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Mother and Daughter-in-law Alliance

The relationship between mother and daughter-in-law could be an abyss of suffering or harmonious, and this relationship was very important in a marriage.

If your husband was filial, as long as mother-in-law was unsatisfied, even if he loves you, can only be helpless, if your husband wasn’t filial, that would be a different matter.

Very clearly, my husband was a filial son.

Undeniably, I had experienced many relationships, father-daughter relationship, mother-daughter relationship, classmate relationship, teacher-student relationship, colleague relationship, friendship, and even man-woman relationships, only mother-in-law relationship have I never experienced, can’t say not curious, anticipate and nervous was a lie.

And the most embarrassing thing was that not only were we caught by her in bed, we also wasn’t marrying each other for love.

After all, the deep influence from the Hong Kong TVB drama, “My Brutal Mother-in-law,” impacted me of being scared of the upcoming relationship between mother-in-law, added with my mother’s mistakes, resulting in an indelible dark shadow in my childhood.

But according to mother-in-law’s action this morning, she doesn’t seem to be that kind of brutal mother-in-law, right?

As the action-oriented men and women of the twenty-first century, after making sure that we really did become husband and wife, Han Lei immediately took me back to my home to pack up and move to his house. Because of my mother-in-law’s command, I have to move into her son’s house by today, and go to Han* house for dinner.

Conveniently, Han Lei moved out on his own, such a clever child.

Although I was living at home, but was always that transparent and forgotten person, therefore moving was very effortless, and things belonging to me were really little.

The extent of how I was ignored at home made Han Lei astonished, they didn’t react to us making loud noises in my room, even moving out with a stranger, they didn’t mention a thing. Because the people at home weren’t my family, they are outsiders to me, luckily, they think so as well.  

On the way back to Han Lei’s house, Han Lei seemed to want to say some comforting words to me while driving the car, but I prevented him by smiling and shaking my head. I didn’t need his sympathy, on the contrary, I would like to thank him, thank him for giving me a chance to escape out of the cage and enjoy freedom.

Once again entering Han Lei’s home, I looked around very carefully, the house was very big and clean, the style of the interior was quite simple, just like how he makes people feel very comfortable, this made me like it very much, very satisfied, very happy.

In the future, this will be my home.

Han Lei brought me to the guest room beside his bedroom, helping me move my belongings inside, soon, my bedroom was born.

Be aware! I’m living in the guest room, don’t doubt, that really was the guest room.

Weren’t we married? Wasn’t a married couple supposed to live in the same bedroom? Looking at Han Lei’s back, okay, just act as if he was shy, first sleep apart.

After everything was prepared, Han Lei drove me to the Han residence for a meal.

Along the way, he was polite to me, practically no physical touching, there was a clear distance from me to him, so I was a bit puzzled, was he really that person last night with such passion, wildness, and emitting a trace of wickedness and evilness? Was he sure they are the same person?

Han residence was not far from Han Lei’s home, only twenty minutes by car.

We stood in front of Han residence’s entrance, Han Lei hesitated a little, nevertheless initiated to hold my hand, his hand was somewhat ice-cold, with hesitation, with struggles.

We hand-in-hand entered that extremely lively living room, as far as the eye can see, eight people sitting on the sofa, seems like Han Lei’s family is one big family.

Han Lei coughed twice to show that we arrived, the eight people on the sofa all looked toward us, for a moment, the originally noisy living room has become very quiet, the quietness was very strange, when they shifted their sight to our hands. They looked stunned, surprised, not daring to believe.

Hey, who can explain this situation right now? Weren’t we just holding hands?

Everyone just froze, continued to stay rigid, the scene was kind of embarrassing, and my smile was gradually slipping away.

Finally, the beautiful lady I saw early in the morning, which was Han Lei’s mother, my mother-in-law recovered to her normal state first, welcomed me by taking my hand and walked toward the dining table together.

Everyone’s response one after another shifted to the dining table, my mother-in-law commanded, start serving the dishes.

Looks like I married a wealthy person!

Mother-in-law sat beside me, a face full of smiles introduced the rest of the people to me.

“This old handsome guy sitting beside me is Han Lei’s father, also your father-in-law, across from the right in order is eldest brother: Han Si, his wife: Su Yue Yan, second brother: Han Yu, eldest sister: Han Min, her husband: Guan Yi, little sister: Han Hui, and me, is your mother-in-law!”

