm feeling landed on his right cheek.

Captain Eagle, who, back in his army days, could sustain a bullet wound without letting the pain show on his face, lost his composure for at least two seconds.

Her lips were soft, and when she got close, the fragrance wafted into his nose.

When she finished kissing him, she said nothing more – and ran away immediately.

As she ran away, her ponytail swayed left and right, all captured clearly in Captain Eagle’s eyes.

Su Yi rushed into the elevator, pressing urgently on the close button.

She kissed him she kissed him!! Kissed him!!!


Su Yi’s cheeks were completely red. After letting her hair down, she rubbed at it a few times. Before she came back from the joy, the phone in her pocket dinged once, scaring her.

She lit up the screen and took a look.

[Chu Ying: You have received a new message.]

To protect her privacy, she’d set it such that if she did not unlock the screen, none of the messages she received would be displayed.

Su Yi’s fingertips hovered on the HOME button.

No, no, no.

She daren’t look.

Another ‘ding’.

Su Yi made her decision and tossed the phone in her bag.

… pretend she was unavailable and apologise tomorrow?

Once she returned to the hotel room, she skipped into the bedroom and retrieved her IPAD from her backpack.

She was decided on not looking at her phone tonight, prepared to savour that moment herself… slowly for the night.

Opening her IPAD, she opened Weibo, prepared to post something to celebrate.

On the IPAD was her other account, which had followed a lot of gag accounts. Just when she entered the main page, her attention was attracted by the post at the top.

[The Owner of this Blog is Bad at Naming v: 158 cm and 192 cm is the cutest height difference, you could jump into your boyfriend’s arms and ask for him to embrace you, kiss you and lift you up~ [picture]]

Short girls were really cute, Wu Xue was, 159cm tall. Su Yi liked patting her head and hugging her close to ruffle her hair.

But the comments for this post were not too friendly.

[I want a hug: Indeed, indeed, I pity those tall girls, it’s hard to find a boyfriend too, hahahaha!]

Su Yi sneered, pressing hard on the screen.

[One chestnut: So what if he’s tall, if I want to steal a kiss all it would take is standing on tiptoes.]

Just as she finished sending it and feeling satisfied, the doorbell rang.

She looked at the time and figured that it was Wu Xue sending her facial masks.

Locking the IPAD as she went, Su Yi, unhesitatingly opened the door and looked up.

The guy outside raised an eyebrow at her.


Su Yi widened her eyes, feeling for the door, ready to close it immediately.

But the person was faster than her. A big hand wrapped around her neck, grasping her tightly on the nape and tugging her forward.

Before she could speak, something covered her lips completely.

The guy was clearly very unfamiliar with kissing, touching her lips on and off.

In Su Yi’s mind, ninety-nine explosions were set off.

The kind that end with an extremely loud ‘Boom – ’.


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