Chapter 19 – I’ll take it that you’re all blind


Wu Xue was in charge of driving. A Su Yi, wrapped up like a rice dumpling, snuck into the car.

Wu Xue was still worried. “There’s so much paparazzi following you recently, how about you not go? I’ll be fine.”

“Don’t talk so much, hurry up and drive,” Su Yi urged as she played with her phone. “Hurry up and deal with it so we can go home and sleep.”

When they reached the bar, after getting off the car Su Yi tsked. “Your little boyfriend is really quite rich.”

Su Yi hadn’t been to this place before, but she had heard of it. It was rumoured that one had to book at least two weeks in advance, and meet the minimum billing amount. Nevermind Liu Minghao with his minimal police wages, even Wu Xue would feel bad if she were to visit once.

Wu Xue said nothing. The two entered the bar together.

11PM was when the bar was at its rowdiest. Dim and obscure lights cast colourful shadows on the visages, lending the air a rather misty and decadent feel.

The clamorous songs the  DJ was playing, had a jarring effect on Su Yi, giving her a headache.

Wu Xue made a few calls, her expression grim. “He’s not picking up.”

“You look there.” Su Yi randomly split the place. “I’ll look here.”

“No,” Wu Xue said. “There’s so many people, it’s better if we go together.”

Su Yi wrested her hand out of Wu Xue’s grasp. “I’m old enough, it’s not as if I’d get lost.”

The first place Su Yi went to was the toilet.

There were one too many instances of drunk people fainting in the toilet. Su Yi walked fast, but before she reached the toilet she bumped into someone.

It was a girl, with a petite figure. When she got hit, she fell over and landed on her bottom.

Su Yi reached out to help her up. “Are you okay? I’m sorry, I was in a rush.”

“… it’s okay, you can go.” The girl’s cheeks were red, she pushed away Su Yi’s hand, getting up herself. “Be careful next time… why are you so tall?”

Su Yi did not want to waste any time, so after she was done apologising she prepared to leave.

But she was caught by the person behind her. “Wait a moment, you’re leaving already?”

Su Yi stopped, a little confused. “Weren’t you the one who said I could go?”

“Can you tell me how you grew so tall?”

The whole bar reeked of alcohol. She could not tell if the waft was from the seat beside her, or from the girl before her.

She frowned, and left.

She had taken only a few steps when turning around she saw a few guys surrounding that girl with smiles and bringing her into the toilet.

The men’s toilet!

The girl looked rather irate. As she pushed them away, she slapped the guy who’s right at the front.

At first he was caught off guard, but when he came back to his senses, he tugged on her harder.

What sort of crap bar is this? It’s so expensive, but the security is so bad!

Su Yi took off her sling bag, held it in her hands, and walked up.

“What are you doing?”

When the guys heard her, they turned around as one.

One of them asked, “We’re playing with our friend, you have anything to say about that, auntie?”


Su Yi looked at her own outfit in disbelief.

When she came out she was in a hurry. Wary of being recognised, in the middle of summer, she wore a long-sleeved black shirt and jeans, keeping herself completely covered up.

OK, let’s just say you’re all blind!

“I’m her sister.” Su Yi sounded very natural as she walked up, ready to catch the girl. “Why has she never mentioned having you as her friends?”

The few of them looked at each other, not picking up the bait. They’d asked earlier, she’d come alone, looking to get drunk after having fallen out of love.

“Auntie, get out of the way, don’t block us.” The guy waved a hand at her.

The girl must have been touched somewhere for she kept kicking. But she was drunk, and it was all rather weak. “Where are you touching?! Screw off!!!”

This time, Su Yi did not say anything as she brought her bag up, and then straight down on one of the guys.

The guy paused. “Fuck! Something wrong with your brain!”

They were about to hit back when they were hit in the back of their head by some people.

Su Yi looked behind them. It was Wu Xue, who had just arrived; standing behind her was a rather dazed looking Liu Minghao.

She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, a familiar figure entered her field of vision.

One point nine metres in height stands out anywhere.

The guy cut through the crowd. The light on his face accentuated his already sharp features, such that he appeared extremely handsome.

Taut faced, the moment he reached, he snagged the collar of the guy right at the front, and gave him a blow –

Su Yi just stared. This time she really believed those speeches along the lines of “If I hit you, you might die”, because that guy fell over and could not get up anymore. He lost a tooth too, one that stood out starkly against the black floor.

She hurriedly rushed up as the guy prepared to hit a second time.

“Don’t!” She snagged his arm, saying, “Don’t hit again!”

Chu Ying’s frown was extremely deep, but those hands catching him were small and cold, cooling his fiery temple a little.

He walked up to that girl, face severe and stern, his voice low.

“Stand up.”

Whether the girl kneeling on the floor was scared, or just jolted from hitting the floor, she looked at least mostly aware. Having woken from the drunken stupor, she just started bawling.

The people behind Chu Ying came forward, making short work of those few boys. The way they did it, as if they were some mafia bosses, instantly scaring the boys into quiet submission.

“What are you crying for?” Chu Ying said, “Get up.”

The girl’s legs were weak, she stood up with the aid of his pants legs. She whimpered, “Brother…”

At the entrance of the bar.

Chu Ying’s expression was still tight. Those boys had already been sent to the police station. There were drugs in their pockets, so there was no need for Chu Xi to go and give a witness statement for them to be thrown behind bars.

