Chapter 50: Learning the Route (3)

Her softness and the scent on her body ended him. How would it be possible for him to actually leave?

“Well, this is all your fault.” She hesitated and hmphed, mimicking his earlier actions.

He paused, but she was already ranting on: “I heard the girls in the next dorm talking behind your back. They were talking about you, erm, about how your looks are okay and how you have a little artistic skill. They definitely have some thoughts about you!”

He smiled. The feeling wasn’t obvious, but it felt like his heart was being filled.

“Let me see, who is it that has something to say about me? And my looks are just okay, I only have a little bit of artistic skill?”

Her little rant made him lose all his barriers.

Not longer suppressing his feelings, he pulled her into his chest. She looked up at him with starry eyes.”

“Come, I’ll teach you the route idiot.”, he laughed.

She shook her head quickly.

He raised a brow, “Why not?”

“Why would I have to learn the route, I have you, right?” She asked back with a serious expression, although her eyes sparkled with mischief, and, trust.

There is a person that you can always rely upon, who will settle everything and anything for you.

The luck of not having to learn the route made her even happier.

He flicked her nose, but warmth filled his gaze. He continued: “What if there is a day I’m no longer here? Then what will you do?”

It wasn’t only her who fell to the torture of memory, he too did as well. His grip on the steering wheel tightened.

If there was ever a day I am gone, what will you do?

My love, what would you do?

Who would have thought that joke was only foreshadowing the future. But instead, it was her that was away and not him.

He still remembers how tears filled her eyes on that day, it was beautiful.

“Xiao Bai, why wouldn’t you be here? Why wouldn’t you? Tell me!” Her eyes turned red and her shaking hands tugged on his sleeve.

“Yan, in this world, no one will stay with anyone forever.” His voice became faint. His world was always filled with loneliness because he wasn’t born into a normal family. Later he experienced even more and had done too much.

The night gave me dark eyes, but instead, I used them to find a light.

How stupid! Gu Cheng wasn’t able to save himself in the end.

Gu YeBai [lit. Gu Night White]. The night is obviously dark, so how did the white come to be there? He didn’t need anyone’s companionship, nor did he ever think about being someone’s companion. She barged into his life with her smile, her stubbornness and unexpectedly brought out a tenderness he never thought he had. So he gave her a position in his heart.

But, forever is sometimes too short, and sometimes too distant.

Who can be certain, and who dares to be certain?

“No, no, no! You can’t! Xiao Bai, can’t we stay like this forever?” She lifted her hand to wipe her eyes that were filling with tears.

Many people had passed by, some of which had curiously watched the two. It was a busy night, but there was a trace of loneliness.

Every city probably had a place like this.

His heart no longer abided by his past morals.

Ignoring the looks from bypassers, he kissed her eyes and said softly: “Yan, don’t cry. We can try it together, ok?”

Just as they were then, forever together, not someone else’s, but his, and hers. Together, passing through time and years.

To try it, to try it together.