Chapter 14, Kiss me, hug me and hold me high


As soon as she had spoken, the particulars about the gift on the livestream immediately stopped.

However, on the gift list to the side, the account ‘Liang Bo Lb’ remained.

[Even from across the screen I can feel the awkwardness 233333]

[What’s there to be awkward about? They are together, Su Yi’s probably just afraid to drown in the spit of the guy’s fans. That’s why she doesn’t dare to admit it, right?]

[Obviously, even the photos of them staying at the same place overnight had been found.]

The host let out a few dry laughs, looking at the crew: This isn’t going according to the script!?

On the other hand, Su Yi was calm and poised. She tilted her head, patiently expecting the next question.

Wu Xue stood up, grabbed the board from the livestream director’s hands and hurriedly scribbled something before turning it around. On it, was a messy ‘End This Interview’, clearly reflecting the writer’s mood.

The host was clearly out of the loop, only looking back when the livestream director had nodded at her and saying, “Then the livestream this time will end here. Thank you, Yi Yi for making time for this interview!”

Su Yi got off the stage, and didn’t encountered the storm she was expecting.

Wu Xue was on phone. When she saw Su YI come down, she said, “Pack up, let’s go back.”

Su Yi blinked. ‘You have nothing to say about that?’ almost made it out of her mouth, before she swallowed it down. 

However, Wu Xue had a  clear mind. “Do you know why I’m not scolding you?”

Su Yi took a soft tissue and wiped the lipstick off. “……I don’t want to know.”

“I don’t want to inquire into your personal affairs at the moment,” Wu Xue said, disregarding her answer. “We’ll talk about this when I’m done with Liang Bo.”

At this, Su Yi stopped what she was doing and sneered. “Is it that he’s been having such a good life recently that he’s gone stupid?”

Su Yi really didn’t understand Liang Bo’s action from today.. If they’re talking about fame, she knew enough to know that this permanent second female lead wasn’t on the same level as Liang Bo.

And at least half of Liang Bo’s fan club were his girlfriend fans. What these sort of trending celebrities feared the most was their relationship seeing the light of day. 

Why would he suddenly jump into the water by himself.

The point was, if he wished to drown himself it’s fine, why did he have to drag her down too?

“They’re not stupid, they wouldn’t invovle in a bad deal.” From the call just now, Wu Xue knew most of the going ons already. “Weren’t you two in the same frame last time? Today, some celebrity group had bought over a bunch of accounts to talk trash about him, saying he’s the king of sluts and sleeps with everyone. You’re apparently one of them, and they have it all laid out clean even putting out a photo of the two of you going into the same hotel, one at a time.”

Su Yi choked on her own water. “How do I not know that I’d been to the same hotel as him?”

“I didn’t know before,” Wu Xue said. “I checked just now, there was once when you entered the crew that shared the same hotel as the crew he was in at that time.”

“……” Su Yi was a little tempted to call those paparazzi awesome, but she was also scared that Wu Xue would punch her, so all she could do was bear with it.

“It has now come to a point where no matter what Liang Bo says, no one would believe him. So, now they decided that they might as well get on with it and cooked up a relationship between Liang Bo and another, treading the ‘deeply in love’ route,” Wu Xue said impassively. “Even if you deny it, as long as they hold their silence, you will be hard pressed to explain it effectively. Did you see those comments under the livestream just now? I’m going to wager that they’re Liang Bo’s water army.”

Those who would buy people to mock Liang Bo, clearly had to be male celebrities going the same route as he.

“This bunch of men, can’t they fight it out among themselves instead of dragging me into it?” Su Yi held out her hand, “Hand me my phone.”

Wu Xue refuted her idea directly. “You’re prohibited from replying.”

Su Yi: “?”

Two minutes later, Wu Xue had deftly reset Su Yi’s Weibo password before returning the phone to her. “Your ability to make a mess is too high, just maintain your stand and have faith in me.”

Su Yi ‘tsked’ and was just about to say something when she saw the ‘2’ on the top right corner of her WeChat app. She immediately stopped.

Chu Ying: “Just got off the plane.”

Chu Ying: [voice message]

Su Yi placed the phone next to her ear, held her breath and listened.

“Has your leg healed.”

His voice was low with faint hoarseness, it’s easy to sense the fatigue in it.

At this point Liang Bo and all those stupid rumours were thrown to the moon.

She held the phone with both hands, preparing to reply when there came another message.

[Chu Ying: The live stream was over too soon.]

What was that about?

[Su Yi: It just ended, my leg is still hurting QAQ. You watched my live stream?]

Wu Xue saw the QAQ and rolled her eyes so hard they almost got stuck that way.

There wasn’t a reply, just a response that didn’t quite match this conversation. 

[I’m going back tomorrow afternoon.]

Su Yi thought about it. [Then, how about we eat together?]

[Goddess Su Yi: Or do you want to rest for awhile? I heard your voice, you sound really tired, [sad rabbit.jpg]]

Chu Ying calculated the time. Usually by this time, a normal strain in muscle should have eased.

He pressed the voice message button. [I’ll pick you up tomorrow.]

