chapter 40

edited by larkspur!

characters so far:

su yi (main girl), wu xue (her agent), chu xi (her boy’s sister)

chu ying (main guy), liu xi (his friend), a bunch of other people from his past army experience including a guy whose wife’s chemotherapy he’s helping pay off first and getting a doctor for

miscellaneous other people include lin xia (su yi’s ex agent, tu jinglan’s current agent), tu jinglan (some other actress), that person who cheated on chu xi with lin xia, that policeman who wu xue is considering marrying (i’m too lazy to go check up their names at the moment but hey they exist)

oh oh there’s also cheng anan, a fan of su yi’s and the main female lead in the current thing she’s filming, and there’s wu ke, the main male lead in the current film who’s flirting with su yi occasionally, and there’s of course the director