I politely greeted them one by one, noticed the different emotions in their eyes, there was gratification, curiosity, relieved, admirable, worship, satisfaction, and delightfulness.  

After the meal, I found out that Han Lei’s family was easy to interact with, everybody was interesting and funny, good feelings, contrary from my family, consequently made me feel fresh, very interesting, very enjoyable.

After dinner, everyone once again relocated to the sofa to continue ridiculing each other, mother-in-law pulled me by the hand to enter the room.

Very good, our mother and daughter-in-law’s first confrontation was about to arrive.

After entering the room, mother-in-law dragged me by the hand to sit on the big bed, her hand was very warm, warming up my entire heart.

Mother-in-law didn’t say anything, only a face full of satisfaction looked at me, until I felt my scalp numb.

“Do you know, you are Han Lei, this brat, the first woman to bring home, furthermore is the one!” Mother-in-law excitedly said.

I gave a forced laugh, this probably counted as responding to her.

Don’t tell me to say we were only a one night stand, and that fool was actually so stupid that he brought me back home?

“Perhaps you think that the way I made you guys get married is not fitting, but you don’t know how long I had waited for this day!”

How come this sounds like complaining a bit.

“Han Lei, this naughty kid, is about to be 28 this year, but haven’t got a girlfriend yet, don’t even talk about getting married. According to my observations, I noticed that this kid doesn’t seem to come in contact with women, although it hasn’t gotten to the point of fearing women.  He tries to not touch any women as much as possible, at that point we even prepared to accept him as gay. After all, we think that the most important thing for him is to be happy, so we don’t care if he likes men or women. But contrary to our predictions, he didn’t seem to like men either, in short he’s just a strange kid.”  

“So!” Mother-in-law suddenly looked at me with moist eyes, holding my hand tightly and continued, “When I saw you both lying in bed like the natural form of birth, can you understand my excitement and ecstasy at that time? Looks like my child is normal, so please forgive me for my despicable move! “

I just laughed and comforted her, showing that I don’t mind. The problem was… can I show that I minded?

No wonder, Han Lei was quite strange, from the bar he evaded me, and doesn’t touch me when he woke up, so it wasn’t because of my charm, rather it was his apathetic symptom towards women.

This was also the reason why I was residing in the guest room.

But according to what mother-in-law says, he was willing to go to bed with me and willing to take the initiative to hold my hand was giving me too much face, too wrongful towards himself.

Mother-in-law thoughtfully looked at me, cautiously said, “You guys, sleep together?”

In mother-in-law’s eyes appeared a strong sense of loss and disappointment.

I couldn’t stand how mother-in-law looked, I smiled and hugged her, slapped my chest and guaranteed, “Don’t worry, I will make him be interested in woman again! As long as he go through my discipline…”

Un, I unexpectedly said that I will discipline their child in front of someone’s mother, this phrase should’ve just said it in my mind,  unexpectedly said it out loud, truly a slip of tongue.

Unexpectedly, mother-in-law wasn’t displeased, instead looked at me with shiny eyes, with a look of approval, “That’s right! Precisely discipline! That kid really lack discipline!”

Hey, look, look, unexpectedly we are kindred spirits!

“Good daughter-in-law! Now under mother-in-law’s command, your most important mission is to let your husband be interested in women!”

We made eye contact, smiled, laughed, and high-fived for the alliance.

Reportedly, when we made the alliance, Han Lei sneezed pretty hard in the living room, and suspiciously looked around.

After saying goodbye with mother-in-law with a smile, we went back home.

We both have to go to work the next day, so after briefly discussing our daily problems we went back to our own rooms to rest.

Because our rooms were right next to each other, and needed to pass by his room to come to my room, therefore it can be said that I am sending him to his room.

Waited until he entered the room, I intentionally stood in front of his door, placing my ear on the door, unexpectedly heard him locking the door.


Hey! What did he mean, scared that my night attack won’t succeed? Unexpectedly locked the door! Truly don’t give face!

Very good,  verrrry goood! Han Lei ah Han Lei, you successfully provoked me!

Standing in front of his door, I showed my white teeth, holding my fist tightly and swore from the bottom of my heart that I must discipline him well.

Not only because of the alliance between mother-in-law and I.

More like proving my womanly appeal!

Beloved husband! Look forward to my discipline!


Han house –  referring to Han Lei’s parent’s home, or the main residence of the family

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