Chapter 35: Painting

“Excuse me, Miss Lu. Sorry for offending you.” A cold voice rang out as he placed her on the floor.

The warmth was suddenly gone and she wanted to cry.

The distanced feeling came back as his fingers reached towards her collar, then shrunk back instead. He said lightly: “You can do it yourself. When you’re organized, I’ll send you out.”

She quivered as she buttoned up her collar, covering the marks left by him, as though trying to pretend nothing ever happened between them.

Lowering her head, she looked at herself, a mess, and yet he stood there clean, not at all disheveled.

He picked up the food on the table and threw it into the trash can, making a fine arc with no hesitation.

Walking out of the waiting room, he paced quickly in front as she followed him silently, watching the slender visage of him.

The President Only Elevator.

The few employees who passed by gaped in surprise, wanting to look again but fearing the consequences.

Pressing the button for the lobby, he said, “ I’ll leave you at this point.”

“Thank you.” She bit her lips.

“Sister Lu, why are you here?”

A sudden voice cut off the conversation.

YouYan paused and looked in the direction it came from., It was the two girls from the cafe.

“Ah, Gu Senpai!!!” The two looked at each other, seemingly excited.

“Xiao Jing, shouldn’t you call him President now? After all, you got accepted.” The round-faced girl said cheerily.

Li XiaoJing quickly glanced at Gu YeBai, and blushed as she called, “President, please take care of me from now on.”

“There’s no need to be so polite.” Gu YeBai responded, turned around quickly and left.

“Sister Lu, how come you’re here? We were trying to find you.”Li XiaoJing placed her hands on YouYan’s, about to thank her, but she remembered how Gu YeBai wasn’t far away, so she didn’t dare to say too much.

Suddenly Xiao Shuang gasped, she lowered her voice as she said, “Sister, you’re in the wrong place, this is the President’s personal elevator. Oh my god, it’s the President Xiao Jing keeps mentioning. Oh! It’s that handsome guy who we just talked to!”

Li XiaoJing’s face blushed red and she turned around to stop her.

Oh, good. They didn’t see what just happened. YouYan pulled off a smile and continued to say, “Thanks for reminding me, or else it would have been embarrassing. Let’s go celebrate Xiao Jing’s success.

Hearing her laughter and her soft voice, he quickened his footsteps and her voice faded. Very good.

Suddenly his heart paused, and a thought flashed through his mind. Her shirt had a tiny spot of spilled paint.

Li XiaoJing and Zeng Shuang weren’t able to leave with YouYan.

90th Floor, President’s office.

Linda placed the coffee on the table and stood aside, looking silently at the two frightened girls.

Van Gogh’s Iris. He glanced over it once again.

“This wasn’t painted by you.” Gu YeBai concluded with a cold gaze. Earlier when the paintings were brought to him, he had taken an extra look at this one, but he was distracted so he didn’t bother.

Zeng Shuang tried to signal to XiaoJing, but Li XiaoJing gritted her teeth and told the truth, “I’m sorry senpai, I lied and cheated. This artwork wasn’t painted by me, it was painted by Sister Lu. Senpai, sorry! Shuang, let’s go.”

“Her?” It was her! Gu YeBai’s brows furrowed, looking once again at the drawing with a sharp gaze.

Zeng Shuang’s shoulders sagged, like a ball that was leaking air. This idiot, the position she had finally reached was gone, losing what was already in her grasp.

“Next Monday, don’t be late.” The deep male voice continued.

Li XiaoJing was shocked, and she turned around to look at Gu YeBai.