Chapter 11 – Resurrection, with a full health


Throughout the whole conference, the looks Wu Xue sent Su Yi could be named “Good job”, “Our Su Yi has such great taste” and “What is Tu Jinglan even’, the praise too much for words to express.

It was a pity she couldn’t find it in herself to feel happy about it.

“This is our filming time,” the film representative pushed the file towards Wu Xue. “It’s like this, because there were minor modifications in the script, there are some changes in the requirements. So, the time for her to join the production has been brought forward too.”

Wu Xue picked it up, glanced through it and smiled. “We’re good with it.”

The other was smiling too. “Since we’re all good with this, let’s sign the contract.”

The contract was placed in front of Su Yi.

Su Yi picked up the pen and smilingly said, “May I ask what the changes to the script are?”

While being caught in the act sucked, she couldn’t actually ignore her work. So what she had to listen to in the conference she had carefully taken note of.

“The new scenes are decided by the scriptwriter, but there’s still some changes to be made so I haven’t received the whole script either.” The person smiled, “It sounds like your role has the most changes made to it.”

After listening to that, Su Yi was a little more eager to start. She thought rather highly of the scriptwriter’s ability, so these additional scenes for the character was definitely the cherry on the cake. She didn’t think twice before she immediately signed her name on the dotted line.

After they had discussed the relevant promotional activities, things were settled.

When the meeting ended, the representative from the filming crew immediately got up and said, “Director Chu, let me send you back. On the way I can report to you on the contracts.”

“Okay.” The man who had always been silent finally spoke up. He got up, tugging on the sleeve inside the suit as he did so, clearly unused to wearing it.

Su Yi held her head in her hands, staring at him passionately. When the guy finished arranging his sleeve and looked up, he met her gaze.

Su Yi had a whole expression of ‘let us pretend nothing happened’ on as she winked at him.

Chu Ying raised an eyebrow – his brows were thick and heavy, enough to make Su Yi’s mouth water.


Chu Ying soon stopped looking at her, an inexplicable smile on his lips as he turned around and strode out of the conference room.

“Hurry up and pack up.” Wu Xue whose attention was on her phone screen hadn’t noticed their flirting with their eyes as she urged. “We need to go for a cover page photoshoot.”

Su Yi asked, confused, “Don’t we have nothing today?”

“Last minute, the original person they asked for was the country’s number one supermodel, but something cropped up and she didn’t show up,” Wu Xue said. “That company has some dealings with our company and the higher ups contacted me to let you go save the day.”

Before entering the industry, Su Yi was half a magazine model. She had experience, a good figure, a pretty face so, after she got a little famous, many magazines liked having her.

Su Yi carelessly hummed in reply, sending Chu Ying a crying emoji.

Today, An Xuan was on leave, so Wu Xue was driving.

“This speed isn’t even forty miles, is it? When we reach there we can have dinner,” Su Yi grasped her phone and said, “How about I drive.”

Wu Xue didn’t think as she replied, “No, I’m afraid you’d pull an ‘Initial D’ Akina Speed Stars, come, tell me what’s with that Chu Ying.”

Su Yi asked, “What about that?”

“Did you already know that he’s a senior management of the Chu Corporation?”

“No.” Su Yi opened her phone, Chu Ying still had yet to reply. “I just found out too.”

Wu Xue side-eyed her, pretending to be curious. “That heartless bastard you said earlier, would it have been him?”

 Su Yi said, “That’s impossible.” They’d met with Tu Jinglan at the condominium car park before, they didn’t look like people who knew each other.

Even until she got off the car she didn’t receive a reply. When they reached the filming set, before putting on her makeup, Su Yi thought about it, gently tapping on the keyboard.

[Goddess Su Yi: Dear respectable client, I will definitely put effort into making films and earn more money for you. Today I’m putting my little heart here too.jpg]

This magazine’s theme for this shoot was formal dressing. Su Yi put on a dress with a sleeveless short-skirt design, her beautiful collarbones on full display.

The staff brought her a pair of shoes: a pair of ruby-encrusted heels, stilettos in fact, beautiful on her feet.

After the photographer greeted her, he picked up his camera and started work.

“Hand on the table, nice, look at the camera.” The photographer had one foot on the wooden chair, twisting around as he searched for the right angle. “Hold this position, don’t move!”

Su Yi expended a lot of energy trying not to laugh at the photographer’s pose.

“Chin up a little, part your lips a little… good.”

“Step on this.” The photographer directed the workers to bring up a pedestal, one akin to the music box beneath a Barbie doll’s feet.

