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Darling Don’t Get Close to Women

The second day of marriage was Sunday, hence I chose to do a very happy thing, that was to sleep until I naturally wake up.

Even though I suffered a blow last night, but I still had a good sleep, opening my eyes and found that it was noon already.

After freshening up at the bathroom next door, I walked out of the room wearing a wide T-shirt and shorts, intending to forage food in the refrigerator, in the kitchen.  

Han Lei’s house’s kitchen was very large, it was an open concept, thus the dining table was also part of the interior. When I walked into the kitchen, unexpectedly I discovered Han Lei’s silhouette, he seemed to be setting up a bowl and chopsticks on the dining table, seeing my arrival, he froze for a bit, then turned back and got another bowl and a pair of chopsticks for me.

I foolishly stood a few feet away from the dining table, feeling defeated, clearly I was wearing a pair of sexy shorts, a wide T-shirt only covering my little butt, generously revealing a pair of beautiful legs, undoubtedly very alluring, however Han Lei just glanced at me once and unexpectedly ignored me!  

Han Lei scooped two bowls of rice and looked at my foolish appearance, couldn’t help and laughingly said, “Truly didn’t know that you are pretty good at waking up, you woke up right after I was done cooking the meal, what, stomach not hungry?”

Hearing his words, my sense of failure immediately went away, then I spontaneously went and sat down at the table, looking at the sumptuous four dishes and one soup, that dish, that fragrance, looking at it just makes me crave for it.

I looked at Han Lei with a face full of surprise, really could not judge a person by their appearance, never thought he would have such skills, truly a good example and display of a good man.

Han Lei’s table etiquette was very good, doesn’t speak much when eating, thus I had to shut my mouth and concentrate on eating. Yep! His skills were really good!

After dinner, I rushed to wash the dishes, no matter what, returning courtesy with courtesy, couldn’t embarrass women anymore, and I need to establish the intimate, tender, hardworking image of Chinese women.

Because my room was the last one, so if I wanted to go back to my room, I must pass the first room: the study and the second room: Han Lei’s bedroom.

After washing the dishes, I was originally planning to go back to my room, but when I was passing through the study that was not closed, I inadvertently saw Han Lei’s silhouette, hence I couldn’t help but stopped, and sized up the Han Lei who was reading a book.

Han Lei was wearing that pair of rimless glasses, hair slightly covering his eyes, he sat in a proper posture in front of the desk, the open computer was next to him, looking seriously at the books on the table, the sunshine shining on him through the opened curtains, the scene in the study looked as if it was a still-life oil painting, it was beautiful, dazzling and charming.

Perhaps my gaze was too strong, Han Lei looked up, by chance meeting my sight.

Because I was looking at him openly, and my goal was certainly to look at him, thus I was too lazy to show that I was shy or make artificial movements such as staggering from his looks.

He fixedly looked at me, suddenly made an enlightened look, he said with a pleasant voice, “Do you also want to use the study? Then come in, anyway, my desk is big enough, share half of it with you!”

Since he sincerely invited me, then I will kindly go in and take a look around, conveniently see what he was reading, really hope it was the overseas version of “Hua Hua Gong Zi*”.

Of course, Han lei was not reading the overseas version of “Hua Hua Gong Zi,” even not the domestic version of “Nan Ren Zhuang*,” he was reading a world famous masterpiece, the English version of it.

Boring, thus my eyes looked over his desk, suddenly saw our company’s special letterhead.

I excitedly patted Han Lei’s arm, after succeeding in obtaining his attention, I pointed to the company’s name on the side of the letterhead and asked: “Are you also a staff in our company?”

Evidently this topic aroused his attention, he closed the book, nodding his head with a face full of smiles.

“OMG! This is too much of a coincidence! I am part of the Design department, what about you, which department?”

“I…” He pondered, “I should be part of the Human Resources department.”

“No wonder why I had never met you,” I paused for a second, changing to a foolish face to talk about gossips, “Have you seen our President? I heard that he is a very young man.”

His eyes flickered for a second, then smiling said, “En, met a few times, not bad of a person.”

“Then, is the secretary really a man?”

“En, is that not suitable?”

“Of course, don’t most presidents, usually, like the beautiful female secretaries? Furthermore, aren’t they supposed to possess a team of beautiful female secretaries, both capable and attractive, and also… hehe…” I foolishly gave an impure and ambiguous smile.

Looking at my display of expressions, Han Lei couldn’t help but laughed, and finally concluded, “You read too much romance novels, who said that the secretary of the president has to be a beautiful lady, as to why he chose a male secretary … when the time comes, you ask him yourself!”

I frustratingly looked at him, powerlessly said, “That is if I can have the opportunity, just by my minor role, how can I have the chance to ask him this kind of foolish question.”

Han Lei didn’t answer me, only a mysterious smile.

The following time, we chatted about what interesting things that have happened in the company for a while and found out that there was a lot to talk about with each other, en, truly a phenomenon.

During our chat, I found that Han Lei was actually a very charming man, refined, gentle, humorous, calm, however I could not understand, clearly he can be regarded as a high quality man, only, why wasn’t he interested in women? Truly confusing.

Just when we were engrossed in chatting, Han Lei’s phone suddenly rang, he looked at the caller, then frowned and answered the phone, during the call he didn’t utter a word, finally he frowned and hung up the phone.

