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Flash Marriage

I didn’t know what time it was and where I was, all I knew was that my brain was muddled and my entire body was aching and powerless.

Suddenly, there was an outburst of emotional sobbing and the sound of staggered running. After a few minutes, that noise neared me before stopping abruptly.

I shifted my sleeping position from my side to my back, reluctantly opened my eyes and discovered it was very hazy. I once again closed my eyes and couldn’t help but knit my eyebrows due to that annoying headache. Fxxk, that wine was so strong! Was that bartender sure that he didn’t want to blend a cocktail for me?

Just at this moment, a pen seemed to slip into my hand. I struggled to open my eyes again and noticed that there was a document in front of me.

As I was slightly nearsighted on top of having just been awoken, my vision was blurry. Even after looking at that document for a long time, I still couldn’t comprehend what was on it.

“This is your parcel, please sign,” a woman’s pleasant voice slowly drifted over. If I attentively listened, a trace of anxiousness could be heard.

Ah, right. My friend said that he will send me something, seems like he chose express delivery.  

One needs to know that in the early morning when one is still sleepy, one is more prone to making mistakes. And I was just that kind of kid who would easily make mistakes, stupidly signing my name on a document which I have no idea what it was about.

Just after that last stroke of my signature, I suddenly woke up. Didn’t I have a one-night stand yesterday? Didn’t I sleep with a man? I didn’t go home? Then why was I signing this express delivery?

It wasn’t the time to attend to my current physical discomfort. I struggled to get out of bed and unexpectedly saw an outstanding beautiful lady.

OMG, don’t tell me that I picked a man who has a wife? Furthermore, we were caught in bed together? Believe me, I have no interest in being the mistress, no interest at all.

However the woman in front of me was a little strange; she was neither angry nor violent. Rather, she was full of smiles, holding that document; a sinister, complacent, yet satisfied smile from the heart on her face.

My scalp numbed and I extended my hand toward her. Just when I was about to say something, I saw her gracefully leave with a satisfied expression, even closing the door after her politely.

Keeping my outstretched hand up in the air, I opened my mouth and turned to my side. I was met with a pair of questioning yet beautiful eyes.

Very good, it seems that the male lead has also woken up.

First closing his eyes, he frowned and pondered for a moment. Then he suddenly sat up and leant towards the nightstand, picking up a pair of rimless glasses and wearing them.

It was undeniable that he was the kind of man whose temperament and charisma would change upon wearing glasses. When he doesn’t wear his glasses, he’s alluring, crazy, wild, passionate and sinister. However, with his glasses on, he became refined, rational, calm, indifferent and… shy. He truly was a hybrid of two personalities.

At present, wearing glasses made him a gentleman. When his eyes fell upon me, he immediately glanced away, and a slight blush appeared on his handsome face along with a trace of adorable innocence.

I followed his gaze when he looked over at me. It turns out that when I sat up, the blanket had slid down to my waist and, just like that, my perfect naked chest generously greeted him.

At this, I calmly pulled the blanket up to my neck. Resting it under my chin, I looked at him thoughtfully; he was also sitting up with his upper body naked, his head bending down slightly. His soft hair covered his glasses, creating a shadow that won’t let anyone see his emotions clearly.

Well, I admit that it was my mistake for not leaving before dawn, however I had to figure out the whole story behind the document that I was duped into signing, no matter what.

“Um…..” I initiated the conversation and noticed that my voice was a bit hoarse. It was probably the cost of yesterday’s passion. “There was a woman who made me sign a document just a moment ago, do you know what it was about?”

After hearing what I had said, he immediately turned toward me, however his expression…

“Don’t look at me as if you are looking at an idiot. Well, I admit that I am an idiot, however you can’t expect a woman who just woke up to have a clear head, right?”

Ai…”, he lightly sighed.

“Hey! I just want to know the contents of that document. Hurry up and tell me, then let’s part with no hard feelings.”

After a moment of silence, he resolutely said an affirmative sentence, “…That was a marriage agreement.”

His voice was very pleasant to hear, just like the soft and comfortable wind of March. Only… Why was I hearing such a horrible message?

He said that was a marriage agreement.

I borrowed his bathroom and quickly cleansed myself, wearing yesterday’s clothes once more.

I sat cross-legged on his bed and faced him, who had also washed up with a solemn face.

“So what you mean is that the beautiful lady from before was your mother. Because you have been reluctant to get married, she prepared the marriage registration beforehand to let you get married. And in order to show your filial piety, you immediately signed your name. Then this morning, your mother came to your house and coincidentally witnessed this. She misunderstood and got too excited, duping me into signing that marriage registration. Therefore, because of my stupid action, the final conclusion is that we flash married?”

He silently nodded his head.

I still couldn’t accept that such an absurd thing had happened! Although I hadn’t been married before, was getting married this easy? Just signing your signature on a piece of paper?

Seemingly having noticed my doubts, he kindly explained, “Don’t doubt. The director of the marriage registration bureau is best friends with my mother. Furthermore they will do whatever it takes for me to get married, therefore, we have definitely flash married.”

Okay, let’s all believe that there was such a crazy mother on Earth.

Okay, very good, after a one night stand, I obtained a husband. A husband whose name and identity I don’t even know.

From his tone, his mom must have reached the marriage registration office by now. In other words, we will become a lawful husband and wife very soon.

My gaze fell and I took a deep breath, slightly aggrieved,  before saying, “How stupid were you to take your one night stand back home? Aren’t there hotels?”

He responded with an innocent face, “This is my first time!”

Hey, don’t say it as if I were a criminal. This was also my first time!

It was obvious that he also realized that this was my first time too because we both tacitly looked at that dazzling red on the pale sheets.

“Then can you tell me why, um, why you picked me?” I hadn’t forgotten that he had rejected all the women who had hit on him before.

“Because you said we were the same type of people!” He was somewhat emotional and his tone carried a trace of an accusation.

“What I meant by the same type of people was that you and I are both people who only came to drink alcohol at the club…”

Such luck, I had actually earned a husband because of these words. Looks like this birthday gift was worthwhile.

He seemed to have anticipated it and calmly said, “So what we are going to do? Will you marry me or…”

I rolled my eyes and sweetly said,” Marry! Of course I will marry!”

I didn’t want to marry however marrying him will have a lot of benefits. The most important factor was that I could leave that unbearably stifling and embarrassing family.

Although this was quite an outrageous and risky move, I was willing to give it a try because the other party was him.

This man was young and handsome, what reason was there to miss this rare opportunity? If we were incompatible, then we can just divorce just like my parent did…

This was the most outrageous action of well-behaved baby’s rebellious period.

I was in a great mood after making my decision. However we still needed to clear up an important issue first.

I slowly approached him and it was only then that I noticed that there was quite a distance between us. Clearly, this wasn’t a big bed but I unexpectedly had to crawl some steps before I arrived before him. And when he observed my movements, he subconsciously evaded them.

The me who was in a good mood didn’t pay attention to his small movements. I sat down within an arm’s length distance between us, extended my right hand and joyfully said, “Hi, my name is Xia Ying. If no accidents happen, I should be your wife by now. Therefore Hubby, can you tell me your name?”

He stared at my extended right hand and hesitated for a while before he extended his, slowly said, “Han Lei.”

I smiled. Very good, it turns out that my Hubby’s name is Han Lei.

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