Su Yi pulled her mask tighter, carefully studying the girl in front of her. She had not expected this to be Chu Ying’s little sister.

Chu Ying’s expression was cold, almost frigid. This was the first time Su Yi had seen him angry, his whole body was enveloped in a fierce aura, making him scarier than usual.

He said, in a low voice, “Think about how you intend to explain this to mum and dad.”

Chu Xi panicked. “Brother, can you help me keep this a secret?”

Chu Ying sneered. “So you know they would be worried?”

Chu Xi wilted, and got into the car still crying.

It was only after the car drove away that Chu Ying turned around.

Even before Chu Ying opened his mouth, Su Yi blurted. “Little Xue Xue’s boyfriend got drunk. I was worried about her coming alone, so I tagged along.”

Wu Xue nodded, holding Liu Minghao up with difficulty as she said, “It’s not good, he gained weight recently, I can’t support his weight anymore. Little Yi, drive home yourself, I’ll call a cab to send him home first.”

Su Yi said, “It’s fine, you can drive him home, I’ll call a cab.”

At the end of the day, Su Yi got onto Chu Ying’s car, just like she had wanted to.

Sitting on the seat, she thought, what sort of lucky streak she must be on recently to see this man two days in a row!

As she zoned out, the person beside her opened his mouth.

“Does your hand hurt?”

Su Yi paused. “What?”

Chu Ying said, “When hitting someone, does your hand hurt.”

“…” So he saw that too!

It was so dark! He could still see?!

She coughed lightly. “It doesn’t hurt, all I did was swing my bag around gently a few times, I didn’t hit anyone.” She made sure to emphasise the last bit.

Chu Ying felt that Su Yi must have some ability. No matter how bad a mood he was in, after chatting with her, he would calm down.

When he reached the condominium, he sent her home just as he did yesterday.

Su Yi waved him goodbye rather unwillingly.

But the guy did not seem intent on leaving. As he stuck his hand in his pocket, he asked, “Are you free on Wednesday?”

Su Yi blinked at him.

Chu Ying continued, “Let’s eat together?”

Su Yi’s excitement lasted barely a moment. “… on Wednesday, the filming for ‘Undercurrent’ starts.”

She made sure to display all of her disappointment on her face, afraid that the guy would not understand.

Chu Ying hummed in response, then urged her, “Go in.”

The first time Chu Ying had asked her out! It failed! Just like that!!

Even after arriving at Shanghai, Su Yi was still submerged in heavy sadness.

It would take almost three months for the filming to complete. She would not be able to see Chu Ying for three months.

An Xuan who was with her asked, “Yi-jie, are you okay? You don’t look very fresh.”

Su Yi stood up, shaking her head. “It’s nothing.”

Wu Xue said, “Let’s go, our car must have arrived.”

In the car, as Su Yi prepared to take a nap, she heard the person beside her sigh gently.

She opened her eyes and looked over. “What is up with you? Since that night you’ve been acting strange.”

She had asked Wu Xue about Liu Minghao after that night, but she always received some perfunctory answers.

Wu Xue stared out of the window. “It’s nothing.”

“Is the wedding date fixed? We might have to stay here for a few months, it would not affect your good day, would it?” she asked with a smile.

Wu Xue said, “No, take your nap, we still have to join the rest of the crew for dinner tonight.”

The hotel they’re staying at was a four-star, right next to the studio. It was a rather comfortable place.

Once Su Yi reached the hotel, she sunk into a deep sleep. When she woke up, she dazedly picked up her phone to take a look.

The first was a Weibo notification.

[Chu Ying: Forward @ Su Yi everyday street candids: This time it’s bunny-girl, hahahahahahaha!!!]

Her eyelashes fluttered.



Her head cleared immediately!

Then she snatched her phone, unlocked the screen, opened Weibo and searched @, all in a go.

The original blog post contained two photographs. In the photo, Su Yi had on bunny ears and her big face mask while Chu Ying held a huge shopping bag and something not quite visible.

But she knew that in there was a bear-ear headband. That headband was in her luggage right now.

Chu Ying’s Weibo had accumulated two thousand comments.

“That height and those legs, if it’s not Su Yi I’ll eat shit.”

“… Why do I find it so sweet???”

“Damn, so is this cheating on Liang Bo, or on this Director Chu?”

Whenever she saw Liang Bo’s name now, Su Yi felt physiologically sick.

Ever since she’d chased Liang Bo away from her door that day, he had made a show of unfollowing Su Yi’s blog and directed his own hot topic news. Su Yi felt that this guy was wasted as a pretty face bigshot, he deserved a trophy for being the cinematic emperor.

Before she could think of what to reply to this Weibo, the doorbell started ringing incessantly.

“You have confirmed your relationship with Chu Ying?” Wu Xue asked, the moment she entered.

Su Yi said, “No…”

“Then what is he doing on Weibo?” Wu Xue finished speaking and tossed aside her blankets. “Still sleeping! It’s almost dinnertime.”

Su Yi decided to think carefully about how to reply on her way to the dinner. After picking a random outfit from her luggage, she followed Wu Xue out of the door.

While waiting for the elevator.

“Yi-jie, what a coincidence, you’re going to the restaurant too?”

An overly delicate voice sounded beside her.

She turned around. 

It really was that very coquettishly dressed Tu Jinglan with her agent, Lin-jie.



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