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One Night Indulgence

Shortly after midnight, I stood in front of a relatively well-known bar. I took a deep breath and calmly pushed open the door and walked in.

The reason why this bar is so famous is because of a high possibility of having a one-night stand. The men or women who appear during this time seeking to have an affair and play a game of “me seducing you, you seducing me”. The night after we break up, there is no need to take responsibility over what had happened.

The reason why I came here is very clear. I wanted to have an affair, a one night stand.

Finally realizing this wasn’t easy for me, all of the pressure and stress was driving me crazy. The fact was that five of my exes all broke up with me for the same damn reason: You give off a Virgin Mary like feeling, sorry but I am unable to continue our relationship.

In fact, understanding this wasn’t easy for me, it was all from the pressure and stress that was driving me crazy, the truth was, not including continuously taking note of my five ex- breaking up with me with the same damned reason: you give off a feeling like Virgin Mary, so unable to continue our relationship.

Hey! Do they think that every woman possesses a sacred aura? The problem was that they blamed me for not sleeping with them. Don’t tell me that is one of the rules of dating?

Even though I am fully aware that a one-night stand wasn’t a rational move, my madness doesn’t allow me to turn back as I’m at the point of no return. Perhaps it’s because I’ve read so many romance novels that this audacious idea had always lingered in my mind. Tonight was the perfect day to finally go through with it.

The lights in the bar were overwhelming, dim and ambiguous. They made it hard to see each other clearly increasing the mysterious feeling of the bar. The music in the bar was also very helpful, loud but not too harsh. This made it so that if two people wanted to talk to each other they needed to move closer to each other, a tantalizing move.

Because it was my first time visiting a bar, I needed time to adapt to this environment. The deafening music gave me a slight headache and the dark lighting blurred my vision.

After I adapted to my surroundings, I discovered that there were all kinds of men and women in the bar. The women were smiling and waiting for the men to buy them drinks while the men were confidently embracing the dancing women and whispering intimately into their ears. Looking at this scene made me shy and I felt my face grow hot.

My eyes moved from the men and to the women. From the dancing floor to the round tables, most women were young, beautiful, well-structured, and wearing heavy makeup and revealing outfits. Compared to their skimpy outfits, I looked down at my own clothes: jeans, a round neck T-shirt, sneakers, and no makeup. I absolutely had no way to compete with them. Although my figure was finer, if I didn’t reveal what I have then nobody would know how great my body is. The more I looked at them the more I wanted to slap myself. Why didn’t I change my clothes before I came here?

The server brought me to the corner of the counter and kindly helped me order a bottle of about 10 percent beer. Through his actions he probably assumed that I was a well behaved girl who just wanted to relieve stress by coming here and learning about life. He thought I was just going to watch and not participate.

I helplessly sat down at the corner. Because I didn’t know how to start I just secretly observed for the lucky one that would be my dessert tonight.

While leaning against a wall and sipping my beer in a hidden corner, I glanced around he men in the bar. Due to the nature of the bar, guys who come here have good character qualities. Most have good control over their ambiguous behaviors, open but appropriate. I looked around the bar many times, noticed that most men had found their partners. Except for a young man who was sitting in the corner and drinking beer like I was, everyone else was already taken.

I quickly decided that he would be the lucky man because he was hard to get engaged with. I assumed because of this he would be cleaner. However, this also meant that in order to get with him I would need courage.

I waved towards the bartender and ordered some strong drinks to bring forth some courage.

Thanks to Detective Conan I was able to order a couple types: Calvados, Tequila, Piske, Shirley, Vodka, Chianti, Cohen, and whiskey.

The bartender seemed to disagree and didn’t give me any drinks. From his reproachful gaze it seemed as if he thought of me as an underaged and irresponsible child.

Okay, I admit that I look a little young, but I just want to drink some alcohol.

Finally after reasoning with the bartender with every way possible almost to the point of taking out my ID card, the bartender unwillingly gave me a glass of an unknown liquid.

