Chapter 15, Hot and cold 


When he got no response, he asked again.

This was when Su Yi came back to herself. “Yeah, it’s off.”

After that, she seemed to remember something and started rummaging through her purse, emerging with a black face mask.

“It’s new, I haven’t used it,” she said, as she put it on for Chu Ying.

Chu Ying caught her wrist. “What are you doing?”

Su Yi said, “There’s paparazzi stalking me recently, don’t let them catch you on camera.”

Chu Ying raised an eyebrow. “So what if they get a picture of me?”

“You’d get hated on by the papparazzi……” She trailed off on her own.

How could she have forgotten, this person’s really powerful? That time at the charity ball, he took only one night to erase all information about it completely.

Chu Ying didn’t say anything.

He took off the mask, ever so naturally putting it on Su Yi’s face, covering most of it and leaving only the clear bright eyes.

The elevator door opened. He picked her up bridal style with no hesitation.

“I won’t let you fall,” Chu Ying said, looking ahead. “If you’re scared hold my sleeves.”

Su Yi was first caught off guard, before she let out an ‘oh’ and wrapped her arms around the guy’s neck.

Her arm’s icy, his neck hot.

Chu Ying’s hand was on Su Yi’s pants. Even though there’s a layer of fabric between them, Su Yi still felt it to be a little too warm.

Her waist’s warm, her arm’s warm, even her lips beneath the mask felt warm.

Even if it was for just a brief moment , this was the mask that Chu Ying had worn.

This time she daren’t round it up!

Chu Ying got onto the car, glanced at her and reminded her. “Safety belt.”

Su Yi obediently put it on. “We’re going to eat now?”

It’s only three thirty, most restaurants wouldn’t be open yet.

Chu Ying said, “Later.”

“Alright.” Su Yi leant back against the seat, not asking him where they were going.

As for her, even if Chu Ying were to sell her right now, she’d be smiling as she’d put the money he earned into the bank.

Of course, Chu Ying didn’t sell her! After a series of turns, the car drove into a small street.

Alongside the street were a variety of shops – food, games, shops. There’s everything one could think of, and since it’s the weekend, there’re plenty of people around, particularly the young and energetic ones.

Su Yi had never been to this street and found it a really new experience. Her face almost smashed up against the window as she watched.

After watching for a long time, she couldn’t help asking, “Are we here to go shopping?”

Chu Ying said, “No.”

Su Yi thus retreated from the windowside, opening her phone quickly and locating herself before taking a screenshot of the location.

There’re plenty of people, and the car itself was really big. They’d been creeping forward steadily – she’s pretty sure Chu Ying’s foot never left the brake.

The car took a turn and stopped in a neighbourhood parking lot.

These sort of parking lots tended to be private. Su Yi reminded him. “This is a private parking lot.”

Just when she’d finished speaking, she saw a guy standing by a spot, waving at them with a smile.

On seeing her confusion, Chu Ying explained. “That’s the chiropractor.”

The clinic wasn’t big, just two beds and a long bench.

The master stood in front of a rack of ointments, asking, “How did you sprain it?”

Su Yi said, “I fell while wearing heels.”

Her foot’s actually already mostly healed. Just, when Chu Ying asked, she couldn’t help making herself appear more pitiful.

She didn’t expect him to remember it and bring her to a chiropractor’s.

Chu Ying sat beside her. “Help her massage it a little, it’s been hurt for a while, a regular sprain should have long healed.”

Su Yi kept quiet, obediently.

“Sure, the girls nowadays, they’re too worried about their image.” The chiropractor had a look of having seen too much. He didn’t think twice as he picked out an ointment. “You can like taking care of yourself, but there’s really no need to wear heels this high, I can’t count the number of girls like this that I have taken care of.”

The master brought over a small round stool and patted it. “Come over girl, put your foot up here.”

Su Yi did as told.

After seeing Su Yi’s foot, Chu Ying was certain.

This woman… really was white all over.

Her foot was white and delicate, the veins running through were visible.

Chu Ying only took one look before looking away.

The chiropractor rubbed the tincture onto her foot. “Girl, you wear high heels really often, if you keep going on like this your foot will be disfigured.”

Su Yi supported her head on her hands and mumbled. “Really? But I need to wear it for work, there’s nothing I can do about it. Will it become really ugly?”

“Of course,” the chiropractor continued, his actions smooth and at ease. “… Your toes will be bent.”

Su Yi was shocked. “That scary? Is there any prevention… or some method to avoid?”

“There are, here, I’ll teach you a trick. Next time once you take off your heels, do as I said.”

Su Yi hurriedly nodded. “Definitely!”

As Chu Ying listened, he couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“Strange.” Halfway through the session, the chiropractor wondered. “It’s been this long and you haven’t made a sound, usually when those girls come over they’d be rather vocal about the pain. Am I applying too little strength?”

Su Yi immediately started making sounds of pain.

After the session, the chiropractor sent them to the door. “Next time be more careful, don’t sprain it again.”

“Alright, thank you,” Su Yi said politely, smiling without, shedding tears within..

Her foot had already stopped hurting that much, but after that session, it had started to hurt again……

After the chiropractor went in, Chu Ying finally said, “Why did you lie again?”

“Huh??” Su Yi’s eyes widened, a little like a frightened vixen.

Chu Ying said, “You’ve already recovered, haven’t you?”

Su Yi couldn’t help exclaiming. “How did you know?!”

She regretted it the moment she finished speaking, and bit her lip to keep from saying anything more.

Chu Ying had gone on so many missions and gotten hurt enough times that, even if he wasn’t too certain before, after watching the massage, he could tell.

When she saw that he wasn’t saying anything, Su Yi could only honestly say, “It didn’t actually hurt that much before, but after the master’s massage, it’s actually hurting now.”

Chu Ying tried not to laugh. “Oh?”

“Really,” Su Yi said, looking pitiful. She leaned against him, raising her leg and saying, “If you don’t believe that, you can look… the master used so much strength, it’s red now.”

Chu Ying nodded. “If it hurts we shouldn’t go shopping, let’s go back.” He turned around, ready to leave.

He hadn’t taken more than a few steps before the person at his rear held him back.

Su Yi blinked her eyes innocently. “Actually…… it doesn’t hurt that much.”


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