A clear phone notification rang. Su Yi looked towards the source of the noise – which was in Wu Xue’s hand. Her phone.

She bore with the urge to go look at the message, thoughtlessly stepping onto the pedestal.

She didn’t expect that, with a tearing sound, she felt as if she’d stepped onto thin air, her body tipping forward out of her control – the pedestal was not strong enough to handle her weight and was poked through by her heel.

She twisted her ankle, the pain shooting through her feet all the way to the tip of her head, painful enough for her to go a little numb.

The staff hurriedly came up to hold her, Wu Xue being the fastest to reach and making sure to fix her ankle in one position the moment she got to her. “Sit down, don’t move.”

“Are you okay?” The person in charge of the set hurried in from outside and asked.

Wu Xue asked, “What’s with your props?!”

“I’m really sorry about this,” the person in charge of the props hurried to apologise. “I think the tape’s lose, it’s not fixed well.”

“Our Su Yi came over to make sure you guys can proceed with your shooting and you guys don’t even do a proper safety check before shooting.” Wu Xue sneered. “If it interferes with her schedule, just wait and see.”

After flying into a rage, Wu Xue finally deemed to assist Su Yi onto the car, the magazine’s side sent over a staff to help drive their car.

Twisting an ankle really hurt, especially for someone as tall as Su Yi, even her waist was hurting faintly.

But there wasn’t much of an expression on her face, she didn’t say much at the set either. It’s only after they got onto the car that she spoke up, “Little Xue.”

Wu Xue responded, “What is it, does it really hurt?”

“No.” She pointed at Wu Xue’s bag. “My phone.”

When she finally got the phone she’d been really wanting, she couldn’t wait as she opened it.

[10086: Dear customer, your data package ends on May 26……]

“Little Xue Xue,” Su Yi turned around, tearfully saying, “I feel like my foot hurts even more.”


This time it wasn’t really that serious, just a muscle injury, a massage and applying a hot compress for a few days would help heal.

In the evening, Wu Xue watched the masseur as she finished massaging her foot and applying the heat pack before leaving. Even as she left she nagged about how Su Yi shouldn’t move about too much.

Su Yi had nothing to do as she clicked open the variety show she hadn’t finished previously, setting her foot up on the table, slouching in a manner rather like the old ladies in a rich dude’s family.

On the table, the phone screen lit up.

Su Yi kept her eyes on the TV screen as she bent down with much difficulty and grabbed the phone. While waiting for the advertisements, she glanced at it.

[Chu Ying: Was busy before.]


What was resurrection with full health?!

This was resurrection with full health!!!

Su Yi’s fingers flew as she typed in and sent that most generic greeting which, at the same time, ensured that she would definitely receive a reply.

[Goddess Su Yi: Have you eaten?]

The other immediately replied with a voice message that was ten seconds long.

[I’m his friend, Chu Ying went to the toilet, we’re eating outside right now, do you want to come? Oh right, we met at the parking lot before, do you remember?] It was a stranger’s voice.

Su Yi carefully thought about it, but she couldn’t recall this person’s appearance.

[Goddess Su Yi: Of course, what’s the address?]

The other immediately sent a location.

Some seafood place.

Chu Ying returned to his seat, opened the home screen and glanced at it.

“Ying-zi, why are you looking at your phone again?” The person sitting across him with a crew cut was smiling brightly, it was the person who came back visiting form the army.

Chu Ying shook his head, “Nothing.”

“The phones nowadays are really fancy, everyone loves playing with it even when eating,” Liu Xi said, smilingly. “How do you guys even survive in the army? I heard that even making a call is really troublesome.”

Crew Cut said, “It’s okay, not that bad. Training’s tiring and there isn’t even enough time for sleep, there’s no way we can bother with other things.”

“So was my brother the best in your army?” Liu Xi stretched his hand out and stuck out his thumb.

“No,” Crew Cut laughed. “But had he stayed longer, he’d have been.”

Chu Ying was about to ask Liu Xi to get lost when the phone rang.

It was a voice message from Su Yi.

[Chu Ying, I can’t find that place.] The background noise was really loud, blending in with the noise around him. [Can you come pick me up?]

When Chu Ying went out, Su Yi was standing at the Sha Xian dim sum place next to the one he was in. She was wearing a long dress, one that complimented her tall figure well.

When she saw him, she waved hard enough to resemble the window wipers of a car. Her face was filled with joy as she turned around and walked towards him.

While limping.

It was at once funny and pitiful.



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