He stood up,  apologetically faced me and said, “Sorry about that, my elder and second brother want me to go out for a second, do you want to go together?”

Hearing that, my eyes flickered, smilingly said,  “I won’t disturb you guy’s brotherly gathering, you can rest assured and go, in a while, I have to MSN my friend.“

My smile was very radiant, which obviously contained expectations, yes, I look forward to Han Lei going out.

Watching Han Lei leave the house , I couldn’t hold my sinister smile.

Coming to the front of his bedroom door, I tried to turn the handle, as expected I could not open it, very good, believe that locking the door meant I could not go in, heng heng, I sneered, ran back to my room, got my treasure out from a small box and ran back to his door.

The so called treasure in my hand was actually only a wire, but do not underestimate it, it was the most optimal tool to pick locks. Looking back at the time in university, it was my senior sister that forced me to learn to pick a lock, in the end, I was forced to accept such a treasure, who would have thought that I would have the opportunity to use these skills and this treasure, senior sister, I love you!

I was squatting in front of the door like a thief, seriously prying the lock, a little while, “ka cha“, the door was opened, I laughed, proud of myself.

I once again stood up, swaggering once more into Han Lei’s room.

My goal was very simple, to rummage out any impure magazines and CDs, because I do not believe that there were none of these things in an adult man’s room.

Han Lei’s room was organized cleanly and tidily, compared to me, I couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

I carefully searched the things in his room, in bookcases, drawers, corners, bed, and even carefully inspected under the bed, in the end I couldn’t accept the outcome.

I defeatedly fell to the floor, a face full of shame, the me who was a woman has at least some impure mangas (such as the works by teacher* Mayu Shinjo) in my room, hardcore novels, some BG* and BL* anime discs, even some high quality AV collections in my computer, however he, an adult man’s room, actually does not have these things, my God! He wouldn’t really be GAY, would he!

Although I also suspected that he would hide AV in his computer, however when I rushed to help him shut down the computer a moment ago, I took the opportunity to check, still have not found a tiny bit of bad videos and files.

Just when I sat cross-legged on the floor thinking hard on how to discipline him, the phone in the living room suddenly rang, shocked my little heart to irregular beatings, then suddenly jumped to my feet, hurriedly closed the door and dashed to the living room.

Indeed, people should not randomly do bad things, look, that guilty conscience.

Staring at the ringing phone, I hesitated to answer or not, because I don’t think this call was looking for me, after all, I just moved in today, the most important thing was that I didn’t even know the number of this phone.

However I could not bear this ringing sound, thus I picked up the phone.

I changed into a comfortable yet feminine casual outfit, I took a taxi to the entrance of a PUB.

The call in the evening was from Han Lei, yes, in the evening, I was actually dazed in his room for several hours. He said that because he did not know my number, so he could only call home, hearing his tone, seemed to say: fortunately, you were smart enough to answer the phone.

The contents of the conversation were very simple, it was that his elder and second brother, no matter what, wanted me to come out and play with them, consequently invited me to drink at the PUB.

Thus, I arrived at the entrance of this PUB.

The one who came out to pick me was Han Lei’s second brother – Han Yu, looked like those playboy characters in games, he looked at me with a smile.

To be honest, in fact, these three brothers were seemingly a little godlike, elder brother was earnest, second brother was naughty, while he was calm.

Following Han Yu into the noisy PUB, I can bet that this guy must have chose this place.

The feeling in the PUB was pretty similar to the bar I went that day, young girls were all wearing sexy and skimpy clothes, from time to time taking the initiative to hit on men.

With Han Yu, we came to Han Lei and his elder brother—Han Si’s location which was in front of the deck, discovered Han Lei in a bad mood and rejecting the many girls that were coming to strike up a conversation.

Seeing this scene, I couldn’t help but pulled Han Yu’s sleeve, as he bent down and asked beside his ear, “Your little brother really doesn’t approach women?”

Han Yu did not answer me, only resolutely nodding his head.

I did not give up, once again asked, “Are you sure that he is not GAY?”

He still did not answer me, only hesitatingly shaking his head this time.

Seeing me appear, Han Lei saw a lifesaving straw, taking the initiative to stand up and pulled me to sit down.

Hence, under Han Yu and Han Si’s teasing gazes, I embarrassingly sat down.

Just after I sat down, a young girl who did not know how to read complexions took the initiative to sit on the other side of Han Lei, ignoring Han Lei’s displeased glance, step by step approaching him.

Han Lei stared at the girl while nearing me, until he entirely touched me.

Actually I was very grateful to this courageous girl, at least she let me have the opportunity to assess the severe state of Han Lei’s “illness”.

The result was that Han Lei hugged me, sternly said to the girl, “I’m a man who has a wife, therefore don’t come and disturb me anymore!”

Hey, look, this was Han Lei’s subconscious move when under pressure, otherwise how could he take the initiative to hug me again, or better said, he simply does not regard me as a woman?

I embarrassedly forced a laugh towards that girl who got frightened.

Finally under Han Yu and Han Si’s breaking suppressed laughs, I sadly discovered, my darling husband really doesn’t approach women!

What to do? Looks like my discipline journey was a long and hard one…


Hua Hua Gong Zi – Playboy, search Google for more details

Nan Ren Zhuang – For Him Magazine

teacher – used to refer to someone who is specialized in a field, author, etc, equivalent to “sensei”

BG – boy & girl

BL – boy & boy

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