Chapter 37: Harsh

Similar to Li XiaoJing, YouYan wasn’t able to walk out of the building either.

In the lobby, she passed by a girl and their gazes met. The girl’s gaze landed on her neck, and without a word, she pulled her into the restroom.

In the mirror, lights danced and her collar was pulled open, revealing the beautiful pale skin and making obvious the marks from before.

YouYan wrinkled her brows and tried to pull away from the other person, pulling up her collar as she remembered what had happened just a couple minutes ago. It was bitter but sweet, and she wrinkled her brows even more.

“Qing, stop. You can’t do this.”

The girl on the other side with short hair was Xu Qing.

She stared at YouYan and murmured after a pause, “It’s him? It’s him! YouYan why are you here?”

Her voice was harsh, yet somewhat uncertain.

YouYan smiled, it was filled with traces of bitterness and relief.

“If you care about him, Qing, why did you call me over last night? The relationship between me and him ended four years ago.”

Xu Qing smiled too, but it was cold.

“There’s always a person who keeps thinking about it. Susan came to talk to me.”

“She came to talk to you?” YouYan was surprised.

“She made a bet with me. She said, Gu YeBai still loved you and all you two needed was another chance. “ Xu Qing laughed mockingly at herself, “Last night at the party, with the way Gu YeBai treated you, I thought I had won, but actually I lost. I completely lost. Hahahaha.”

YouYan sighed and hugged her.

Xu Qing paused as she heard a whisper, “Qing, thank you. For the sake of our four years being roommates, I would bet that you wished the best. Susan wanted to give me a chance, and you were willing too. Else, you wouldn’t have listened to her.

“Qing, that year, you and him. It’s fine, it’s all over. There’s no need to feel guilty.”

“You knew!?” Xu Qing laughed bitterly, “Yes, the person you liked, I liked as well. And I never believed that I liked him any less than you.”

YouYan lets go of her hands and smiled, but didn’t respond.

“Yan, you know this. But, I’m certain that you don’t know his heart. This man’s heart, how harsh——” Xu Qing half shut her eyes.

Drops of water dripped down the porcelain basin.

Dripping through time.

The secret that she accidentally came upon that fall became clear once again in her mind.

But it had happened after YouYan left, broken-hearted.

His hands were placed on her waist, Xu Qing was trembling, and she raised her gaze to look at him.

Gu YeBai said lightly, “Xu Qing, can you come closer?”

Xu Qing thought, she would never forget that they had once been so close to each other, she could smell his scent.

She closed her eyes and clung to his shoulders. A voice in her heart whispered, “Xu Qing, he is YouYan’s, you’re shameless.”

But she couldn’t control it. She couldn’t control her own heart.

His warm embrace, the hands against her, they burned away every single bit of her reasoning.