Chapter 38: Promise

The expected kiss didn’t happen. Instead, he pushed her away.

Xu Qing stared at him in a daze.

The setting sun flickered in his gaze, but it was unable to hide the clarity of his pupils.

“Why?” Xu Qing gripped his arm.

“Xu Qing, sorry for what just happened.”

“Gu YeBai, what do you mean?” Xu Qing’s heart was sinking slowly.

“Except for her, I can’t feel anything for anyone else.” He responded, slightly narrowing his gaze lazily.

“So, are you saying that I was only your experiment?” Xu Qing lowered her head, her eyes turning red, before finally raising her voice, “Gu YeBai, how could you be so cruel?”

Raising her hand to slap him, she realized she couldn’t. The profile of his face was handsome, expressionless, confident, and cruel.

“In this life, I belong to that idiot.”

Amidst the wind, she seemed to have heard this, but maybe it was just her imagination. She couldn’t remember if he actually said this anymore.

She only knew that as the last ray of sun disappeared that day, she fell into the darkness.

She brought out these memories as if they were someone else’s experience, as this was the only way it would be less depressing.

YouYan’s head was still lowered, but her body was quivering.

“All these years, I’ve never understood why he did this, but today I realized. It wasn’t because he was uncertain about his heart, it was because he was certain, so he chose to use this cruel method to reject me. If he didn’t do so, I definitely would have fought with Zhou HuaiAn for him after you left.

“Yan, this man, how could you not fall for him? Why would you betray him? He loved you so much and even now, you are important to him. Yan, what do you want? Is it that Chi Senpai doesn’t want you anymore, so you came back for him? We all thought you were a simple girl, but you really aren’t. When you are like this, it’s really annoying. I hate it.

YouYan raised her head, face pale as she questioned, “So do you still love him?”

“I do, but I won’t cut between him and HuaiAn.” Xu Qing continued coldly, “Since that’s what he chose, I’ll watch him be happy from a friend’s position.”

“You don’t need to tell me this. That year, when Bai was selected for an art gallery, it was pouring outside the night before and HuaiAn was there protecting his drawings before the employees came. I don’t know whether Lu YouYan is simple or not, but HuaiAn loves him and Lu YouYan knows this. Qing, when you confessed to him, you cared more about whether he loved you, but HuaiAn chose another way to love him.

Xu Qing’s face pale, even more than YouYan.

“It’s not you, not Chu Ke, and definitely not me. The person who will walk to the end with him is her.”

It was only because I knew she loved him so, that I handed the man I loved to her.

YouYan looked at Xu Qing in the eye, continuing lightly, “I did something unforgivable, so I feel guilty. I’m just back to see how he is. In one month, I’ll leave. This is the promise I’ll give to you today: if I break it, may I die a horrible death.”

Staring at YouYan’s image as she left, Xu Qing punched her fist into the water-filled basin, shattering the reflection in the water. She paused for a minute, slamming the door, and left.

When all was quiet, the door of a cubicle opened and a girl walked out.

“Lu YouYan.” In front of the mirror, the beautiful face distorted in fury and jealousy.

Taking out her phone, she called someone, “I’m Chu Ke, I have a task for you——”