The tablet in front of him remained at the livestream page.

By the account name was the coins he’d just gotten his assistant to top up for him, he hadn’t expected that when he refreshed the page the livestream had already left the room.

Chu Ying rubbed his temple and suddenly let out a soft laugh.

“Do you watch livestreams?”

The assistant took a long while to realise that the question was directed at him. “Sometimes I  watch it, to make myself hungrier.”

Chu Ying tossed the tablet back at him. “Go spend these coins.”

The assistant stared at the few tens of thousands of coins. Surprised, he asked, “You’re not going to use it?”

“Yeah.” He’d just seen the live comments, Su Yi wouldn’t reappear in this livestream.

He opened the WeChat to message ‘Ah Mi Traditional Therapy’.

[Chu Ying: Tomorrow afternoon, I’m bringing someone over.]


Thanks to Liangbo, once more, a camera was set up at the house opposite her window.

Two paparazzi were taking turns. One had just left and the other was muttering. “No idea how long we’d have to wait this time.”

Last time, he’d been here for two months without managing even a single decent shot.

“…… Gou-ge.” The person who’d just taken over his shift patted him on the shoulder. “That one, is it Su Yi?”

Gou-ge hurriedly swallowed his food and went over to take a look.

The curtains that had been tightly drawn, were now pulled open. A lady with a facial mask first stretched her back, twisted her body around a little before facing the camera and smiling wide enough to show her clean, white teeth. She even made the effort to hold her fingers in a V.

Does she think this is a photo op?

Gou-ge felt he had lost face as a paparazzi! 

Since the photoshoot yesterday, Su Yi had been in a good mood. One could hear Wu Xue over the phone speaker urging her. “Be careful… don’t let those paparazzi get a shot… don’t just go around your house in a spaghetti strap.”

“How about I wear a big cotton-padded jacket even at home?”

“Don’t talk back to me,” Wu Xue said. “Right now I’m just waiting for you to get on to the cast, it’d ease my work.”

Alright, about a fifth of her good mood was just destroyed by Wu Xue.

She hung up, waved her hand at the lens opposite her, trying to roughly convey the message ‘let’s end this here today’ before drawing the curtains shut while returning to her room.

They were to meet at four, but to avoid the paparazzi, she had to head downstairs and take a walk to shake them off.

As she put her sunglasses and mask on, she’s all set to go out. To her surprise, right when she opened the door, she ran straight into Liang Bo who’s stepping out of the lift. 

Liang Bo was really regretting it at the moment too. When drunk, he could have done anything. Why did he have to come to try doing something with Su Yi? And of course, it’s just icing on the cake that he’d have to get caught on camera at that point, that those people in the same industry as him would take this opportunity to mock him, forcing him to act as if he’s truly deeply in love.

When he came face to face with Su Yi, he felt a little awkward.

“Uh, I’ve made a reservation, how about we eat together?” he asked. “And talk about what’s happening recently.”

As soon as she heard this, Su Yi was certain there was a recorder hidden in some corner.

She sneered, prepared to say something when the phone in her pocket rang – it’s a WeChat call.

“I’m downstairs.”

Su Yi paused. “So soon?”

“Yeah.” Chu Ying sounded very steady. “Take your time, there’s no rush.”

Having been left to the side, Liang Bo was a little awkward. So he spoke up again. “Little Yi……”

Su Yi didn’t even bother with him, speaking into the phone. “I’m going down now, soon, give me fifteen……fifteen minutes.”

Liang Bo took a step forward. “Little Yi, let me go in first.”

Su Yi sneered and covered the speaker. “Do you want to remember what it’s like to be tased?”

Liang Bo found himself at a loss for words. So he was really tased! And here he thought he was dreaming!

How could there be such a rude woman?!

Liang Bo’s fans had praised him to such an extent that, when faced with Su Yi, he couldn’t bring himself to lower his status. His face changed colours a few times before he left on his own.

Su Yi was about to continue the call, but after she failed to get a response she realised that the other had already hung up.

She put the mask back on, left the house while musing over the possible ways to get rid of the paparazzi. She couldn’t make Chu Ying wait for too long.

Just as she was thinking, the lift that had gone down returned. The doors opened slowly and Su Yi was about to go in when she looked up and stopped, shocked.

The man in the lift wore a tailored suit, his hair swept to the back, clearly having just gotten off work.

Su Yi took the time to feast her eyes before she blinked innocently and asked, “Why did you come up?”

Chu Ying’s expression didn’t change. “There was someone here?”

“Yeah, but I got rid of him.” Su Yi stood outside the door, anxiously taking a look around before waving her hand a little at him. “Wait at the carpark, when I get rid of the paparazzi I’ll go find you……”

She hadn’t even finished her words when the guy reached out a hand and pulled her into the lift. To avoid hurting her foot, the guy even used strength halfway through, making her feel as if she’d been lifted up by her waist.

The door closed, the man pressed down the button for the first floor before asking, “The dressing has been removed?”

Su Yi didn’t react for the longest while, her cheeks flushed.

This, this, if she’d just round it up, it’s him kissing her… hugging her and raising her up!!!


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