Because my liquor tolerance was very good, I listed strong alcoholic drinks. This glass of unknown origin was indeed very strong. One cup and I already felt it coming to my head. My mind became hazy and I glared in the bartender’s direction. Wasn’t he the one who was against giving alcohol to me? Why did he give me such an extremely strong drink that was even past my tolerance level?

I took a deep breath and left the the counter. Although I was quite dizzy, my footsteps were still steady. I avoided other customers and walked straight toward that man who was sitting in the corner.

I stood in front of him and I could see in his eyes surprise, doubt, and confusion.

I swallowed hard, sat down beside him, and stared towards the front for a few seconds before I suddenly faced him with my body leaned forward.

Just as I was about to touch him, his whole body jerked away. I bit my lip and continued to lean forward intending to keep going. While ignoring his stiff body, I put my lips close to his ear and whispered, “We are the same type!”

After I said that, I suddenly felt embarrassed and didn’t know what else to say.

Unexpectedly, he stared at me with shock and pondered my proposition with caution.

He suddenly pulled my hand tightly and quickly took me out of the bar before I noticed what had happened.

Suddenly I started to feel a little cowardly after sitting down in his Benz. I couldn’t believe my boldness.

I turned my head and looked towards the man who was driving. I discovered that he wasn’t one of the common ones, but rather one with very high qualities. My first impression at the bar was that he was handsome, but I never thought he would be this eminent. I smiled because it seemed that I had picked the best one out of them all.

As expected, the quality of a place is equal to the quality of the people.

Even though there weren’t many cars early in the morning, we encountered a red light. While he was patiently waiting, I was still staring at him like a little fool. Suddenly, he closed in and pressed his lips against mine.

Although this wasn’t my first kiss, compared to the others it was much more intense and passionate.

I made eye contact and noticed that his eyes were full of doubt, surprise, and relief.

The green light flashed and he broke off the kiss and went back to driving. He left my face flushed and I started to become giddy. I don’t know if it was caused by the strong alcohol or the fiery kiss.

When I regained consciousness, I discovered that I was lying on a bed. He was straddled on top of me and started taking off his clothes.

The light was turned off but I was able to see with the moonlight his strong, firm, and overall impressive figure. I couldn’t help salivating at the sight and I nervously licked my lips. My brain started stirring itself up again.

I slowly closed my eyes, feeling his soft and loving touches.

He kissed my forehead, eyes, nose, and left a sweet and lingering kiss on my mouth. His hands didn’t stop when he reached my pants and took them off. I realized something and struggled to push him away. Under his puzzled gaze, I took out the things in my pocket for him to see. He looked at the condoms in my hands with a sexy smile and put them beside the pillow. He continued pressing down onto my body under his soft kisses and caresses.

His hot and moist lips moved down to my neck, sucking and biting it, making me ticklish and numb. He then moved down to my breasts, playing with them in his hands while softly licking them. The strange and fast movements drove me to moan in pleasure.

He forced his body between my legs and rubbed himself against me. His hands lit my body on fire, getting hotter with every touch.

I closed my eyes while enjoying the pleasure he brought me when he suddenly left my body. After opening my eyes I found that we had reached the step of using a condom.

I stared at his chest with my face all flushed. His chest leaned closer and closer, oh, he was coming back again.

I grabbed the bed sheet with my hands and closed my eyes, waiting for the pain as he straightened his back. Ah! It fucking hurts!

I couldn’t help but knit my eyebrows in pain. I frowned and waited for the pain to turn into pleasure. Unexpectedly, he did not carry out the movements immediately, but rather stopped and started kissing me from time to time.

I admit that I was grateful to him at that moment, hence after the pain subsided, I started biting his lips and swaying my waist, allowing the both of us to enjoy the pleasure.

For the rest of the time, I only heard my embarrassing moaning voice, his gasps, the sound of us crashing onto each other, and the bed’s shifting sounds.

The second before I lost consciousness, I reminded myself: Xia Ying ah Xia Ying, remember to leave before morning comes!

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